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    Me: na testing? the corporal punishment and the beatings. All na testing?

    Alhaji: yes, na testing. You see my wife, after so many years of marriage she don get belle now *so you be impo*

    Aisha: use the money i send give you and the goods in your shop, take treat yourself.

    Alhaji: I no wan see your face or…

    Me: no need to warn me, I dey craze. I no go even mad that madness.

    Alhaji: good boy, lets go Aisha.

    Both of them left and I felt so useless, I no know say I be factory mumu with brand till today. Them used me anyhow and dealt with me anyhow, because I no get money. You see this thing wey them do me, I go revenge.. I swore before Ugochukwu came around.

    Ugochukwu: *laughing* choi! You look like person wey escape trailer accident death. *laughing harder*

    Me: na army man jam me with trailer, na em make I dey their hospital.

    Ugochukuw: *eyed me suspiciously* the way I see you, I see lies all over you.

    Me: who tell you about wetin happen?

    Ugochukwu: your walkie-talkie Olamide, that guy gossip pass radio station.

    I had no choice but to fill Ugochukwu in and my revenge plans which I don’t even know how to carry it out, I stayed in the hospital for more days and army nurses were the ones attending to me. They were looking like vampire luckily I didn’t have BP, I for just die go.

    There is one army nurse Sandra that was giving me greenlight, what happened in Genesis cannot happen in revelation, I avoided her like death itself. After a week I was discharged, and Ugochukwu drove me home with his car.

    We got into the yard and met papa Jayjay and Benson quarreling, Papa Benson is a man who loves fight a lot and the man with his children are nothing but trouble.

    Papa Jayjay: you and your urchins, vagabonds, rif-raff, bombastic elements, nonsensical numerated imbecilic generation of demented park lord have the audacity to infringe on my humanitarian civil rights as a learned individual, do you all want to be bamboozled?

    Papa Benson: I nodey reason your grammar, go wash those clothes and then wash that my bus outside, before I go reason you.

    Papa Jayjay was standing alone ’cause his son is as lazy as him, na only mouth papa and son get. While papa Benson and his two sons without clothes that are looking like agbero were with him ready to fight.

    Benson: delay dey dangerous, make we beat this man na!

    Papa Jayjay: what cadre of preposterous inspiration brung such outrageous idea, do you want to witness ragnar rock, apocalypse war…. *papa Benson carry him up from the ground*

    Papa Jayjay: ewooohh! Calm down ohh! No kill me, ah ah! I no say I no go wash am na.

    Papa Benson: you go wash am or not?

    I dragged Ugochukwu along as we left the yard people enjoying the new drama for the day, we got inside my room and I pulled my shirt. There was still some marks that showed the koboko for my body.

    Me: advice me, wetin I go do to get money so that I go do that man something em no go fit forget?

    Ugochukwu: see my tell you something, armed robbery dey very lucrative.

    Me: your father aunty sister wey born you, waka! Make I die like fowl wey no get sense bah?

    Ugochukwu: hiaa! Person nofit joke again, how about ritual? That one set pass anything for this world.

    Me: na now you use your number 5, how I wan come know legit ritualist wey go put me through?

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