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    Queen did just like her friend suggested. The two girls went to Kelvin’s house prior to his arrival and prepared his favorite meal. As soon as Kelvin entered his sitting room, he was surprised to perceive the aroma of food coming in from the kitchen.

    Kelvin: “what is the Cook cooking? I cannot remember telling her to cook anything for me. In fact, she doesn’t even know that I would arrive today. Apart from you, no other domestic staff knows that I will be arriving today. I like to take them unawares” He said to the driver who was holding his box beside him.

    Driver: “Oga, no be Mama cook dey kitchen o”

    Kelvin: “what do you mean by that? Is my mother around?”

    Driver: “No, sir. Na madam and her friend dey cook “ He said.

    Kelvin: “Who is madam?” He asked at a loss on what he meant.

    Driver: “Your fiancee, sir” He said looking far away.

    “and who is that?” He asked confused.

    Driver: “Aunty Queen”

    Kelvin: “what! That parasite is still here? “ He asked rhetorically and stormed into the kitchen.

    “hello, darling” Queen said and hugged him as soon as he got in.

    Kelvin: “I…what are you doing… “

    Queen: “Oh don’t say anything. I am sure you are tired from the long flight. Anyway, this is my best friend, she came around to help with the preparation for your arrival” She said quickly.

    Kelvin: “My arrival? What is so special about that? I cannot remember asking for any welcome party” He said ignoring Asha’s outstretched hand.

    Asha: “I see that the two lovers need some time alone. Queen, I will be in the guest room if you need my help” She said shaking her bum and making noise with her chewing gum.

    Kelvin: “what is this? What’s all these talk about you being my fiancee? Listen, when you are done with all these, you and your friend should leave my house. I can make do with some privacy” He said and stormed out of the kitchen.

    Queen entered the guest room in tears. Asha sat up as if she has been sitting on a pin.

    Asha: “Babe, wetin happened?”

    Queen: “get dressed and pick your things, we are leaving”

    Asha: “why this soon? We are yet to accomplish our mission” She said.

    Queen: “Look, I cannot take this anymore. I am tired of the embarrassment”

    Asha: “Calm down and tell me exactly what the problem is”

    Queen: “There is nothing to talk about here. Who does Kelvin think that he is by embarrassing me like that? Is it because I love him? Is it a crime to desire to marry a rich man? What is it seff? Even lepers get married how much more me? Get up let’s leave this stupid house”

    Asha got up and held Queen on the shoulder.

    “I will tell you the truth, Queen. You need to be patient. Any woman who wants to get married needs to be patient. We will not leave this house without accomplishing our mission. Remember that when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going”

    Queen: “He said he won’t eat my food, how do we get him to drink the wine then?”

    Asha: “Don’t worry, just leave that to me. Which way leads to his bedroom?”

    Queen pointed the door and Asha excused herself to go and talk with him.
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    Kelvin was surprised to see Asha enter his room and kneel before him.

    Kelvin: “What is all this harassment in my house for God’s sake? Are you here to start your own seduction too?”

    Asha: “ejor uncle, don’t be angry. I am not here to seduce you or anything like that. I can never seduce a man. I am here to plead with you to come downstairs so that we will eat together. My friend expended a lot of time and energy to cook for you and right now she is feeling really downcast because you don’t seem to appreciate her effort. Please just wine and dine with us and we will leave as soon as we are done. Please, sir” she said shedding crocodile tears.

    Kelvin: “hell no, I will not partake of any feast. The last time I fell for her tricks of eating as a family, she became very close to my mother and got the licence she needed to visit me at will. So, thank you. You may go with the food and eat it in your house for all I care” he said not moving an inch from the bed.

    Asha: “Uncle please, now. The last time was Queen but this time around, I am the one pleading with you and I promise to keep to my words that we will leave as soon as you are done. Don’t give your domestic staff the opportunity to laugh at my friend, that could make a girl commit suicide” she was staring him imploringly and he shifted uneasily on the bed.

    After more pleas, Kelvin gave in.

    “fine, I will come downstairs and eat. Don’t block my ears with pleas, I am tired of hearing that” he said getting up.

    Asha: “thank you, sir” she said lusting after his six packs and broad chest.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    The two girls and Kelvin had so much fun eating and drinking that Kelvin wondered why he had not realized how beautiful Queen was all these days.

    The two girls made sure they gave him more than enough of the drugged wine without them drinking it because they told him they had stopped taking alcoholic drinks for health reasons, and he innocently drank, grinning from ear to ear like a sheep being led to its slaughter. When they were sure that he was dead drunk, they got up to leave.

    Asha: “uncle, we are leaving your house now o, remember I promised you that we will leave as soon as we have had our fill, I want to fulfill that promise now”

    Kelvin: “you want to go back to your house by this time of the night? When I have more than enough guest room in my house? No, you are going nowhere. Queen here will sleep in my room as she had always done and you will have the guest room all to yourself”

    Asha: “but uncle, I thought you said…”

    “Shhh…my decision is final, this is my house” He got up and held Queen on the waist for balance. He tried to take a step forward but he staggered and fell down, he got up again and this time around Queen held him and helped him walk upstairs with Asha following them. When they got to the door of his bedroom, Asha wanted to follow them in but Queen stopped her.

    Queen: “What is it now?” she asked barricading the door.

    Asha: “I want to go in with you people”

    Queen: “Ah, kilode? Are we going to have threesome ni? Didn’t you hear when he said that you will sleep in the guestroom? Biko move away jor” she pushed her and bolted the door.

    “Today na today for me and you, Kelvin. When you were busy drinking and making merry, you did not know that I had plans for you. Oma shey o, a hen flocks with the hyena, she is happy not knowing that her death has come. Ah, today I will use bedmatics to finish you” she said and began to undress.

    To be continued.


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