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    After their final exams, Queen and Asha threw a big party to celebrate their successful graduation from the university. It was a cream de la cream party that was well attended by the big boys and girls on campus and attendance was strictly by invitation. Mercy who had declined to attend the party remained behind at home packing her things so she could return to her parents place the next day. She didn’t see any reason in celebrating when their final result was yet to be released. The two slay Queens returned from the party late at night very tired. Mercy thought there was no better time to talk to them than that time and so she walked up to the sitting room to where they were sitting and discussing the fun they had at the party.

    Queen: “Mercy honestly you missed. I don’t know why you refused to attend an ordinary party to celebrate your graduation from the university”

    Asha: “Mercy na one kind suegbe, I tell you. Even the born again students and SU people that used to carry Bible up and down attended the party except you” she taunted.

    Mercy: “my refusal to attend was based on personal reasons. I do not see any reason why I should celebrate whereas our final results have not been released. I would rather use that time to pray to God for a favourable result and then think of the life that lies ahead after university”

    Queen: “Oh, we have heard you Mercy. Weh don ma” they laughed.

    Mercy: “Actually, I want to thank you for all your support and help for the past few years. You have been a worthy cousin and shoulder to lean on. Sometimes, I wonder if I would have been able to complete my studies without you. Thank You so much Queen. I pray that someday I will be able to return this kind gestures from you” she said kneeling down.

    Queen: “Are you serious? So you appreciate all that I have been doing for you? Thank you. You have also done well, washing my dishes, cleaning my house, doing laundry and helping me out with assignments and presentations. Thank you too” she said absent mindedly because she was chatting with an aristo she had just met on her phone.

    Mercy: “And you dear Asha, thank you for always keeping me on my toes with your constant nagging and quarrels. You are like a sister to me and I love you with all my heart. May God continue to keep us together”

    Asha: “Keep you and who together? You no well, abeg shift make I see road” she teased her.

    They all laughed and Mercy got up and sat to the sittee close to them.

    Mercy: “I have finished packing my things and by God’s Grace, I will be returning to the village tomorrow. I want to continue learning the fashion designing that I was learning before I secured admission. That will also give me the opportunity to help my parents out on the farm before NYSC. What about you girls, when will you go home?”

    Asha: “Go home ke? Wetin dey happen for house wey we wan go?”

    Queen: “Home? Who the hell goes back to his parents’ house after graduation? We are staying behind o. In fact, we just renewed our rent not long ago. We will stay here and work our service here; you know that Abuja is the happening place now. So we are not going anywhere”
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    Mercy: “But Queen, what will you tell your parents? They know that you have graduated and they will expect you to return home pending NYSC call up” she said with sisterly concern written all over her face.

    Queen: “What is your business with what I tell my parents? Are they your own parents? Don’t come and spoil my mood this night o, I am warning you now”

    Mercy: “Your father is my uncle and once he sees me, he will surely ask about his daughter. I am tired of lying to defend you. I am not sure I can continue anymore”

    Asha: “Why won’t you be tired of lying when you have graduated from the university? Shebi when you were depending on us for feeding and accommodation you were not tired of lying. Now that you know that school is over, you are tired of lying. Senseless ingrate!” she spewed out.

    Mercy: “Haba! That is harsh but I forgive you. God knows that I am not ungrateful”

    Queen: “Mercy what is your problem this evening? No tell me. You said you want to go back home, fine. Why not do it in peace? Why do you have to drag us into all these?” she asked with anger rising to her throat.

    Mercy: “Okay, fine that is settled. I have another thing to say if you don’t mind”

    Asha: “hiah o” she exclaimed and adjusted her sitting position.

    Queen: “What is it again, madam?”

    Mercy: “it is about Peter” she shifted uneasily on her seat.

    Queen: “Ehn! Which Peter? You mean that Church rat? Don’t you even dare go there. I can never marry him. Oh, he has been sending you to talk to me right? I know he is now doing one stupid job in Abuja and because of that he thinks I will agree to marry him right? He must be crazy. Yes, tell am say me I say him dey craze! Shey shoe no get size? Even if Peter is the last man on earth, I can never marry him. Asha abeg help me reason this matter o” she said turning to her friend.

    Asha: “I can’t even talk because the mere mention of that name Peter nauseates me. Look at that local champion who looks so ugly I do not even know the words to use in describing him. And to think Mercy even has the guts to want to speak to you on his behalf is repulsive. Mercy, you don see us finish. You hear me? I say you don see us finish!”

    Mercy: “Well, can you girls just hear me out? I am not here to beg Queen to marry him”

    Queen: “So what is it? Is he dead abi what? If he is dead may his soul rest in peace. Now can you allow me enjoy my chat?” she said without looking up the phone.

    Asha: “Maybe he went to steal and then he was caught”

    The two girls laughed loud and long to the disdain of Mercy who shook her head in disapproval.
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    Mercy: “Peter and I have been seeing each other for a while now. When I say see each other, I mean that we have been seeing in fellowship. I invited him once to my Church programme and since then he has become an active member in the Church. Before we started our exams, we went into some fasting and prayers for success for all of us. After a while, he started asking me out but I refused because of Queen since he had once asked her to marry him”

    She was still talking when Asha interrupted her.

    Asha: “Better for you that you didn’t accept o, if not I would have given you the award of the biggest educated idiot on earth”

    Mercy: “Well, I like him a lot because he is decent and godly. I have always wanted the kind of man that will take me closer to God and Peter is just that one person that can do so. So, I want to ask you Queen, can I go ahead and date him? Do you permit me to be with him?”

    Queen: “Like seriously? Girl you can date all his family and unborn generation for all I care. You no dey hear standard English in the night abi? Okay, make I speak Pidgin. Carry Peter, date him, have him, do whatever you want with him, I no like the guy. I no like poor men, God no create me for poor men. Whatever you do with him is none of my business, I cannot even walk on the street with him. The boy dey make me shame”

    Mercy: “okay then. You know as they say, one man’s poison is another’s meat. Thank you for the permission”

    Asha: “Mercy! Who do you this one? A beautiful graduate like you condescending so low as to dating an ugly poor secondary school graduate, tufiakwa!” she shrugged her shoulder.

    Mercy thanked them and went to bed. Early the next morning, she packed her few things and left for her parents place in the village. She had finished the studies that brought her to Abuja and there was no need staying behind. She was going to face the life that lies ahead after graduation.

    To be continued.


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