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    Queen got down to business and undressed his fully erected manhood. The effect of the drowsy drug and Viagra that they had dissolved in his wine did the magic of getting him aroused. Quickly she began to kiss him and just then he stirred, semi conscious.

    Kelvin: “What are you doing?” he managed to say, sleep heavy in his eyes.

    Queen: “we are about to make love”

    “No!” he screamed causing her to startle.

    He tried to get up but he felt weak. He tried to hold on to the post of the bed for support but it was not working.

    Kelvin: “did you tie me to the bed? Untie me now” he said drifting back to sleep.

    Queen smiled when she saw that he was asleep and she mounted him. She rode him as fast as her desires and strength could permit. He was underneath her moaning and groaning like a zombie.

    When he woke up again, he tried to get up but she pushed him back.

    Queen: “we are about to go for round two” she said sipping her drink.

    Kelvin: “no, don’t do this. Please don’t do this, don’t touch me, don’t make love to me in the name of whatever you hold dear in your life” he pleaded, alarm written all over his wobbly drunk face.

    Queen: “I am sorry we have to make love darling. You know why? Because I already promised your mother that I will take in for you as soon as possible” she kissed him on the forehead and forced him to drink from his Viagra induced wine.

    When he swallowed the gulp she had forced into his throat, he felt blood rushing into his manhood and he felt himself charged like he had never been in years. He felt himself floating and he lost control of his promise and principle.

    He grabbed her and turned her aside like one possessed by a demon. She giggled. Finally he was ready to give her what she had always wanted.

    He bent her in a doggy style and entered her from behind, ramming hard into her as she screamed in erotic ecstasy.

    “Harder baby, yeah, that is it, man” she screamed at the top of her voice.

    Asha who was eavesdropping from outside the door smiled when she heard her friend moaning loudly. She smiled and walked back to the guest room.

    “Queen likes wild sex sha, she for kuku come as a dog , not a human being” she thought and fell asleep almost immediately.

    Queen and Kelvin made love into the early hours of the morning. That was the first time a man was defeating her in bed and she was more than impressed. She made sure that she adjusted her position anything he was about to cum so that he could bury his seeds deep into her. All she wanted was to get pregnant and then she would leave his mother to take it up from there. Fortunately or unfortunately for her, she was in her ovulation period. Still semi conscious, Kelvin fell off from her after God knows what round and fell asleep.

    Queen walked with happy springy steps to the bathroom to wash her semen messed body.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Kelvin and Queen slept well into the morning. When it was almost 10am, he woke up and tried to get up but he felt his head very heavy. He sprang up with fright when he discovered that he was lying naked on the bed.

    Kelvin: “oh my God what have I done!” he screamed.

    He turned to his side and quickly turned away when he saw Queen lying naked on the bed, her legs widely spread apart.

    He tapped her roughly on the shoulder without turning to look at her.

    Kelvin: “please tell me we didn’t do this” he said sadly.

    Queen: “do what?” she asked feigning ignorance.

    Kelvin: “tell me that I didn’t…I mean we didn’t…like I didn’t have sex with you” he stuttered.

    Queen: “if I say so then I will be lying and it is not good to lie to someone you love”

    Kelvin: “No!” he screamed, not getting up from the bed because he was afraid to behold her naked body again.

    Queen got up and walked to his front, still naked.

    “my baby must be very tired from an all night of fierce love making. Come here to mama, let me massage you” she said offering him her left nipple but he shoved her away and she fell on the floor.

    Kelvin: “what did you make me do, you Jezebel” he barked, his eyes fiery red.

    Queen: “I did not make you do anything. We made love, you and I and that is because you wanted it” she asked suddenly cowed by the change in his countenance.

    Kelvin: “I never wanted it. I have told you several times that it is impossible for us to make love. I can’t remember anything that happened last night. This has always been your wish; you planned this whole thing, didn’t you? God, why did I even allow you into my house in the first place?” he asked rhetorically.

    Queen: “why are you making a mountain out of a mole? Is this the first time two unmarried people are making love? What is it seff? Ordinary sex you are shouting like this” she said getting up.

    Kelvin: “you call sex ordinary? Goodness, how did I let my guards down and fall into this mess? Get out of my house” he screamed.

    Queen: “What? You want to send me away after banging me all night? You must be sick” she said and try to walk away but he caught her and twisted her hand, sending her reeling in pain.

    Kelvin: “if you do not leave my house this minute, I will do something that the both of us will regret, that is if we live to regret it”

    Queen: “leave me alone, you are hurting me” she tried to ease her hand out of his hold.

    Kelvin: “get out” he barked and opened the door and pushed her out, not minding the fact that she was naked.

    Queen: “you cannot just throw me out naked like this” she said using her hands to cover her private parts.

    Kelvin went back into the room, picked her things and threw it back at her.

    Kelvin: “If I come downstairs and see you anywhere close to this street, I will kill you, it’s a promise” he threatened.

    Just then Asha who had been awakened by the commotion in the house came out rubbing her face.

    Asha: “What is going on here? Queen, what happened?” she asked her friend who was hurriedly wearing her clothes.

    Kelvin: “Oh, you are still here? Will you two cheap slots get the hell out of my house?”

    Asha: “ah-ahn, uncle Kelvin why are you sounding this harsh this morning, now. Whatever issues you have with my friend can be settled amicably in the confines of your bedroom. How can you be embarrassing her in the presence of your domestic staff like this” .

    Asha didn’t see the next thing that was coming. All she felt was a hard slap across her face that sent her crashing into Queen who was beside her.

    Kelvin: “who is your uncle? I know you are her alibi, that is why she sent you to plead with me to eat, You don’t want to leave right? Okay, just wait for me” he said and stormed back into the room.

    The two girls seeing how serious the situation was picked their things and hurried out of the house.

    The domestic staff who were pretending to be busy at their job looked on and shrugged their shoulders at the scene they had just witnessed.

    To be continued.


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    [Story] “My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy” (Ongoing)

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