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    Kelvin watched as the beautiful lady who appeared to be drunk walked towards him. The security at the VIP corner tried to prevent her from getting into the VIP cubicle but he gave them a sign and they allowed her in.

    “Hello”, she said when she had taken her seat beside him.

    Kelvin: “hi” he said, without indicating any interest in whatever it was that she had to say.

    Queen: “I am sorry I had to barge in on you like this. My name is Queen” she said extending her hand for a handshake.

    Kelvin: “Kelvin is my mine. Join me, even though I think that you have had a little too much to drink”

    Queen: “I may have had too much of brandy but that is certainly different from Champagne, so I will join you” she said and picked one of the unused glasses and poured herself a drink.

    Queen: “tastes great” she remarked after two sips.

    Kelvin: “Champagne always does, my dear”

    There was a moment of awkward silence between them. Queen noticed the way his eyes roamed the body of the strippers who were dancing sexily and she wondered if he had plans of taking any of them home.

    Queen: “So, tell me about yourself” she said breaking the silence.

    Kelvin: “there isn’t really much to say about myself. I am the only child of my mother, I am a successful business man and I come here to relax every weekend because my weekdays are always super busy” he said quickly.

    Queen: “and the girls…” she said pointing towards the direction of the strippers.

    Kelvin: “What? Oh no. I don’t go home with them. I come here to watch them perform live. I encourage them by spraying some cash on them, nothing more”

    “He is such an adorable husband material” Queen thought in heart.

    Asha sent a WhatsApp message to Queen asking her to come so that they could go home but Queen told her to go that she would find her way home later. Asha had no choice than to drive back home alone after trying to persuade Queen to follow her to no avail.

    Kelvin: “I think you should have followed your friend home. It is getting pretty late, you know taking cabs alone by this time could be dangerous”

    Queen: “I know but I don’t want to leave you now. I am enjoying your company so much. I think I kinda like you” she said looking away from him.

    Kelvin: “Really? Well thanks” he said and resumed his drinking.

    After about an hour, he got up to leave and Queen got up too.

    Queen: “Are you leaving?” she asked suddenly.

    kelvin: “yes, do you have a prblem with that?”

    Queen: “no. I..erm can I follow you home?” she stuttered.

    Kelvin: “What! Why should you follow me home?” he asked taking a step away from her.

    Queen: “I am afraid of going home by myself at this time of the night. If I knew it would be like this, I would have gone with my friend” she said.

    Kelvin: “Well, that isn’t a problem. I can drop you off in your house before driving home. Give me your address” he said.

    Queen: “I can’t even remember my address, I think I have had too much wine” she lied.

    Kelvin: “well then call your friend and let her send the address to you” he suggested, pointing at her phone.

    Queen: “that one? She would have switched off her phone by now. Once she gets home, the first thing she does is to switch off her phone” she lied again. She was scheming so hard to follow the handsome dude home and nothing could deter her.

    Kelvin: “I have never done this before but then knowing how dangerous it can be out here in the night, I do not have the heart to leave you alone. Come along” he said and she happily followed him.

    He navigated his way to the parking space and she was surprised to see his brand new Lambourgini. She hopped in and the ride to his house was one of the best drives she had ever had in her life.

    “this one must marry me o”, she thought in her heart.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Mercy was in her place of primary assignment when one of her bosses called her into his office and informed her of a vacancy for a secondary school graduate in their company.

    Boss: “I have seen your dedication and hard work since you resumed your primary assignment here. I have also been told by the human resource officer that you have submitted your CV and that of another person for employment consideration. Is that true?” he asked as soon as she stepped into his office.

    Mercy: “Yes, sir. It is true. I thought of submitting it in case there will be an opening for employment after my POP which is just some few months away”

    Boss: “Well, there is an opening right now, one is for a graduate and the other is for a secondary school certificate holder. So tell me, the person whose CV you submitted, is he your brother or something?”

    Mercy: “He is my fiance, sir. We are waiting on the Lord for a good job and confirmation before we proceed with our wedding plans” she said looking down at her feet.

    Boss: “I see. Well, you cannot get the job now because it requires that applicants produce their Discharge or Exemption from NYSC letters. You are still serving so you don’t have that”

    Mercy: “I know, sir. But if you can help my fiancé with the job for the secondary school graduate, I will be very happy and my God will bless you abundantly”

    Boss: “if it were your brother, I would gladly have done it but for another man, I deserve some form of payment” he said quickly.

    “Payment? I don’t understand, sir” she said to him.

    Boss: “I will give him the job. I am sure you need not be told that working in this company at any level is a very fortunate thing because we pay well”

    Mercy: “Ah, thank you very much, sir. My God will bless you, you will never lack in life. Your children will be favoured by men and by God. It shall be well with you all the days of your life” she said getting down on her knees.

    Boss: “It’s okay. Just get up, I haven’t finished talking”

    Mercy obeyed and got up.

    Boss: “I will give your boyfriend the job but you have to sleep with me first. Like I said earlier, if he was your family member, I would have done it for free but in this case, let me have a taste of the cookie in between your leg as my reward for giving your man a lucrative job.

    Mercy: “What! Sir, you mean you can only allow him have the job if I allow you to…to have sex with me?”

    Boss: “Exactly. I am not the only one asking for that, many people do it and there is nothing wrong with it” he said shamelessly.

    Mercy: “Everything is wrong with it, sir. You are a married man and I am not your wife. It is wrong of me to sleep with you. It is a grievous sin before God”

    Boss: “I know that you are the state coordinator of your corpers fellowship but I did not call you here to preach for me. If you don’t have any other thing to say, please use the door”

    Mercy: “Sir?”

    Boss: “Get out of my office!” he barked and Mercy scampered along wondering if she should just give in to him and help her man secure a good job.

    To be continued.


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    [Story] “My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy” (Ongoing)

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