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    Hello Playloadites,

    We have got this interesting story, titled: “Rabbit Love” and here is a brand new Episode for your reading pleasure and am sure you’re going to learn one or two things at the end.

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    I woke up the next morning with serious headache, i had cried myself to sleep the previous night, i quickly adjusted my night dress and went to the mirror ”ah” as expected my eyes were swollen, luckily i had no photoshoot nor show that day, even if i had, thanks to make-up, i won’t have any problem fixing it. But there is just one thing that i was dying to fix, which make-up cannot fix. My relationship with Kelvin.

    Immediately the thought of him came to my mind, my phone rang and i checked the caller’s I.D and it turned out to be Vivian.

    ”hello V” i said wearily.

    ”you don’t sound too good any problem?”

    I contempleted hiding the truth from her but i decided otherwise, i was dying to talk to someone about my problem and she and Dency were the only two people i could confide in and presently Dency wasn’t even in the country, she had travelled for a photoshoot for the ‘Vogue Africa” magazine, so i decided to open up to Vivian.

    ”Hello, Becky are you still there”

    Her voice made me snap out of my ”thinking world”

    ”ye…yes V”

    ”girl, talk to me what’s eating you up”

    ”can we meet, it’s not something we can discuss over the phone” i said to her.

    ”Is it about Kel?”


    ”can i come with Kola since he knows Kel better than anyone” she asked me.

    ”no, i want it to be just you and i”

    ”alright, Olive gardens by 5PM, will that be okay for you” she enquired.

    ”yes, thanks V”

    ”you are welcome and cheer up already, no matter the weight of the burden you are carrying try as much as possible to smile and sound enthusiastic.

    ”yes mummy” i said playfully and smiled for the first time in 24 hours.

    ”don’t blame me, i don’t want you to get wrinkles on your face so that your bride price will not reduce”

    ”you and bride price. wait until you give birth and your daughters get to a marriageable age before you start thinking about bride price, you hear?”

    ”it’s not bad to think ahead, early to bed, early to rise ”

    I heard Kelvin’s horn blaring at the gate.

    ”thanks for calling V”

    ”what are sisters for?”

    ”see you later”

    ”and you too” she replied and ended the call.

    I rushed into the bathroom as i didn’t want to see Kelvin, i didn’t even know how to look at him knowing fully well he was just coming back from an outing with one of his mistress, i didn’t want to cry in his presence.

    I was in the bathroom when i heard the door open and then i heard him calling someone and telling whoever it was that he has arrived home and he was exhausted after the long night.

    I sat down there crying my eyes out, i just couldn’t phantom how a perfect relationship like ours which lacked nothing could go bad just like that, i searched and searched my memory to see if along the line i had done something bad that would warrant this kind of treatment but i got nothing.

    After some minutes of thinking, i wiped my tears and took a cold shower and came out of the bathroom.

    I met him lying down still in the clothes he wore out yesterday.

    He just looked at me and murmured ”good morning baby”

    I felt my hands going numb and i was battling with the tears that were threatening to come out of my eyes.

    This wasn’t my love, this wasn’t my Kelvin not even close.

    The Kelvin i knew or i once thought i knew can never resist the sight of me in my short towel.

    As of last month he would have been looking at me hungrily but now he just glanced at me and looked away.

    ”How was the meeting” i managed to say.

    ”It was fine” he simply said and layed down properly.

    ”so tell me how did it….”

    He cut me off ”can’t you tell just by looking at me that it was exhausting, please let me sleep, i didn’t sleep well last night” he said with a note of finality and adjusted himself on the bed.

    Hot tears began pouring down my eyes. He didn’t even look at me when he heard me crying not to talk of even comforting me.


    ”V, hope i didn’t keep you waiting for too long” i asked vivian as i came to her table.

    5PM had come sooner than i expected, i had been too broken, too busy crying that i hadn’t even realized that it was already time. I even had to put on sunglasses as i didn’t want anybody’s sympathy or side looks.

    ”nah, but i must say you look gorgeous in that shape fattering gown”

    ”you don’t also look bad in your baggy gown” i complimented her and she frowned.

    She called a waiter and ordered drink for both of us.

    ”How is work” she asked me, gently sipping her fruit juice.

    ”not as bad as my enemies wished me” i said dryly.

    ”stop being like that, nobody is wishing you bad”

    ”i wish so” i replied her.

    ”the always optimistic Becky being pessimistic, that means it’s a serious problem” she tried to joke but i wasn’t in that mood.

    I kept quiet and she continued ”Becky you can always talk to me what’s the problem”………..

    To be continued.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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