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    The uniformed security man opened the gate as soon as he heard his boss horn. He stood at attention and saluted Kelvin who drove in quickly. Queen noticed with admiration the way the security man closed the gate with the remote control in his hand.

    She couldn’t help but admire the beauty of his well furnished sitting room as soon she got in.

    “Mehn, this man has taste” she thought to herself.

    Kelvin’s domestic staff who were dressed in an immaculate white uniform ran out to greet him. They had formed the habit of waiting for him to return from clubbing no matter how late in the night it got.

    “What would you like to eat, sir?” the cook asked him.

    Kelvin: “which sane person eats at this time of the day? Make something nice for my guest” he instructed the cook.

    Queen: “No, I am okay, thank you”.

    Kelvin: “you all may go to your quarters” he dismissed his staff who ran along glad that they could finally go and rest for the night.

    Kelvin: “tag along, let me show you to your room” he said to Queen.

    She followed him and they went upstairs. Kelvin opened the door to one of the rooms which had a big and well laid bed. “You can put up here for the night. The toilet and bathroom is over there and there are toiletries, towels and night robes in the wardrobe. Make yourself comfortable” he said and turned to leave but Queen got up and stopped him.

    Kelvin: “What is it?” he asked with alarm.

    Queen: “I am sorry to disturb you but I am afraid of sleeping here all alone” she said gently.

    Kelvin: “I don’t get it. Are you a kid that cannot sleep in a room alone or what?”

    Queen: “I have phobia for sleeping alone in the room. That is why I live with my friend whom you saw at the club. Please stay here with me” she pleaded holding his hand.

    Kelvin: “Ha! Goodness! Well, this is a guest room. I cannot sleep here” he said cleaning his forehead.

    Queen: “I can follow you to wherever you will sleep, I don’t mind” she said quickly.

    Kelvin: “fine, let’s go”

    They walked to Kelvin’s room and Queen’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the exquisite bedroom that greeted her eyes.

    Queen: “You mean this is your bedroom?”

    Kelvin: “of course. What does it look like to you? A tennis court?” he teased unbuttoning his shirt.

    Queen: “are you from a royal home or something? Your house is so beautiful and your bedroom is like that of presidents” she said not knowing how to describe the state of ecstasy that she was in.

    Kelvin: “you must be very funny. You mean you have been to the bedrooms of presidents? Anyway, like I said, I am not from a royal home. Everything you see here, I worked for it myself” he said walking to the restroom.

    Queen: “It’s beautiful, I love everything here” she said admiring the gigantic painting of art on the wall.

    Kelvin: “thank you. I am going to shower, after which you can have yours so that we can sleep. The night is far spent” he said and walked over to the bathroom.

    Queen: “sleep ke, so you think I will allow you sleep tonight? Okay o” she soliloquized.

    Kelvin took some time to wash and dry himself with an exfoliating soap that he had got during his last trip to Dubai. The soap had such a sweet fragrance that Queen began to daydream of joining him in the bathroom for them to shower together.

    “Oh, how sweet it will be to be in the same bath tub with him and have his arms round my waist with his manhood buried deeply inside me while the shower runs down our head. That will be the best moment of my life” she said.

    She was still engrossed in her erotic thoughts when Kelvin stepped out of the bathroom door.

    “It’s your turn”, he said jerking her out of her reverie.

    Queen turned around and her heart skipped a beat at the sight of his wet body. He was bare chest and tying a piece of white towel on his waist. If Queen thought that he was handsome the first time she saw him, the sight of his six packs and broad chest qualified him as the sexiest man on earth.

    On reflex, her eyes went beneath his barely button and she felt butterflies in her stomach when she saw the bulge forming under his trousers.

    “he must be really endowed down there”, she thought.

    Kelvin: “Hello” he interrupted her seeing that she appeared far away.

    Queen: “did you say something?” she asked him.

    Kelvin: “I said you may go and shower now”

    She got up and went into the bathroom. After some minutes, she came out with a towel over her naked body. She was disappointed to find out that Kelvin was already on the bed, his back turned on her.

    Queen allowed her towel drop to the floor revealing her naked body and asked “Are you sleeping?”

    Kelvin: “I am almost sleeping. You need something?” he said but quickly turned around when he saw that she was naked.

    Queen: “I…er..erm…I am sorry. My towel fell down and I wasn’t expecting you to turn around” she lied.

    Kelvin: “it is okay, good night” he said and shut his eyes tightly.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Queen lay in the bed sleepless and horny. She didn’t know why Kelvin would find it so easy to sleep off even though a beautiful woman was on the bed beside him.

    She tried to touch him but she was afraid of his reaction.

    She sent a WhatsApp message to her friend asking what she should do to get him to touch her but the message went through without her receiving any reply, meaning that Asha was already fast asleep.

    Queen extended her hand and touched Kelvin but he didn’t even stir because he was fast asleep.

    She waited for some minutes and then touched him again, drawing imaginary lines with her fingers on his chest. He turned and went back to sleep, not conscious of what was happening to him.

    She waited a while and then turned him around gently so that he was lying on his back. She dipped her hand into his boxers and brought out his manhood. She began to stroke it when Kelvin jumped up with a start.

    Kelvin: “What the hell are you doing? You want to rape me in my own house?” he asked.

    Queen: “No, I am in the mood. I want you; I need to feel your rod inside me. Make love to me, bang me hard” she said raising his hand to her breasts which were exposed.

    Kelvin: “What! Are you crazy?”

    Queen: “don’t you like what you see?” she said removing her night robe.

    Kelvin: “you are such a cheap and despicable prostitute. If not that it is already late, I would have thrown you out of my house this minute. What nonsense” he said and went to lie down on the couch, in the bedroom.

    Queen shamefully went back to bed and there she fell asleep after a while.

    To be continued.


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    [Story] “My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy” (Ongoing)

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