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    Few months later, Batch A which was the batch that Queen, Mercy and Asha belonged to did their passing out parade and for her active participation during her service year and her community development services and personal projects, Mercy was employed by River’s state government to work in the ministry of Internal Revenue. It was one of the greatest news that she had received and after the issuance of her discharge certificate, she called Peter who had already given her several missed calls.

    Mercy: “Hi love, guess what?” she said excitedly as soon as he picked the call.

    “What?” he said anxiously.

    Mercy: “just guess now, it is good news” she said.

    Peter: “okay. You have been discharged and have been issued your NYSC certificate? No? okay, you were given a certificate of recognition by the state coordinator? No again? ah-an, I don’t know what to think again, can you just help me out?” he said giving up.

    Mercy: “ah, think very well o, the good news is something better and bigger than a certificate of recognition” she shouted into her cell phone.

    Peter: “see ehn, I am so excited that I cannot even think straight right now. I also have good news for you and that is why I almost ran down your battery with endless calls. But, let’s have your own first”

    Mercy: “no, you go first, you are the man”

    Peter: “okay. You remember that my uncle that lives in the UK? That my uncle that I said my father trained now, well, we have been talking with him for a while now and he promised to help me” He paused for effect.

    Mercy: “Yes, I remember him, we have been praying for our destiny helpers to locate us for a while now” she confirmed his story.

    Peter: “my dear, who said God does not answer prayers? That prayer has been answered o”

    “What do you mean? Oooh, please tell me now, do you want to kill me with suspense?”

    Peter: “okay, I just received an alert of 5 million naira from him this morning. He called and said it was a gift and that I should use the money to start up any business of my choice. Isn’t that incredible? 5 million naira cash gift with no strings, no terms and conditions attached” he grinned.

    Mercy: “our God is an awesome God. Oh, I don’t even know how to thank him. So many good news today. Thank you, Lord” she shouted attracting the attention of passerby who could not help but wonder what was making her shout like that.

    Peter: “yeah, so let’s hear yours” he said eager to hear her own too.

    Mercy: “I got a job with the ministry of Internal Revenue. I am now a civil servant with all its attendant benefits”

    Peter: “Wow! I didn’t know that He would answer us this way. Congratulations my love. This is just the beginning of greater things in our lives”

    Mercy: “Expect me in Abuja tomorrow. I will stop by and see you before proceeding to the village to see my parents” she said to him.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    After passing out from NYSC, Queen and Asha roamed the streets of Abuja in search of a good job all to no avail. They had thought that securing a job after NYSC was going to be easy since they had the body to throw at men for favours but alas, it took more than a sexy body and good certificate to secure a job in Nigeria.

    All the men they had hoped on to help them secure lucrative white collar jobs only used them and disappeared into thin air afterwards.

    Queen was getting frustrated and Asha was at the verge of getting depressed. Queen had cut down on her visiting Kelvin’s home after his mother had returned to her own house. The fact that she couldn’t get Kelvin into her pant had been very discouraging. After walking around that day, the two friends returned home exhausted.

    Asha: “so na like this person go just dey? We have been scanning the nooks and crannies of this city for a good job all to no avail. As if that is not enough, we get laid by men who offer us nothing but empty promises. Our rich clients who used to give us plenty money have all abandoned us. You won’t blame them, recession is biting hard and even politicians are not left out. Also, EFCC and President Buhari’s anti-corruption war has sent many people into hiding. My friend, are we not gradually turning to ashawo kobo kobo so?” she asked her friend who was relaxing on the chair.

    Queen: “my sister, the thing tire me o. I cannot count the number of men that I have had to sleep with and yet see now, no job. And the worst thing is that I already lied to my parents that I secured a good job here and that is why I cannot return home. By the end of this month, they will be expecting me to send them money as per salary earner. Where I wan see am?” she asked rhetorically.

    Asha: “Me I will start going out in the night to look for men o, anything is better than nothing at all. At least from there I will see money to maintain myself. See as I don black finish seff? Imagine me using synthetic hair when I am already used to human hair? What kind of wahala is this now?”

    Queen: “how can life be this difficult after NYSC? No, just tell me, honestly we really enjoyed as undergraduates. Real struggle begins when you cannot secure a job as a graduate” she lamented.

    Asha: “but what of Kelvin? I thought you said he is very rich and you will marry him? Can’t he at least get us a job?”

    Queen: “that one, just forget him jare. Do you know that he even travelled outside the country since last month without informing me? I just went to his house and I was told that he had gone for his annual vacation abroad. You needed to see how ashamed I was when the cook asked me if I didn’t know that my fiancé was travelling”

    Asha: “na wa o, which kind wahala come be this one na?”

    Queen: “but we chatted on Skype few days back and he said he will be back next tomorrow. Maybe I will go and check on him when he returns”

    Asha: “you have to o, this time around you need to get him to make love to you or else I will go for him”

    Queen: “see who is talking. Do you think you can make him touch you after I failed to make him touch me? I did all that you advised me to do the other time. Going nude in his presence, fingering myself in his presence, dressing sexily, cooking his favourite meals, massaging him, jumping in on him in the bathroom and Jacuzzi, even doing his laundry yet he will never touch me, not even a kiss”

    Asha: “What sort of a man is that?” she asked when suddenly a knock came on the door.

    Queen: “The door is open” she said without indicating interest in knowing who the person was.

    Mercy opened the door and gently stepped in with Peter behind her.

    Queen sat up abruptly when she saw the man that she had rejected looking good and fresh.

    Mercy: “hello girls, I have missed you so much” she said hugging them one after the other.

    Asha: “Mercy! Goodness you have changed o, and to think we just finished NYSC about a year ago” she exclaimed.

    Queen: “Even Peter has changed o, see him looking fat and fresh and even handsome”, I must confess.

    Mercy: “It is the Lord’s doing o. You know a day is too much for God to change somebody’s story, we are a living testimony of his awesomeness. What’s up with you girls? You are looking darker and kind of emanciated”

    Asha: “there is…”

    Queen: “there is no problem” she quickly said. “How are you?”

    Mercy: “fine. We came to invite you to our wedding which will take place next month by the grace of God. I was fortunate enough to secure a job after service, my fiancé here relocated to Port Harcourt some months ago and there he went into business investing into the oil and gas sector. God has been faithful, the business is booming and my job is paying. So, we thought of getting married. I will be glad to have you attend”

    Asha: “wait first. Mercy, abeg who get that car wey una park for outside” she said stretching her neck to see via the window.

    Mercy smiled. “my fiancé here owns it” she said humbly.

    Queen: “Yaay! I don die” she said raising her hands to her head unconsciously.

    To be continued.


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