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    Queen: “mama, please talk to me, I need to know everything that is happening” she said suddenly sweating.

    Mama Kelvin: “the truth is that we have not seen nor heard from Kelvin for months now but I know that he is fine, my heart tells me so. If something terrible had happened to him, I would have felt it in my spirit”

    Queen: “I don’t understand you. If this is true, why did you ask me to keep the pregnancy when I told you about it some months ago? Why did you come and marry me for a son whose whereabouts you do not even know?”

    Mama Kelvin: “because the child you are carrying is my grandchild and I will not allow you abort him or her just like that. My son left without telling me anything. I came here and the domestic staff told me that he travelled the next day after you had a quarrel with him. He left without leaving any money behind. I had to pay the salaries of the domestic staff and other bills with my money. When I couldn’t pay after two months, they all resigned to go in search of greener pastures. My business which has been my source of livelihood is suffering, the past few months have been the toughest months of my life, I cannot explain how I have lost all that I have, and it is mysterious. In fact, I used the last money I have in my account to do your traditional wedding; I didn’t want to give you or your people the impression that anything had gone wrong. Few weeks ago, a bank came here and took away all my son’s cars because he used his exotic cars as collateral to get loan for a business that I am sure crashed. Even this house we live in, we have been issued a letter that it will be confiscated in a few months time if he doesn’t pay up the loan he got from another bank”.

    Queen: “what!” she screamed in disbelief.

    Mama Kelvin: “you are a part of this family now and there is no need hiding anything from you. All the cars my people and I drove to your village for your traditional wedding were borrowed. Even this one that I drove here was borrowed; I have to return it back in a few hour’s time”.

    Queen: “no, this is not happening to me. No I must be dreaming” she said slapping herself.

    Mama Kelvin: “it is a trying time for all of us but then you have to calm down and be strong” she consoled her bewildered daughter in law.

    Queen: “don’t tell me to calm down”, she said suddenly losing her cool.” How can you be this wicked to another person’s child? How dare you deceive me into marriage with your son?” she asked anger building up in her throat.

    Mama Kelvin: “because you were already pregnant. I know how you young women of nowadays behave. If I had not begged you to keep the pregnancy, the next thing I would hear is that you have aborted it” she defended herself.

    Queen: “don’t give me that crap, woman. You were the one who told me to get pregnant for your son. As a matter of fact, you begged me to get pregnant for him. This was never my idea. You said you will get your son to marry me once I take in for him”

    Mama Kelvin: “haven’t I done that? Have you not done your traditional marriage” she asked trying to control her anger.

    Queen: “this was not the life I was promised. The man I got pregnant for is very rich not this Kelvin that has disappeared into thin air with all his properties getting confiscated” she said.

    Mama Kelvin: “all I know is that I have done my part by marrying you as promised. You have to stay in this house and manage till your husband returns. My prayer is that he returns before the bank comes back here. This N5, 000, that is all I can afford for now. Use it to feed until I return. I guess we have to sell off the electronics to raise money for your antenatal and other expenses. PHCN has disconnected the electricity here because we have been owing for months so electronics have no use here”

    Queen: “Oh my God. N5, 000 mama. What do I do with N5, 000?” she asked rhetorically.

    The woman excused herself and left the house which reminded her so much of her son and how things have fallen apart in few months.

    Queen picked her phone and sent Asha a message which read.

    “Asha, I don enter one chance”she sent the message and began to weep aloud, not minding that her voice was echoing in the room.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Queen’s pregnancy continued to grow with her looking like a shadow of herself. She barely had enough to eat and drink and the strain from the pregnancy was already telling on her. She had gone to live with Asha in their house but the agency that managed the property had kicked them out for failure to pay their fees. Queen couldn’t go back to her parents’ house for shame and Asha, used to her extravagant lifestyle took to prostituting with different men every night. She lived in a cheap hotel in town and walked the streets of Abuja half naked and waiting for men to pick her. Seeing that Queen was nothing but a burden to her, she had abandoned her and told her never to call her for anything again. Queen felt alone and deserted. Even her mother in law could not help much for the woman was struggling to feed herself.

    To be continued.



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