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    Who’s the baddest of them all?

    Villains. We love our villains. In the grand scheme of things, good villains are always more memorable than the hero of the story. There’s just something about a person so hell bent on bringing down somebody else through any means necessary that is fascinating to watch. And our Nollywood villains have been giving us drama and evil to feast our eyes on for a long time now.

    Are you ready to know which of these bad guys takes the crown for worst villain of all-time? Well then, let’s go.

    10. Nkem Owoh

    Nkem Owoh is more known for his comedic performances than anything else. But that doesn’t mean he can’t get his hands a little dirty on-screen. In movies like Odeshi and Congo Marriage, Nkem showed that he can get as bad as the rest of them.

    What is fun about Nkem’s villainous roles though is that no matter how bad he gets, he still keeps it funny. And who doesn’t love a funny villain?

    9. J.J. Tom West

    Who can forget J.J. Tom West in “State of Emergency”? Leading all those terrorists, beating Saint Obi for being a coward, standing up against the people in power. J.J. Tom West was the man to beat, and he did it with so much style and grace. He was what the true definition of a boze in Nigerian cinema.

    8. Emeka Ani

    How many people did Emeka Ani give nightmares? That thick beard, the way his eyes always glowed in those olden days Low Quality cameras, his voice. Emeka Ani especially once he put on the full ritualist regalia freaked us all out. He was always the cult leader, the ritualist, the “eye of the gods”, if somebody was to be struck by thunder, Emeka Ani’s character was the place to go.

    For all his occultic glory, Emeka Ani claims the 8th spot on our Top 10 Villains List.

    7. Jim Iyke

    Professional woman beater and perpetual bad boy, Jim Iyke gained the reputation of being the sweet-talking man, usually from overseas, that the girl will fall for, only for her to enter into the marriage and see pepper. What did Jim Iyke not do? Drugs. Domestic Violence. Madness. He brought it all to the table and dragged many many women through some messed up hell. It is for all those reasons we love Jim Iyke and why he gets the #7 spot on our list.

    6. Segun Arinze

    The one and only Black Arrow. Who can forget Silent Night? In case you forgot, it’s the one where the boys are killed by firing squad in the end. Who was the standout performance in that movie? None other than Segun Arinze playing the role of Black Arrow. He was the leader of the thugs. The bully. The cigarette smoking, no time for nonsense, leader of the bad boys that eventually gets the protagonist wrapped into a life of crime. Segun Arinze’s role as Black Arrow was so good, they had to do a part 2 titled The Return of Black Arrow.

    Now that’s what you call an unforgettable villain.

    5. Chiwetalu Agu

    Tufiakwa! If you know Chiwetalu Agu movies then you know exactly how that word plays in your head. The dramatics of it, the tone of it, everything about that Tufiakwa. Aluemeee.

    Chiwetalu Agu was notorious for playing the disappointed uncle. The uncle who came to claim the brother’s property when the brother had died (mostly at his own hands as is always revealed at the end), or the uncle who was going to cause the widow’s life to be miserable.

    Chiwetalu Agu was and is always a delight to see on screen, because you know he always brings the drama. The disappointments. The alus!

    What’s not to love?

    4. Hanks Anaku

    Django. Django. He’s the king of the jungle.

    He’s a criminal. Bad boy original. Hanks Anaku is THE EPITOME of BOZE Nollywood has ever seen. With his yankee accent and his incomparable swag, Hanks was always the ring leader. The boss. The one you didn’t mess with. And that is why we loved Hanks Anaku.

    His most iconic movie Django had to have a part 2 made because of how iconic part 1 was. Hanks Anuku was everything that year and for that reason, we forever love and respect him.

    3. Pete Edochie

    Pete Edochie gave us nightmares. Several of them. Because he played these characters who always had everything. Wealthy, looks like your regular uncle, warm at times. But then the scene would change and the next thing we’re seeing is a room full of red fabric hanging everywhere and an unrecognizable Pete Edochie mounting the altar as the cult leader.

    The chills.

    Pete Edochie scared the hell out of me man. And then when he took the village roles as the king or the evil brother or evil uncle, that was a whole other treat of betrayal, backbiting, and evil.

    My god we love Pete Edochie!

    2. Kanayo .O. Kanayo

    Just like Pete Edochie, Kanayo O Kanayo was also always the cult leader. But the difference is that where Pete diversified and played other warmer roles at times, Kanayo was ALWAYS the cult leader.

    When he wasn’t the cult leader, he was the manipulative sex hungry rich man that was trying to get any girl he could find into his bed, and then use them for cult rituals.

    It always came back to the cult rituals for Kanayo O. Kanayo and if Pete Edochie gave me chills, then Kanayo O. Kanayo gave me sleepless nights.

    1. Patience Ozokwor

    Who comes to your mind first when you hear villain in Nollywood if not Patience Ozokwor?

    Patience was against everybody: her husband, her brother, her sister, her daughter’s husband, her son’s wife, her own daughter, her own son, even herself at times. Who wasn’t Patience against and trying to poison?

    God, we love Patience Ozokwor. All the torment she put all those innocent new wives through. She has since become the point of reference whenever parents or any Nigerian says “Watch out for the in-laws”. Patience Ozokwor is a STAPLE in Nigeria cinema. There has never been anyone else like her and there never will be anyone else like Patience Ozokwor. It just will never happen.




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