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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this interesting story, titled: “Rabbit Love” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn one or two things at the end.

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    ”what was that all about” Kelvin asked, forcefully grabbing my hands immediately i got into the room.

    ”stop it, you are hurting me” i said trying to release my arms from his grip but it wasn’t possible as he was way muscular and bigger than me.

    ”Is it his bed that you have choosen to warm next” he asked increasing the force with which he held my hand.

    ”what did you say” i asked with anger in my voice.

    ”You heard me right, you who*e” he said and pushed me into the bed and left to the bathroom.

    I layed down there crying like my life depended on it and by the time he came out from the bathroom after taking a shower, my crying has already reduced to sobbing.

    He didn’t even look at me, his facial expression wasn’t even friendly.

    ”Kel, i am sorry” I said to him without even knowing why i was apologizing.

    He still remained in the position he was without even casting a glance at me but what he did next threw me off balance, he started singing Ariana Grande’s song-problem.

    ”…I’ve got one less problem without you, I’ve got one less, one less problem…”

    I closed my ears with the pillow to shut his voice out but his voice became louder.

    When i couldn’t take it anymore, i ran into the bathroom and cried my eyes out there after which, i washed my face and by the time i came out, he was gone leaving a lingering scent of his mild perfume.
    I spent the morning in my room sobbing silently and standing at the window wishing for him to drive in but it didn’t work.

    Each time i closed my eyes and wished for him to come in, when i open my eyes, there will be nothing.

    It was already noon and my stomach was already rumbling, but i wasn’t in the mood for eating.

    I was on a strict diet of leafy vegetables and fruits because of my photoshoot for Ok! Magazine in two weeks time.

    I tried to ignore my stomach and concentrate on more important matters like wishing for Kelvin to walk in but my stomach still persisted.

    I turned to the door when i heard a gentle knock on the door.

    ”who is there”

    ”It’s sam” his deep captivating voice rang from the door.

    I feet heat rising in my stomach.

    ”Go away please” i said instead ignoring the real thing that i was feeling.

    ”am sorry, please come out and eat something, you’ve not had any food since morning” he said gently.

    ”I said go away, you caused this, i shouldn’t have talked to you if i knew that it would cause problem for me” i said and immediately regretted it.

    He kept quiet for a while before he finally spoke.

    ”sorry for getting you into trouble”

    ”Go away” i said sternly trying to hide my true emotions.

    ”alright i will go but please come out” he said and i heard him walk away.

    I instantly felt empty.

    I started hitting myself for speaking so rudely to him.

    I felt like running after him and apolozing.
    ”Am glad, you changed your mind” he said when i came into the sitting room.

    ”yeah, sorry about the way i spoke to you earlier” i said sitting opposite him.

    ”No offence taken, you were angry and it was normal to react that way”

    ”but still i am sorry” i said calmly.

    ”alright Becky, apology accepted”

    The sound of my name and the way his mouth curved to say my name instantly made me forget i was in a bad mood.

    ”how did you know my name”

    ”you are the next big thing after Naomi Campbell so knowing your name is as easy as ABC, besides your photographs and name is everywhere in this sitting room” he said gesturing to the large wallpaper opposite the Television.

    ”oh” i simply said.

    ”i made something for you” he said gently with his thick accent.

    A gasp escaped my mouth, thank God i wasn’t eating, i would have chocked on the food.

    ”made, as in cook?” i asked recovering from the impact of his words.

    ”yeah, cook, and why are you so surprised, men are better cooks than women”

    ”definately not the twenty first century men”

    ”well, if it might interest you to know, cooking is my hobby”

    Another wave of shock hit me!

    ”will you keep staring or you will check out what i cooked for you”

    He asked and i came back to my senses, i didn’t realize i had been staring at him.

    ”am famished”

    I dashed to the kitchen and he followed me, though i didn’t turn to look but i could feel it.

    Few minutes later, i was devouring the delicious spaghetti he made for me, he was truly a good cook, i had forgotten that i was on a strict diet the moment i perceived the aroma.

    ”thanks for these meal” i said to him.

    ”it’s the least i could do after getting you in trouble with your boyfriend”

    ”fiance” i corrected.

    ”pardon me, i had no idea”

    I instantly lost my appetite, so Kelvin didn’t tell his family about our engagement, no wonder he kept it away from the press and asked me not to wear my engagement ring to public functions.

    Another strange emotion eveloped me – hatred, hatred for Kelvin and the way he treats me.

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    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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