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    Ugochukwu dialed her number as we were both marching out of the hospital, she agreed to meet us in the agreed eatery.

    I dropped Ugochukwu at the eatery and drove off to get the drug, I met a pharmacist that got me the drug after paying him heavily, make I no talk how much I pay am.

    I drove back to the eatery and parked my car then waited for Ugochukwu’s call, I picked the call.

    Ugochukwu’s voice: where you dey?

    Me: I dey road.

    I ended the call and sent him a text message to behave like I don’t know about what is happening before that babe go decode conspiracy, he replied me with sharp guy.

    I called him after some minutes and told him am there.

    I stepped out of the car after putting the amount of content on the handkerchief that will knock her out, both of them came out talking to each other.

    Alicia was smiling like an angel, she has this innocent vibe that seemed to be evil to me.

    Alicia: good afternoon, sir.

    Me: ahh! Alicia, this one you and my friend dey, you know? *I wink*

    Alicia: *she blush* we nodey do anything oh

    Ugochukwu: ogbeni! come make we dey go.

    Me: where we dey go?

    Ugochukwu: I wan surprise Alicia.

    Me: I dey suspect ona two oh!

    I gave the car key to Ugochukwu and then stayed at the back, we drove out of the city.

    Passing through police blocks, I just dey ask Ugochukwu where we dey go and he kept replying that is a surprise for Alicia.

    After we don pass police blocks finish come land for the area wey the house dey, I quickly used the hanky and covered her face from behind, she shook violently and then collapsed.

    Ugochukwu: thank God say you no be terrorist oh!

    Me: wetin bring that one?

    Ugochukwu: see the way you finish person daughter with one hand.

    Me: abeg move this car before people go come see us.

    He ignited the car and drive into the area until we got to a spot on the road that we can’t use car, I came out and he also came out.

    Two of us joined hand jack Alicia with her big yansh.

    Ugochukwu: this girl heavy like this, I no know!

    Me: how you go know when konji don turn you to superman.

    We dropped her inside and discussed on how to connect niggars to make sure she stay inside there till after the wedding tomorrow.

    I tell Ugochukwu to get the people to guard and feed her while I jakpa go see Veronica.

    I reach there she still dey sleep, I stay oh! wait tire she no even wake up, fear come dey catch me say something don happen to her, the plaster for arm region still dey show small blood.

    I come dey inspect her bre-asts make the thing no touch am there, it really mattered to squeeze that thing.

    I be wan wake her up, I don tire to dey watch her sleep abeg. The hand wey I just raise make I chase sleep commot for her body naso the doctor open door, I come use the hand dey wave away imaginary flies.

    Doc: honourable, you are here?

    Me: yes, why she nodey wake na?

    Doc: she need rest, come back tomorrow.

    I thanked him and left, me and Ugochukwu sef come meet for hospital as I dey commot, we come dey waka dey go arrange for the bachelor party.

    I come dey wonder who him go call sef, not knowing say I dey deal with Igbo man.

    Me: how far the bachelor party na?

    Ugochukwu: na there we wan go na.

    I relax for the car the guy come carry me go one local bar wey them dey do viewing centre, I think say na joke first.

    Voices: goooooooaaaaaaa!! Man U! for life!!!

    Me: so, how the bachelor party go be like? I hope say your wife get clean clean babes.

    Ugochukwu: you don see am na.

    I looked around wondering what if anything had changed from what I saw earlier.

    Me: see wetin? I *he nod* chaii! *I exclaim* malaria dey worry you?

    Ugochukwu: abeg drink, order meat anything you want, I no know wetin be bachelor party, na to graduate from bachelor university or wetin?

    Me: nonsense! *I hiss* waiter! ehnn.. I mean waitress oohhh!!!

    Ugochukwu: order small, world nodey finish today.

    Me: but the freebies dey expire today

    Waitress: oga, wetin you wan take?

    I ordered drinks all kind one one bottle each, come order pepper soup oh! in fact I even order all the edible from the shop keep for table Ugogoro is up to the task.

    See the way people dey eye the table ehnn..him shock me say all those people wey dey shout upadan never even chop.

    I ordered drinks for them Ugochukwu come dey complain, the madam come dey suspect say the father christmas don too much come ask for payment.

    Ofcourse Ugo pay am, before we commot there.

    I just dey feel myself high on something, I no come dey see clear sef.

    Anything wey Ugochukwu tell me I dey hear am double double, I start to see things.

    I no know how we enter inside the car drive commot sef, I woke up the next morning feeling awful headache.

    Ugochukwu: I warn you, you no hear. I dey feel you drunken master.

    Me: hope say we never go church late?

    Ugochukwu: na eleven pm we go go, stand up make we dey go.

    I yawned and stretched come down from bed go pee first, after we wear the suit finish.

    I come dey like Nigeria movies angel.

    Me: why we no get escorts?

    Ugochukwu: na simple wedding, my people dey church already.

    Me: hope say the receptionist no go be simple wedding too.

    He shrugged, we enter the car and drove off with blom blom for the front side.

    We just dey drive dey go when we see car wey block us for road, one guy dey work him car.

    Both of us came down wondering why human being go just fence the road with stick just because of say him wan work car or wetin.

    Ugochukwu: oh! boy commot the stick, we don go late.

    He didn’t even act like someone who was being spoken to.

    Me: na you them dey talk to.

    Young man: where my girlfriend Alicia dey?

    Me: your head no correct, commot that stick for road or I go just vex change am for you now now.

    I come dey wonder why cars nodey come, I dey sight cars dey turn back from afar, this idiot go put work in progress placard.

    Ugochukwu be wan go use him hand commot the stick when the guy pull out gun from him waist, na small challenge until I come hear senior guns dey speak for near bush.

    I just turned back with my suit, start the race maybe Ugochukwu go join me later……

    Wow 😳 😮 😮 😳 🤔




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