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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this interesting story, titled: “Rabbit Love” for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn one or two things at the end.

    Start Reading (Episode 11) Below↓↓↓ – No dulling?

    The second day of the Lagos fashion Week, was less hectic than the first day, i wasn’t as nervous as i was on the first day.

    Kelvin did not come to the show, according to him he had an important meeting to attend and he couldn’t afford to miss it.

    Through out that day, The Queen of England; Bella as i now call her kept on making sarcastic comments to annoy me but i did a good job of ignoring her.

    I couldn’t wait to leave that place. Her presence alone irritates me, i couldn’t help but wonder how my idol, the girl i once admired and desired to be in her place became my number one enemy. Maybe it was because we both wanted the same thing; Kelvin.

    The event finally ended at 5: PM and we went backstage to change and do some prepping in preparation for the third day show. We finally rounded up at exactly 6;20PM. I dashed to my car as i didn’t want to run into Bella.

    Too late! She was just few inches away from me when i got to the car park.

    ”hello, who do we have here” she said, i knew she was talking to me but i ignored her and started unlocking my car door.

    ”don’t get too comfortable, cos it’s just temporary” she retorted, entered her car and her driver zoomed off.

    I wish she had waited, i would have demanded for an explanation.

    What did she mean by ‘it’s just temporary”.

    ”Enemy of progress” i said aloud and drove out of the car park.

    I got home after driving for thirty minutes and met Kelvin watching television, he welcomed me with a peck, after all the greetings and all that, I went to my room to get a cold shower.

    After the shower i came out and was whistling to my favourite song; Carrie Underwoods Jesus take the wheel, when i heard a knock, i knew it was kelvin, i refused to open the door as i was half unclad.

    ”Beauty, i was thinking, ehm, maybe we should go out for a delicious dinner this night”

    ”Sounds fun” i replied.

    ”so where are we going” he asked me.

    ”you brought the idea of going out, why not bring the idea of the venue” i was irritated. ”i hope it’s not one of those your pranks cos am famished right now”

    ”hey, hush, i was only being a gentleman, i thought you will like the idea of picking the venue” he informed me.

    ”Gentleman, that’s quite un-romantic of you” i said playfully.

    ”i wasn’t trying to be romantic miss, well, since you don’t like the idea of choosing the venue, just meet me downstairs in about 20minutes”

    ”yes boss” i replied playfully.

    ”i won’t mind you wearing my favourite colour” he added before walking away.

    I kept smiling to myself after he left, i had completely forgotten Bella and her drama. I was hopelessly in Love.

    Thirty Minutes later we were on our way to a place which i know nothing about since Kelvin refused to disclose the location to me.

    ”have i told you that you look perfectly stunning in that red gown”

    ”yes, for the fifth time in the last ten minutes”

    ”oh! I really can’t help but compliment you again and again, this is why i like the colour red on women, it’s a flattering colour”

    I simply smiled and choose not to dwell on the fact that he mentioned women and not just me.

    We soon got to the venue for our little rendezvous; Jevinik Resturant, it was in a secluded area, i guess it was for people who wanted privacy with their loved one, the environment was homely.

    The cool air of the night greeted me when i came out of the car, i could see all manner of people hanging out their, some were skimpily dressed, some you could tell that they were husband and wife, one particular couple caught my attention, they were so young, playing around and laughing in the neatly trimmed lawn, i could see the rings on their fingers, so one could easily guess that they were newly weds.

    ‘This could be Kelvin and I” i muttered to myself.

    We didn’t go into the resturant, we sat at a corner in the bright light and a waitress came to attend to us.

    She was skimpily dressed and i saw how she was openly flirting with Kelvin who in turn responded with a smile, i was disgusted at the open display of shamelessness but i didn’t bother much, i had my stomach to satisfy which was my number one reason for being there.

    Our food was served and i immediately started devouring the nicely prepared meal.

    Jevinik resturants were always known for their well prepared food, so i wasn’t surprised when the delicious meal was served.

    Kelvin noticed that i wasn’t talking to him, he just kept quiet but he was always glancing at me during the meal which made me very uncomfortable.

    After the meal, i stood up to leave.

    ”where to” he asked me.

    ”home” i simply said and continued walking.

    He grabbed my arms from the back, and i stopped walking and turned to face him.

    ”I am sorry for that little drama with the waitress, i am just not good at telling people off or being rude” he pleaded with me and my heart melted.

    The rest of the night was amazing and fun-filled, to the extent we lost track of time and overstayed. it was an unforgettable night……

    Watch out for episode 12!!!

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    Very interesting

    I feel this girl is foolish..the handwriting is clear that the guy is a pls



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