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    Asha and Queen through the help of one of their sugar daddies worked their service to Abuja, which is the same place where they had obtained their university education. The two girls took their time to shop only to discover at their arrival on camp that most of the things they had bought were unnecessary and contraband.

    In camp, they were the hottest Pepper them Gang. For the 21 days that they stayed in the orientation camp, they did not repeat any cloth. They had bough enough white T-shirts and shorts that would last even beyond the camping days if they decided to continue wearing a new pair each day. The two girls were known to always dodge parade and Man –O-War drills and people wondered how they were able to do it without getting caught. Soon enough, they became one of the most popular girls in camp and at mammy market where they bought drinks for fellow corps members. The two girls were in different platoons and soon they contested and won the most beautiful girl on camp competition with Asha as first runner up after Queen who won the pageant.

    Getting posted to a good PPA after camp was not difficult as they had gotten recommendation from a private Firm in Garki who wrote to NYSC and asked that they be posted to their office. After camp, the two girls returned home to rest before resuming at their places of primary assignment.

    Asha: “mehn, camp was so much fun. Do you know that I almost wish that it didn’t have to end this soon?” she said to Queen who was undressing.

    Queen: “for me it was the last week that was fun. That first week ehn, I felt like running back home. If not for your encouragement, I would have taken a pass o, ah”

    Asha: “why won’t you take a pass. You wey lazy like this”

    They giggled.

    Queen: “Babe, let’s go out and look for a man to warm our bed tonight o, my honey pot dey scratch me” she said quickly.

    Asha: “what do you mean by it is scratching you? Do you have toilet infection or what?”

    Queen: “Toilet infection ke? Never. I never used the toilet in camp o, shebi we were paying to use that VIP toilet in mammy market now” she said.

    Asha: “I know, that is why I am wondering where the scratch is coming from”

    Queen: “No be that kind of scratch jare. I mean the thing needs a man”

    Asha: “babe you just left camp today and you are already talking about sleeping with a man. I hail you o” she remarked.

    Queen: “What do you mean by that? Haven’t I tried? For the past 21 days, I have not had any man and you are here giving me stories. Wetin happen wey man no go touch me? Am I mourning my husband?” she asked sarcastically.

    Asha: “Oh my God, don’t tell me you were that holy in camp” she asked eyes widely opened.

    Queen: “before nko? You know after that encounter with chief, I promised myself that I would never sleep with any man for free again. Those people in camp don’t have money and I am not cut out for any osho free things”

    Asha: “you tried o” she said scratching her head.

    “meaning you did it there right?” Queen asked her.

    Asha: “You can say that again. I got one sweet guy that was helping me there o. I cannot come and kill myself because I am in camp”

    The two girls giggled.

    Queen: “you are such a spoilt thing. Go jor!” she teased.

    Asha: “you are the one who taught me now, yeye”
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Mercy who had left her posting in the hands of God was posted to Port Harcourt and all through her stay in camp, she was actively involved in parades, seminars, skills acquisition trainings and every other camp activities. She was also involved in camp fellowship where she preached to her fellow corps members on the need to keep their bodies pure until marriage.

    Peter who was in Abuja working would call her every evening and ask how the day went. The two lovers would end the call with a word of prayer and encouragement.

    Mercy was made a platoon commandant and during the match pass, her platoon emerged as the overall winner of the competitions held to mark the end of the camping session. She was posted to the state capital for her primary assignment. There, she did not relent in her pursuit of godliness and soon she was made the state coordinator of their Christian fellowship. This gave her the opportunity to travel to different places in Rivers state where she met many people. Anywhere she went, she had her CV and that of Peter handy and she didn’t hesitate to give it to whoever she met. She knew that it was still early for her to go in search of a job but she didn’t want to take chances of waiting to finish NYSC before seeking for job opportunities. Every day she would pray for a miracle job for herself and her man even though all he had was a secondary school certificate. She believed that a wise woman helps in building up her man, that was her working principle.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Asha and Queen went to Class Lounge in Wuse 2 to relax since it was a Friday. The lounge was for the rich and the two girls had to pay through their nose to buy tickets. They settled down to a bottle of brandy and after a while, they decided to go into the club to catch some fun.

    That evening, they had so much fun dancing and drinking.

    After a while, they returned to their seat and that was when the two girls noticed a man who was seated quietly at the VIP corner of the club, with a bottle of Champaign before him. He had some bundles of N1, 000 notes in his hands and he was spraying them on the strippers who were falling over each other to drag the money.

    Queen: “Asha, did you see that handsome dude seated over there?” she raised her voice because the volume of the music was loud.

    Asha: “I have been staring at him since o. Looks like he is very wealthy, the man has been throwing money around since we got here and it is not like he is dancing with anyone. He is just seated there, drinking and throwing money away”

    Queen: “I like him. No, I love him” she said plainly.

    Asha: “You what? Queen, you are drunk. No, you are very drunk”

    Queen: “I mean it and trust me I am not drunk”

    Asha: “No you don’t mean it. How can you just say you love a man that doesn’t even know that you exist? Are you mad?”

    Queen: “He is very rich and handsome and that is all that matters to me. I want to marry him”

    Asha: “You have gone nuts o. You, marry? I pray o”

    Queen: “I am going to ask him out” she said getting up.

    “You will do no such nonsense” she said pulling her back to the chair.

    Queen: “Watch me as I go and get him” she said and walked away shaking her bum in the mini skirt she had had on.

    Asha: “My friend has gone mad again o. What do I do now?” she asked rhetorically.

    To be continued.





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