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    Queen tried to get in touch with Kelvin all to no avail. His numbers were switched off and he would not reply his messages on all his social media accounts. Two months had already passed since she met him and since then she had missed her monthly period. She was still engrossed in deep thoughts when Asha who had been in the bathroom came out and began to get dressed.

    Asha: “what happened? Why are you looking this dull? I don’t understand you these days again o” she rightly observed.

    Queen: “I am just confused” she said turning to face her friend.

    Asha: “What for? Anyway, I ran into an old university friend of ours yesterday and we got talking. She told me that she attended Mercy’s wedding and that it was glamorous. I even heard that Mercy and her husband travelled abroad last month courtesy of their state governor who rewarded her for returning 10 million naira that was mistakenly paid into her account” she said cleaning her face with cotton bud and facial cleanser.

    Queen: “Lucky them” she said indicating lack of interest.

    Asha: “can you imagine that Mercy and her husband now travel abroad and we are still here with nobody asking for our hand in marriage. What a world”

    Queen: “Asha, can you just stop talking about Mercy and her husband? Stop tormenting me for God’s sake” she shouted.

    Asha: “what was the outburst for? Are you okay girlfriend?”

    Queen: “I think I am pregnant o” she said quietly.

    Asha: “pregnant? How? Who is responsible?” she said going to sit beside her friend.

    Queen: “stop asking silly questions. You know that Kelvin was the last man I had unprotected sex with”

    Asha: “wow! Congratulations, dear” she hugged her affectionately.

    Queen: “what is wrong with this one? Congratulations for what?”

    Asha: “I thought you have always wanted to take in for Kelvin? This calls for a celebration, let’s go out and pump Champagn”

    Queen: “you still don’t get it? Is this not the same Kelvin that threw you and I out of the house after he discovered that we made love? Have you forgotten that incidence so soon?”

    Asha: “that is true o. But I am sure that he would be happy to hear that you are carrying his child. Just inform him about it”

    Queen: “that is the problem. I have tried to reach him all to no avail. I called him but his numbers has been switched off. I sent him messages on WhatsApp, Skype and even Facebook but he will not reply” she said sadly.

    Asha: “then go to his house” she suggested.

    Queen: “you want me to go to his house after the embarrassment that he gave me that day? I have made up my mind to go to that house only as a wife. That is the only way I can hold my head high among his domestic staff who saw how I was disgraced that day”

    Asha: “well, you have to drop your pride and ego and go there. At least for the sake of your unborn child” she pleaded with her.

    Queen: “okay, will you go with me? I would need your moral support”

    Asha moved away from her as if she was some plague.

    “I cannot go back to that house again o. That Kelvin can kill somebody with his slap. It took me more than three weeks to hear with my ear after he slapped me. Abeg count me out”

    Queen: “I am done for it”

    Asha: “see, babe. Stop brooding as if pregnancy is the end of the world. You and I have been pregnant several times before and we took care of it. Let us go out and relax, if Kelvin doesn’t come around, we shall take care of the pregnancy before it becomes noticeable”

    Queen: “where exactly are we going? Asha so you are not tired of going out and sleeping with men for money?”

    Asha: “When there is no job for us, what do you expect me to do? It is no longer news that I am a confirmed prostitute. Let’s go out so that I will hook you up jare” she said.

    Queen declined and after some persuasions especially considering the fact that she needed money to feed and for upkeep, she went out. There she met and slept with a man who promised to renew her rent which had expired. She called him the next day to remind him but a woman picked up the phone and after giving her the insult of her life, she threatened to kill her if she ever called the number again.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    3 months after Queen got in touch with Kelvin’s mother to inform her of the pregnancy, the woman went with her people and paid Queen’s bride price in an elaborate traditional marriage ceremony even though Kelvin was nowhere to be found. The woman had informed Queen’s people that her son was on a course in the USA and that he had mandated her to do the needful on his behalf and take his wife home since she was already carrying their child.

    Although Queen’s parents had their reservation about the arrangement, they had no option but to approve when their daughter threatened to kill herself if they prevented her traditional wedding. The next day, Queen and Kelvin’s mother returned home to his house. This time around, Queen noticed a fore brooding in the house with everywhere looking unkept and quiet.

    Queen: “ah-ah, where are all these domestic staff? So because my husband has been outside the country for months, they will not do their jobs again abi? They have me to contend with” she said as soon as she stepped into Kelvin’s mansion with his mother.

    Mama Kelvin: “you need to calm down and allow me discuss with you” she said ignoring Queen’s rants.

    Queen sat down immediately when she saw how serious the woman had sounded.

    Mama Kelvin: “you will notice that there was no security man when we got here, I had to come down from the car and open the gate myself” she started to say until Queen interrupted.

    Queen: “yes, don’t mind those useless security people. Only God knows where they went to abandoning their duty post. I will deal with them when they return. If they think they can behave anyhow because my husband is outside the country, then they are in for surprises”

    Mama Kelvin: “will you allow me talk?”

    Queen: “okay, ma” she said cursing the old woman in her heart.

    Mama Kelvin: “there is no security man and there are no domestic staff anymore. In fact, the story that my son is outside the country for a course is false. I had to say that so that your people will accept your bride price and give us your hand in marriage”

    Queen: “What! Excuse me ma but I do not understand you. The last time I was here, this house was overflowing with servants and security personnel. What happened to all of them? And what do you mean by Kelvin is not on a course in America? Where is he? Where is my husband? Where is the father of my child” she asked her heartbeat accelerating.

    Mama Kelvin: “Hmmn…it is a long story”.




    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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