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    I slept off with Veronica in my arms, I must have over slept when I heard a loud voice from the hallway.

    Voice: *bass* actually actually am back.

    Veronica: who get that voice?

    Me: one of our crazy visitor, na Mr. Actually him be.

    I got up from the bed.

    Veronica: where you dey go?

    Me: to prepare breakfast for me and our baby.

    Veronica: you no serious. Let me do it.

    Me: no, I fit do am.

    I prepared breakfast and we ate together, I went to the bathroom and had my bath then returned to see Veronica watching movie.

    A knock landed on the door, I opened up to find Ugochukwu standing at the door.

    Ugochukwu: papa Vic, my man.

    Me: Ugogoro my real niggar.

    He entered and saw the love of my life sitting on the bed watching movie.

    Veronica: good morning.

    Ugochukwu: fine morning, our wife. If only you teach your husband how to greet Nigeria economy for don better.

    Me: I old pass you.

    Ugochukwu: no mind this small boy, congrat our wife, no born another of your husband abeg.

    Veronica: I will try.

    We left Veronica and headed to the hospital I called Profit to meet us there, we arrived at the doctor desk and find him on sit.

    Doc: here is the result sir, you are HIV positive.

    Me: tell me say na lie.

    Ugochukwu: you get HIV tru tru?

    Doc: no be you say my falsify the result?

    I breathe out calmly, this doctor no well to dey joke with life and death matter.

    Me: your bank details.

    Doc: yes, yes, right away.

    He wrote it on a piece of paper and passed it to me on the table, I sent the money through mobile bank transfer, his phone on the table made a beep sound and he only looked at it and moved his face.

    Me: check am.

    Doc: I no need to check am, nice doing business with you.

    I shrugged, Ugochukwu and I went out of the hospital building and waited for Profit in the hospital parking lot.

    Ugochukwu: how much you send give that doctor?

    Me: one hundred thousand naira

    Ugochukwu: I know say you no go ever mad pay am that money you mention yesterday.

    Me: na you still ask.

    Profit arrived looking beautiful as usual, she was looking like a cheat among ladies with her outstanding beauty. This one will make her husband insecure, her beauty cheat be like Messi and Ronaldo in PS2 running from post to post without losing the ball.

    She hugged me pressing her sweet front on my chest, my heart started beating different sounds.

    Profit: are you okay sweet, what are you doing in a hospital?

    Ugochukwu: hello, I am here.

    Profit: sorry, good morning. Do I know you?

    Ugochukwu: ofcourse, how you no go recognize handsome gentleman like me. Shopping mall.

    Profit: oh my! Victor’s best friend? am sorry.

    I just dey look there two imagining how I wan carry out my mission, when Ugochukwu is tired of being notice.

    I gave Profit the HIV test result, she took it and read through it and acted cool.

    Profit: what is this?

    Me: HIV test.

    She looked at me suspiciously and then raised the brown envelope she had with her up.

    Profit: I hope this charade is a joke, what is the meaning of this? *she flare up*

    Me: I can’t be around you and your daughter, am sorry.

    Profit: did she put you up to this?

    Me: who?

    Profit: your girlfriend.

    I nodded, she knot a fist trying to calm her temper of not blowing up at me.

    Profit: fu-ck you! You don’t deserve us, your daughter and I.

    She turned and walked away leaving both of us speechless.

    Ugochukwu: why she behave like that? you don use your useless penis scatter that girl brain.

    Me: I never see her nakedness talk more of penis matter.

    She entered her car and drove away crazily, daughter? I no understand women at all.

    Ugochukwu: that babe fine scatter..

    Me: na her fine dey your mind now?

    Ugochukwu: yes na, you fit hook me and her up, just one night stand I go appreciate.

    Me: no worry, I go tell Shantel make she book the hotel room for ona.

    Ugochukwu: you don kolo.

    We entered inside the car.

    Ugochukwu: so, where we dey go now?

    Me: market, make we go buy bed confirm how that place we rent for night dey.

    Ugochukwu: no wahala.

    We drove to the market and bought the bed then drove to the rented apartment in the forest side, we kept the bed inside the apartment and came out to see monkeys jumping around on the trees.

    Ugochukwu: why monkey full this area?

    Me: because na zoo be this.

    My phone rang and I pulled it out of my pocket, the caller was Profit. One mind was telling me not to pick while the other urge me to, the one that want me to pick won.

    And I did.

    Johannah’s voice: daddy, mommy wants to take me back to US, I don’t want to go daddy. Please save me.

    And the call ended just like that.

    To be continued.

    Oh, I feel for the little girl
    Let mommy teach you how to behave well in Africa o, don’t know more than your mind can carry


    Am telling you o, the girl’s mind is too sharp for her age




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