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    Johnson: Samuel wetin you do am wey him fight you?

    Samuel: h…hi…him him *waving his hand*

    Johnson and Obi spaced out in other not to receive any slap from stuttering Samuel, I just remembered my lovely Veronica is waiting for me inside and I balled in.

    I shoved at the door but it refused to give way, I raised the foot-mat up and saw the key to my room beneath.

    I unlocked it and made myself comfortable on my bed after pulling off my shirt and trouser, I didn’t even know when I slept off.

    I felt a hand shaking me to wake up, I opened my eyes and saw Veronica smiling at me.

    Veronica: big head, wake up!

    Me: you don return?

    Veronica: wake up, you still dey sleep.

    I dragged her by her arm and she fell on me, her soft br-easts on my chest.

    I curled my legs around her waist and lay one of my hand on her back.

    Me: I missed you.

    Veronica: I don hear you, I wan cook or you no want make we eat?

    My stomach reminded me that I should have sense.

    Me: abeg, food first.

    She got up and went to the kitchen while I continued my sleep, a knock landed on my door and I wondered who is at the door.

    I got up and went to open up, I saw Anderson and Jojo at the door.

    Me: wetin happen?

    Jojo: today na caretaker election.

    Anderson: but, Honourable I dey do well na.

    Jojo: the yard don pass vote of no confidence and dey want conduct another election, Anderson nodey perform well.

    Me: when ona wan do the election?

    Jojo: today by 5pm.

    Anderson: Honourable, but I dey do well as caretaker na.

    Me: Anderson, them no want you again no be my fault, go campaign so that you go win.

    Jojo: hmm.. Who dey cook inside?

    Me: tell your nose to mind himself.

    I closed the door and went back to the bed, I lay on the bed till Veronica appeared with the prepared food.

    We ate together quietly and I started noticing some changes.

    Me: you just dey fat up these days, you swallow snake egg?

    Veronica: local man, na women good sickness.

    Me: na ona sabi.

    We ate and I was called upon to declare the caretaker election open, I stood at the pavement while my tenants sat on the open compound.

    Jojo was the one conducting the election, he gave me the list of people that want to contest.

    Papa Jayjay, Anderson, Michael, Linus, Rufus.

    Me: I greet all of ona.

    Tenants: we greet you too.

    Me: make we first call Anderson to talk why we no suppose remove am as caretaker of the yard.

    Anderson climbed the pavement.

    Anderson: I greet all of ona, my people and family.

    Tenants: we greet you back.

    Anderson: ona know say I serve ona well, make ona no forget the good good luck I don bring come this yard as caretaker, abeg make ona vote me back.

    Voices: we no want you again, make ona tell am oohh! 419 caretaker.

    Me: Michael, oya come render your speech.

    Michael climbed the pavement after Anderson gave way.

    He greeted everyone and began his speech.

    Michael: ona know how I dey take care of the yard, I go do more ropes wey ona godey dry ona shirts and wrappers, abeg make ona vote me.

    Voices: na rope we go chop? no wonder rope dey loss for this yard recently, na him make I nofit call my pikin Michael because na only rope go be him achievement.

    Me: make we hear ourselves, Oga Rufus come tell us wetin you go do for us.

    Tony: who put Rufus name there?

    Peter: I wonder.

    Oga Rufus mounted the pavement and Michael took his seat, he greeted everyone.

    Rufus: all the girls and women for this yard go get new wrapper, free charging of phone for my room. Because I godey on steady generator.

    Voices: Rufus go yansh down, yeye man, you wan thief all our women, ashewo with amu spotted.

    Me: make ona calm down, ehnnn.. Oga Rufus you fit come down from the pavement, Linus oya come do your turn.

    All the room owners of the yard sat getting ready to cast their votes.

    Linus climbed the pavement and greeted everybody.

    Linus: if ona vote me, I go buy public yard generator, if Nepa take light we go on. If ona vote me, I go make sure say Madam Cash reduce every cost of goods for her store ten naira, if ona vote me I go make sure say police go dey secure us every night.

    Voices: Linus no be governor you dey run for, abeg lie small small.

    Me: Linus em don do abeg, make Papa Jayjay come talk him own.

    Papa Jayjay stood at the pavement and greeted everyone.

    Papa Jayjay: it will be a leverage to have an emeritus with laudable insurmountable years in public service to tender passionate oversee …

    Voices: you don win, go sit down biko, no confuse us here.

    Me: time to vote, if you want make Anderson retain him position hands up.

    Only his brother and him hands were up.

    Anderson: make ona no do na, abeg vote for me.

    After the voting was concluded, Linus won the election as the new caretaker.

    I went inside the room to Veronica watching movie.

    Veronica: you and this your yard people, ehnn..

    Me: you don see us na.

    She suddenly got up from the bed and ran to the toilet, I started hearing loud throating sounds coming from the toilet. I went to the door and realized that she is actually vomiting.

    Me: you no well?

    She looked at me and smile.

    Veronica: yeye boyfriend, I get belle.

    I was shocked and happy at same time, which one sef?

    Me: for me?

    Veronica: who else?

    I grabbed her and lift her up swinging and screaming in the room.

    Veronica: stop, carry me down.

    I was so happy that night, I even called Ugochukwu to inform him of Veronica’s pregnancy.

    While we were about to sleep, I gave a deep thought concerning our relationship.

    Veronica: what next?

    Me: marriage.

    She blushed and I kissed her face, cuddled her tightly as we slept soundly.

    To be continued.



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