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    We have got this enchanting story!, titled: “The Perfect Couple” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn a lot from this story.

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    Nick stood in his balcony and continued to watch his new neigbours as they gently packed their belongings into their new home. They were an interesting pair to watch and so Nick had continued to observe them for more than thirty minutes.

    From his observation, Nike could tell they were newly wedded, at least not older than six months, and he could also note that they were gentle and generally careful about life. He also felt they were a born-again duo.

    The last thought amused him as he reflected into his own kind of person. Nick was nowhere near being Godly. He had broken every law in the bible and was sure his name had been long erased from the book of life.

    He couldn’t tell if the couple was in love with each other; all he could detect was that they had mutual respect for each other.

    What is my business, he thought. He’d better get inside and prepare for Boma, the new girl in his life.

    He quickly took his eyes of the busy couple and looked towards the street. Green Rich estate was quiet as usual and the atmosphere this evening was cool and airy. Boma would be visiting his home for the first time and he looked forward to having her around. Somehow, Nick felt that his newly found relationship with Boma would be an experience he would never forget. There was something different about her that made him feel this way.

    The first time he had met her was in a public bus and she had dared him to kiss her just minutes after he opened conversation with her.

    She was pretty and neat. And the way she had said it had set his heart beat racing. She was mischievous; something he had seen right after he had kissed her. She had smiled in a devilish way and he instantly became crazy about her.

    Then she had done something during their first date that had made him never forget her for the past five days. She had worn a black short gown for the date looking as hot as temptation.

    She had the shape that could make a male dog get a hard on. Her firm middle sized bosom was working real hard to shoot out of their cage and her butt shot out her back like it was artificial.

    The short dress allowed her light complexioned fleshy thighs to be well revealed and again, her presence got his heart beat racing. She was a bad girl and he wasn’t sure he would be able to keep up with her. Yet, just thought of her brought all the demon in him alive.

    During the date, which was in a restaurant that had about 11 customers at the time, she had systematically taken off her black pant right there on her seat with everyone around and handed it to him, “I will come to your house to take it whenever I come visiting. I will not wear any when I am coming, so don’t misplace it.”

    This act had gotten his head spinning and right now, he couldn’t wait to see her.

    Nick looked at his time piece for the ninth time and decided to stop starring at the couples and go and have his evening shower.

    It was a Saturday evening and he had spent the better part of the morning doing some office work; now was time for play.

    Nick was a twenty nine years old graduate of Economics who worked in a bank. He had, since he started working two years ago, met and slept with different types of girl; short, tall, rich, poor, but had never met anyone as crazy Boma.

    Nick was just a little above average in height with a broad shoulder and an athletic figure. He was a jovial fellow with enough swag that had attracted him to so many females. He was also good at his work and got along with many of his colleagues. Despite his obvious love for women, he avoided flirting or dating any of his female colleagues. He also didn’t allow his social life affect his job and so knew when not to step beyond the set boundaries.

    Also, he never dated married women. They were a ‘no go area’ for him and that was why he didn’t even notice if his new neighbor’s wife was pretty or not.

    He left the balcony and quickly entered into the house; it was a well furnished two bedroom flat that was decorated to suite the life style of a bachelor.

    Nick wasn’t even thinking of marriage in the nearest future.

    He got into the bathroom, quickly had his shower and had barely came out of the bathroom when his mobile phone rang. He quickly rushed to answer it, almost very certain that the caller was Boma. His heart beat began to race again just as he saw the caller ID, “hello Boma,” he answered the call, trying to hide his excitement.

    “I am in your estate; please can you remind me how to locate your house again?” the soft female voice asked. It was totally unlike the female personality that had it.

    “Just tell the cab to bring you to number fourteen B close.”

    “Alright,” she said and cut the call.

    Ten minutes later, she was knocking on his door.

    Nick opened the door to face pretty Boma, dressed in a dark blue blouse with a black mini skirt underneath.

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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