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    Queen on realizing that her actions had given her away quickly composed herself.

    Mercy: “Queen, are you okay? What is the problem?” she asked.

    Queen: “I am fine. I am just surprised that you have the guts to bring Peter into my house after I warned you not to bring him here”

    Peter who had been quiet since they got into the house decided to weigh in.

    Peter: “Queen, I am very sorry for disturbing you. In fact, we wouldn’t have been here but for the fact that we thought it would not be nice of us to get married without informing you girls considering how you helped Mercy during your undergraduate days. Also, I came to apologize to you for even asking you out in the first place when obviously we are not of the same class. But then, thank you for the mockery and rejection, which was what I needed to make me strive for greater heights. The truth is that when people mock us, we should be wise enough to build ourselves into something better. You threw stones at me but I didn’t see those stones as an insult. I saw them as stepping stones to the next level. Thank you” he said quietly.

    Asha: “so this is the person you want to marry? A secondary school leaver with some crude way of reasoning? You are a second class upper graduate, an intelligent and beautiful one for that matter. Can’t you get something better than this…this thing” she said sizing up Peter from head to toe.

    Mercy: “What is certificate and material possessions when love is involved? How many graduates have actually acquired what my husband has acquired in such a short time and legitimately at that? Currently he is a student of the National Open University where he is studying Law which has been his dream course but for financial impediment. The university as you know affords workers the opportunity to work while studying for a degree and that is exactly what he is doing. Right now he has two gas plants where he sells gas and Kerosene as a wholesaler and retailer. We have four buses which bring in money to us every day. He has bought a plot of land in a developmental area a bit far away from Port Harcourt, it may be a village now but in the future, the area will develop and we will build our own house there. My husband has investments and shares in the oil and gas sector in Port Harcourt. With his help I have been able to open a tailoring store where I have people working for me and I go there too after work. Yes, this may mean nothing to you girls because I know that you have seen and touched plenty money. But it means a lot to me. You know why? Because God brought my fiancé and I out of nothing to where we are today. What this simply means is that God is not done with us yet and we trust him to take us to greater heights. He is a good man with a good heart and so I have no regrets even if he is an illiterate which he is obviously not”

    Queen: “have you finished talking? You should be ashamed of yourself, Mercy. Sometimes, I wonder how we even managed to come to this world as cousins. Imagine your husband buying a land in one village and you are here bragging about that when his mates have houses in big cities all over the world. What is investment in oil and gas and having a gas plant? Is that one an achievement? I have dated men who own oil blocks and fuel stations. Men who have such high investment in the oil and gas sector that if they withdraw their investments, the sector will collapse. Men of timber and caliber who control NNPC, so what is this one saying?”.

    Mercy: “Very true dear cousin. You have dated such men but those men are married and they have their wives and children who are their priorities, they can never marry you. You see, your own is your own and this man here is mine. I will rather have one poor man to call mine than having 100 who are already married”.

    Queen’s anger rose to her throat and she felt like slapping Mercy hard across the face.

    “if only Mercy had tried to speak to me in such a manner when she was living with me, I would have given her the beating of her life” she thought.

    Queen: “Mercy, leave my house” she said suddenly.

    Mercy: “What!” she asked with disbelief.

    Queen: “I said leave my house and when you are leaving, don’t forget to carry your secondary school graduate of a husband along. Rubbish!” she said and pushed them out.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Asha: “hey, see Mercy of yesterday o. Opening her gutter of a mouth to talk to us in that manner simply because she is getting married. This is unbelievable!” she spewed after Mercy and her fiance had driven off.

    Queen: “Mercy o, a girl I accommodated and fed is getting married before me, how palatable is that?” she asked rhetorically.

    Asha: “are you angry that she spoke to you the way she did or that she is getting married?”

    Queen: “I am angry that she is getting married before me. Do you know what that means in my extended family? Once she gets married, they will begin to respect her more. How can that thing who is not even close to me in terms of beauty and physique get married before me?”

    Asha: “woo, forget marriage jor, who marriage epp?” she smirked.

    Queen: “I want to get married o, I want to bear a man’s name. Where I come from, no matter how rich and educated you are, if you are not a married as a woman, nobody will respect you. If I had known that tables would turn like this, I would have accepted Peter’s proposal” she said sadly.

    Asha: “My sister, I dey reason that thing too o. Did you see their car? Imagine us hopping from one cab to another simply because we cannot afford to fuel our car and some people are even busy buying cars. And shebi you said Peter is ugly? The guy was looking very handsome today o. I don’t even mind having his d*ck inside me”.

    Queen: “don’t be silly jare. Don’t you know that money make people fine. The guy is obviously rich now. Mercy cannot get married before me now, mbanu”

    Asha: “then get Kelvin to marry you since he is a very rich man. That would prove to Mercy that her husband’s so called money is nothing compared to what your husband has”.

    Queen: “how do I do that? If only I can get him to make love to me, I know he would fall in love with my honey pot” she bragged.

    Asha: “then get him to make love to you” she said defiantly.

    “how do I do that? Weren’t you here when I said I have tried all tricks to no avail?”

    Asha: “this is beyond tricks and seductions. Drug him and get him to sleep with you. This is how we will do it. You said he will be returning to the country next tomorrow right?”

    Queen nodded in agreement.

    Asha: “Fine. Me and you will go to his house, then you will cook his favourite meal and then later we will drink a bottle of wine to celebrate his safe return, of course his wine will be drugged. Once he begins to snore, take him in and give him the fucking of his life”

    Queen: “but how can we drink the wine if it is drugged? That will make us tipsy too”

    Asha: “don’t worry, just leave everything to me” she assured her distressed friend.

    Queen: “And to think that Mercy snatched Peter from me, yet she could look me in the eyes and vomit such gibberish. Shebi she wants to get married? Let us see how that wedding will hold now” she thought shaking her feet.

    To be continued.


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