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    Queen woke up the next morning to discover that Kelvin had gone out.

    Queen: “When did he go out that I didn’t know? What kind of deep sleep was that for me? Instead of me to wake up and try my luck this morning, I allowed him go out like that” she said yawning.

    She turned around and saw a handwritten note beside her on the bed. She picked it and it read.

    “I do hope you had a pleasant rest. Sorry I had to leave very early and I didn’t want to wake you up considering the fact that you slept late last night. The cook and other domestic servant are at your service to make breakfast and whatever you would need. You can ask the house driver to drop you off at home or better still, under my pillow you will find an envelop with N20, 00, use that to pay for your cab home. You should be gone by the time I return. Bye”

    Immediately Queen finished reading the note, she grabbed his pillow and threw it off. The envelop was there just like he had said in the letter and when she opened it, she saw the exact amount he had said.

    Queen: “Hey, na this type dem dey call man. Imagine him giving me twenty thousand naira for transportation fare even though he did not touch me last night. Only God knows how much he would have given me if he had touched me. So you think I would be gone before you arrive? Oga, I am not going anywhere o. You will come here and meet me. You must marry me o, ah. Which girl in her right senses will step into this kind of house and then leave just like that? Mbanu”

    She got up and went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth, had a quick shower and came out.

    A glance at his closet and she saw a cream colour John Lewis shirt and she wore it over her denim bum shot. The shirt was slightly bigger for her but she didn’t mind, the joy of wearing his shirt was causing her stomach to rumble.
    She applied a little makeup and went downstairs. She wanted to try out what it would feel like to be the madam of the house.

    She got down and was impressed to see that the domestic workers had already cleaned everywhere. Seeing the sitting room in the day made it look even more beautiful than she had observed it to be the previous night.

    “Good morning, ma” the domestic staff chorused simultaneously when they saw a woman coming down from their boss’ room wearing his shirt. They were all surprised because that was the first time a woman was coming home to see their boss.

    Queen: “morning” she said and went over to roll her hands on the shiny crystal clear center table.

    Queen: “who cleaned this table?” she asked feigning dissatisfaction.

    The cleaner stepped forward.

    Queen: “Are you blind or something? Can’t you see that you didn’t clean it properly? Do you want to get sacked?”

    “no, ma” the cleaner answered and ran along to get rag.

    Queen: “now listen to me all of you. You have to take your jobs very seriously in this house else I will ask my husband, I mean my fiance to kick your asses out. Is that clear?”

    “Yes, madam” they all chorused.

    Queen: “Who among you is the cook?”

    The cook, an elderly woman that could pass for her mother stepped forward.

    Queen: “I want to eat fried…”

    Just then, Kelvin’s mother who was in her room came down stairs.

    “Good morning, ma” the domestic staff greeted her even before she got down from the stairs.

    Mama Kelvin: “Good morning to you all. Has my son gone out? I knocked in his room and there was no response”

    Cook: “yes, ma. Oga went out very early this morning to meet up with an early morning appointment with the governor. He said I should tell you that he couldn’t see you last night because he returned late and by then you were already asleep”

    Queen who understood from the conversation that the woman coming downstairs was her potential mother in law switched on her charm and went and knelt down before her.

    Queen: “mummy good morning, ma” she said politely.

    Mama Kelvin: “Good morning, my dear. Please get up. Such a respectful girl. How are you?”

    Queen: “I am fine mummy, hope you had a pleasant rest?”

    Mama Kelvin: “I did. I am sure you had one too” she asked in return.

    Queen: “I did. Only that I am a little bit tired, my body hurts” she lied.

    Mama Kelvin: “Don’t worry, you will be fine” she said and went to sit down.

    Queen: “Will you all move to your duty posts? Can’t you see that I am talking with the mother of my fiancé?” she said to the domestic workers who scampered along.

    Cook: “but madam, you were telling me what you wanted to eat for breakfast” the elderly woman said gently.

    Queen: “No, I wasn’t. How can I ask another woman to cook for me in my fiance’s house? I will do that myself”

    Cook: “okay, madam”

    Turning to Kelvin’s mother, the cook said:

    “what would you like to have for breakfast, ma?”

    Mama Kelvin: “Tea and…”

    Queen: “don’t worry, mummy. I will make your breakfast for you. Mama cook, you can go now” she dismissed the bewildered old woman.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Mercy called her boyfriend and explained to him all that had transpired between her and her boss and how he had insisted on sleeping with her before giving him a job. Peter listened with apt attention and when she finished talking, he drew in a long breath.

    Peter: “but why are people this wicked now? You mean the man cannot give you a job until he sleeps with you?”

    Mercy: “That is what he said o, my dear. But trust me now, I already told him that I cannot compromise my chastity just because of an ordinary job” she said to him.

    Peter: “You told him what! No, just say that again”

    Mercy: “I told him that I can never sleep with him and that I’m keeping my body for my husband” she repeated.

    Peter: “you shouldn’t have said that o”

    “what do you mean by that” Mercy asked him.

    Peter: “I mean…erm you know that there is recession and that jobs are not easy to come by these days. Why don’t you just give in to him so that I can get the job? Remember you said that the job pays well. After few months, we will just get married with the money I will make from there”.

    Mercy: “blood of Jesus! No, you are not saying this Peter. What has come over you? Why have you allowed the devil to put ideas in your head? You know that I am a virgin and yet you want me to sleep with another man?”

    Peter: “I am not saying he should deflower you. I will do that and then you go and sleep with him afterwards. I will live to thank and cherish you for as long as I live”

    Mercy: “Don’t you dare talk to me again, I can’t believe this is coming from you. Indeed the heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?”

    Peter: “Please now, you are doing this for me and to secure a future for our unborn babies. Remember that love is all about sacrifice. If you love me, you will do this to get me a job and take me from this poverty” he pleaded with her.

    To be continued.


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