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    Ugochukwu: na who call you?

    Me: na Profit pikin.

    Ugochukwu: wetin happen again?

    Me: him mother wan carry her go US.

    Ugochukwu: better, make those people try leave you hand, mbok!

    Me: come make we dey go my supermarket.

    Both of us went out of the area and met some street boys playing ball along the road, we entered our car and drove out of that area and moved up to the urban area.

    We arrived at my supermarket after the traffick hassle and parked, I came down and sighted another lady as the door opener. Olamide and girls.

    Me: you no tell me say your wife nodey work for me.

    Ugochukwu: see your mouth, thirty thousand na money ehnn?

    Me: how many people you don dash thirty k for your life?

    Security girl: welcome sir.

    I have bought all the stores in that line and also did up and down renovation and making sure CCTV is in every corner of the supermarket with detectors and alarms that buzz at any criminal activities.

    Ugochukwu: you try, business man.

    Me: hope say you dey learn.

    The ladies at the counter greeted me, if not of Olamide girlfriend that was there with them. They won’t have been able to recognize, people were moving up and down shopping.

    I went directly to my old office and find Olamide there well balanced, my new office was locked down.

    Olamide: Oga, good afternoon.

    Me: Ola, why you carry all your village girlfriends come my supermarket?

    Ugochukwu: you even talk wetin dey my mind.

    Olamide: na the new marketing strategy, more girls, more sales.

    Me: hope say the sales dey go well.

    Olamide: yes, the sales dey go well as I dey monitor am for my system, we only catch one thief.

    Me: ona no tell me about am?

    Olamide: na small thing, I no wan disturb you.

    Me: where the thief dey now?

    Olamide: *he scratch his head* we don release after him pay for damage and attempted stealing.

    Me: what of the money?

    Olamide: him don enter custodian account.

    Me: who be custodian?

    Olamide: na me.

    Me: but na manager I give you.

    Ugochukwu: leave the guy na, make we enter your office.

    We went inside my new office and I switched on the system, check the sales and supplies.

    There was no ’cause for alarm, Olamide have been sincere thus far.

    I rounded up and we went out of the supermarket and I went with Ugochukwu to his house.

    I didn’t see Shantel at home when we got there, the house is really huge.

    Me: you spend money for here.

    Ugochukwu: I be rich man.

    Me: no go fold your small supplier business.

    Ugochukwu: the business I dey run fit feed your entire generation.

    Me: never talk oh! I fit born generation wey only spend and spend, no wan produce anything.

    Ugochukwu: amen.

    Me: holy ghost fire!

    Ugochukwu: abeg, make we go eat.

    We went over to the dinning and he served me delicious meal, after we finished eating we sat in the sitting-room to discuss.

    Me: what of your million wife?

    Ugochukwu: she dey her new work, the governor help me give am better job.

    Me: you for meet me, I for give am work for oil company. So that ona go chop Nigeria oil money.

    Ugochukwu: give your wife oil money, leave my own hand.

    I gave a call to Veronica telling her I will be back tomorrow, we met with Shantel and ate dinner before we finally depart to the apartment in that bush.

    Ugochukwu: why this road dark well well?

    Me: see as your voice dey echo for the bush, big boy like you dey fear.

    If not that I don’t expect ghost to appear from nowhere, I would have turned back and ran.

    The place dark die, we didn’t keep the house light on.

    We finally made it inside the house with the aid of our flashlight, my phone rang it was the landlord calling.

    I picked the call, we both greeted each other.

    Landlord’s voice: ona wan sleep there?

    Me: yes, we dey there this night.

    Landlord’s voice: abeg, make ona keep the light off.

    Me: no problem.

    I was so stressed out, I went and had my shower then pushed the bed to the window and lay on top.

    I lay very close to the window while Ugochukwu was busy making sweet calls with his wife.

    I haven’t slept enough when Ugochukwu woke me up, I opened my eyes and saw his face close to my own, like say him wan kiss me.

    Me: you wan rape me? Commot from my body na.

    Ugochukwu: mumu, something dey shine teeth for window?

    Me: on the outside light.

    Ugochukwu: I dey fear.

    Voice: hoo- hoo- hoo- *gboom! gboom!*

    Me: man like you, on light.

    Ugochukwu: you go on light na, shift I wan sleep for wall.

    Me: I nofit shift for you.

    I hid my face under the pillow while he took his own pillow and hid his face, the next thing we heard is someone knocking on the door.

    I just knew is one foolish monkey disturbing his fore-fathers.

    I fenced my ears and slept off, the next morning Ugochukwu woke me up very early.

    Ugochukwu: make we dey go.

    Me: him too early na.

    Ugochukwu: I nofit stay for here abeg, I don leave you go.

    Me: I wan sleep small.

    He got up angrily and opened the door only to jam it close and ran back to bed gasping.

    Me: wetin happen?

    Ugochukwu: monkey full outside.

    Me: you wan still go?

    He didn’t reply, I went to the bathroom and took my bath, I called Veronica to meet me at my supermarket so that I can shop for my baby.

    Ugochukwu dropped me at the supermarket and drove away, after some minutes Veronica called me that she is outside the supermarket.

    I opened the door and saw her standing under the morning sun looking like a rose, I opened my arms wide for her to accept a hug.

    Veronica: nooooo…!!

    I didn’t understand what happened or how it happened, I saw her jumped with a force that I didn’t expect of a lady and fell on the ground.

    Gasping for breathe, I was spellbound as I watched on only to see pool of blood gathering around her struggling body for life.

    Me: I dey dream! *I scream*

    I closed and opened my eyes twice but I no gree wake up ’cause no be dream.

    To be continued.

    Oh oh
    Some days are like that……. ☹️ ☹️ ☹️
    It’s well


    Veronica should not die o




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