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    The world has gotten to accept that the recent Money Heist series which is originally La Casa de Papel as one of the most amazing and interesting series which was ever released to the world of entertainment.

    This movie is originally owned by Netflix and can actually boast of having one of the most views by a series movie since the invention of series.

    This series were originally acted in the Spanish setting and language which portrays their love for their nation and language.

    Well, many may say it has no strong message because the movie was focused on stealing from government and also they believe it portrays bad ideas to the youths of the world, but I believe you would agree with Me that there is still a lot of lessons learnt from that movie and also the idea of Love.

    Well, the main reason I’m writing this article is to tell you the main reason why the Nigerian 100 naira note was spotted on the introduction of every episode of this series between season 1 through to the end of season 2.

    A lot of Nigerians have asked questions and also thought part of the movie might be acted in Nigeria. Well, your thoughts have been wrong.

    The ₦100 note included in the montage of Netflix’s Spanish Language TV arrangement called La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) is about FRAUD. The main explanation to why it showed up was to speak to Nigeria as the center point of financial scams.

    Well, this is really not a good reason why they should use the Naira note because it portrays a very bad image to the Nation.

    My advice to the country is that every financial scams that the youths are involved in should be seriously curbed.

    The Nation surely needs investors to come invest and I am very sure an investor would not like to invest in a country with such crime related to money.

    I would really like to know your thoughts on this matter, leave your comments below and also follow us for more news like this.




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