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    Nathaniel: Are you saying that I am not serious with my life?

    Mark: From all indication, it shows that you are not.

    Nathaniel: Then, permit me to say that you are very wrong. Do not worry brother I will surprise you one of these days.

    Mark: You! Nathaniel, surprise me? Hmmm.

    Nathaniel: I will shock you one of these days. Don’t worry.

    Mark: I pray.

    Nathaniel: By the way brother, where is your wife and the kids, the house is so quiet.

    Mark: They went out.

    Nathaniel: Okay.

    Mark: Ermmm, Nathaniel.

    Nathaniel: Yes brother.

    Mark: If the plan works out, you will be getting married immediately it’s done.

    Nathaniel: Married ke?

    Mark: Yes.

    Nathaniel: How can I marry when I do not have any woman as I speak with you?

    Mark: That is not an issue, I have someone in mind that you will like.

    Nathaniel: Hope she is a good Christian?

    Mark: ‘She is your spec’ he said smiling.
    On their way home from work, David went to pick his wife Mercy after close of work and from there picked up Jacob their son who stays with their neighbor after school hours till his mother fetch him up from work. Mercy decided to remind her husband on the two weeks she will be gone from the house.

    Mercy: Sweetheart, hope you can manage all alone with Jacob, remember I will be travelling to Ibadan next week.

    David: Ah Ah! Is it next week?

    Mercy: Yes now. I thought I told you.

    David: You did, how many days?

    Mercy: Two weeks.

    David: two weeks? I thought you said its three days?

    Mercy: three days ke? When did I say so?

    David: On Sunday, you said it was three days.

    Mercy: Really, maybe that was a mistake.

    David: Two weeks is too long ooo. How can you leave your husband and son alone for two weeks.

    Mercy: You know if I had my way, I would have not gone but as it is so eh, Pastor called me specially, telling me I have to go.

    David: I didn’t even know he called you to ask you to.

    Mercy: He did oooo.

    David: and you didn’t bother to tell me? He said trying to concentrate on his driving.

    Mercy: I didn’t feel there was any need.

    David: and you just agreed to it without consulting me.

    Mercy: Sweetheart, you should not make it a big issue because I do not like the way you are sounding. Besides, I did tell you on Sunday and you said okay.

    David: You didn’t tell me Pastor specially asked you to attend the programme.

    Mercy: Felt there was no need telling you

    David: really? And if I had known it was two weeks, I would have objected to it.

    Mercy: How can you object when it is coming from a man of God?

    David: Why won’t I object, are you not my wife?

    Mercy: I am but in this case, I can’t go against my pastor.

    David: I am beginning to feel that you are married to your pastor instead of me.

    Mercy: Ah Ah! Just because I said that? What is wrong with doing what our pastor ask us to do when we both know that he always prays for us?

    David: Nothing is wrong but the way you are going about what Pastor do and doesn’t do is overwhelming me that sometimes I feel inferior.

    Mercy: What is making you feel inferior with what I just said?

    David: If I should say you should not attend the programme and that your husband needs you here with me, will you obey me and do as I have said?

    Mercy: Don’t say it again please. Can you just listen to yourself? A man of God called me and asked me to go to Ibadan with them and attend a program and you want me not to go? Don’t you know that he is a man of God?

    David: and don’t you know that I am your husband?

    Mercy: Hmmm, sweetheart, it is because of him that we are enjoying the mercy of God in our lives oooo. Do you know how these men of God pray fervently on our behalf?

    David: I don’t understand you these days oooo. It seems everything we do, if the man of God doesn’t say it, you won’t do it and it is what he says you will do.

    Mercy: because he is sent to us from God and we must do whatever it takes to honor him.

    David: Hmmmm. Anyway. When next week will you be leaving?

    Question: Is David suffering from inferiority complex?

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    My Neighbor And The Native Doctor – Funny Short Story!

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