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    Queen was in the house thinking of how she had fallen from grace to grass when she heard someone banging on the main gate. She was surprised, because she had no friends or relations who visited her. The only person that would visit her was her mother in law and the woman never banged on the door that violently. Suddenly, she thought of the bank that had said they will come and confiscate the property if Kelvin didn’t pay up the loan he took from them and her heart flew to her mouth. She got up and went to the door and almost screamed when she saw an unkept man with beards and tattered clothes standing before her.

    Queen: “yes, how can I help you” she asked since she could not recognize him.

    “It is me, Kelvin” he said.

    As soon as Queen heard his voice, her head began to spin and she had to hold on to the gate for support. Kelvin entered the compound and walked past her into the room without saying a word.

    Queen: “my God what happened to you, Kelvin? Why are you looking this unkept, are you sick” she asked all at once.

    Kelvin: “don’t you dare come close to me, you daughter of Eve. How dare you talk to me when you were the one who got me into this mess? I hate you and I will forever hate you” he cursed.

    Queen: “look at me, Kelvin. I am carrying your child and I have suffered so much ever since you went away” she said but Kelvin got up and grabbed her by the neck and began to choke her. “cursed be you and the cursed thing you have in your womb. I was enjoying my life until you came and ruined everything. I hate you so much” he barked. She tried to ease out of his hold as she was struggling for air but he held on to her tightly. She began to scream when she felt she was running out of air for his tight grip was choking her wind pipe. Just then, his mother who was coming to check on her entered the room.

    Mama Kelvin: “who is this mad man that wants to kill the mother of my unborn grandchild?” she said and rushed at him. She stopped in her track when Kelvin released Queen and turned around.

    “ son?” she asked, unable to believe her eyes.

    Kelvin: “yes, it is me mum. Are you happy with the way you have made me now? I was on my own and you came around asking that I get married. I tried to explain to you that marriage is not for me but you wouldn’t listen, now see where it has landed me” he said tears streaming down his eyes.

    Mama Kelvin: “I don’t understand what you mean by I am the cause of all that has happened to you. What is wrong with a woman advising her son to get married and have children? Is it not someone that gave birth to you?”

    She was still speaking when Kelvin began to display elements of madness. He tore his shirt and began to tear at his beard. Then he removed his trousers and was about to remove his boxers when his mother held him tight, he began to laugh hysterically and soon he was running round the sitting room with mother and wife trying to control him to no avail. His mother went close to him and when she tried to touch him, he dodged her and ran out of the house in a frantic lunatic display.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Queen and her mother in law got tired of moving from one psychiatric hospital to the other. They were also tired of trying out different traditional solution centers and herbalist. The search for a cure for Kelvin had eaten up the remaining money his mother had left and feeding became a problem for Queen who was almost more than due for delivery. She had no option than to open up to Mercy who had sent her some money and had advised that they take Kelvin to a Bible believing Church. Mercy had flown from Port Harcourt and together they had taken Kelvin to the Church she attended when she was living in Abuja. After seven days of prayers and fasting, the soft spoken Bible carrying man of God informed them that there was nothing that could be done since Kelvin was not willing to confess.

    Pastor: “I hear a voice telling me that Kelvin needs to confess if he must regain his sanity. Until he confesses and asks God for forgiveness, I am afraid his healing will still be far away” he repeated the umpteenth time that day.

    Queen: “pastor, what are you talking about? You said we should fast and pray for seven days, we have done that. Why is he still mad? Me I am already tired of all these things o, if not that I am pregnant, I would have gone away o. I know where my mates are enjoying themselves right now” she signed.

    Pastor: “yes my daughter, remember that some of your mates are in the mortuary, awaiting burial. Some are in the grave rotting away, some are in the hospitals with one chronic ailment or the other while others, the worst category of all are in hell. This is your cross; you must carry it till the end”

    Queen: “cross oshi wo ni yen? Am I Jesus Christ that I will carry my cross? Come and force me to carry my cross now” she remarked sarcastically.

    Pastor: “The Lord tells us that if anyone wants to be His follower, he or she must take up his or her cross and follow Him. Do you believe in God? Are you a born again Christian?”

    Queen: “wo, leave me alone jare…….. To be continued.



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