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    Ugochukwu turned and walked away without saying a word, several minutes I was thinking so hard on how I will get a clue to reach out to her family.

    Nothing entered my brain apart from her phone and her handbag.

    I got up quickly and rushed down to the hospital’s parking lot.

    I searched the car for her handbag, I nearly turned it upside down, I couldn’t get her handbag inside it.

    I entered the car and drove to my supermarket, the street had become lively once again.

    The security girl that stood at the front of the electric door have disappeared, I looked around for her handbag but find nothing.

    I was confused, my phone rang in my pocket and I pulled it out to see Ugochukwu as the caller’s ID.

    I picked the call.

    Ugochukwu’s voice: you don jump enter lagoon? where you dey?

    Me: I go search for her handbag for my store area.

    Ugochukwu’s voice: since, one street niggar don already pick am waka, ask Olamide.

    Me: make I go ask.

    I went inside the supermarket and asked about the handbag, they all gave me a negative answer.

    Olamide was even asking me to call for a police protection that they are afraid of dying, I come dey wonder who wan kill them.

    I called station for police protection for them before leaving the place, I returned to the hospital and met Ugochukwu.

    Me: how she dey?

    Ugochukwu: she dey coma, you wan see her?

    Me: *I shake head* I nofit.

    I sat on the chair tiredly, he sat by my side till it was getting late.

    He got up and left without telling me where he is going, my phone rang and I pulled it out it was Madam Stella.

    Me: hello.

    Madam Stella’s voice: how are you sweetheart, we heard of your girlfriend?

    Me: miserable.

    Madam Stella’s voice: everything will be fine, be a man.

    Me: I go soon tire to be a man if she no survive.

    Madam Stella’s voice: *she laugh* we will come see you tomorrow, can you come home tonight?

    Me: no.

    Madam Stella’s voice: alright.

    Me: thank you, dear.

    She ended the call and one baby was crying very loud in her mother’s arms.

    Me: madam, wetin do the pikin?

    Nursing mother: she no well, and money nodey my hand. We dey wait for her father before the treatment go start, I no get money here.

    I got up and went to the counter then talked with the Ugly Nurse, she opened a file for the Nursing mother and I made a deposit of twenty thousand after paying for the entry fee.

    Ugly Nurse: Madam, come this handsome oga don pay for you.

    Nursing Mother: Oga thank you, God go bless you.

    Me: amen.

    I sat back on the chair waiting patiently for any miracle, Ugochukwu arrived with package and sat by my side.

    He brought out a package of rice bought from eatery and gave it to me.

    Ugochukwu: collect eat.

    Me: no.

    He took it back and opened it then started eating without even begging me seriously to eat the food, after he finished eating he wanted to enter the other package of fried rice and fried chicken, I grabbed the package away from him.

    Me: you no try oh! so if I leave you, you go finish all.

    Ugochukwu: no be you talk say you no wan eat?

    Me: ehem.. you for beg me make I eat, you no know say I dey wait for you to beg me so that I go eat.

    Ugochukwu: how I go know when I nodey your mind, since you don tell me. Bring the package first so that I go beg you properly to eat.

    Me: I no want the begging again.

    I opened the package and ate, digested it with the juice he brought with it.

    I didn’t realize I was that hungry, the doctor came later.

    Doctor: she is now stable.

    Me: thank you Doc, I dey sorry the way I react earlier.

    Doctor: no problem.

    He went back to his office and left us there, Ugochukwu started disturbing that we should leave and return tomorrow.

    Me: make we first go somewhere first.

    Ugochukwu: where?

    Me: just follow me.

    To be continued.

    This story has become a modified Nigerian movie….. Well, let’s hope this comes out positive


    This is truly a fun story




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