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    My house became Afghanistan and Iraq. The death of Adisa destroyed the joy in family. Kemisola became a ghost of herself, she was always crying moving from church to church, from one prophet to another asking and trying to find who killed Adisa.

    Kemi woke me up around 5 AM to discuss

    “My husband I’m no longer comfortable living with Abosede in the same roof, I think she killed my daughter”.

    “Kemi my first love, God won’t allow Adisa die if it wasn’t her time… And you’re not God to know who killed Adisa”

    “My husband don’t tell me that, if you don’t send her away I’ll leave with my children”.

    She said wailing.

    “You won’t do that you can’t take my children out of my house when I’m still alive.”

    “I was there with Adisa a day to her death, my daughter was healthy, the hospital expected her to give birth without any issues”.

    She blew mucus from her nose.

    “My husband you have to send Bose out of this house she’s the one who killed my daughter! She’s been envious of my children.” Kemi said.

    “Abosede is my wife , she’s been married to me for fifteen years, where am I going to send her to? Her father’s house? You don’t have any evidence, just what a prophetess who wanted your money told you, those are lies they make their trade from the vulnerability of ignorant people like you”.

    “I have a bad feeling more trouble is coming our way, we need to go see the prophetess, she said she wants to see you. She said the woman who killed Adisa lives under the same roof with my husband.”

    “Adisa my mother is living here with us, Pelumi my sister is here or are you saying Abosede killed my daughter? Nononono she can he stubborn and rude but I don’t think she can kill a fly”.

    Kemi wiped the tears from her eyes and walked out of the room. I was still sleeping when I heard the sound of noise and turmoil in my compound only to open the window and see Abosede fighting Kemi, then mama and Pelumi trying to separate them

    “You witch you think you can come from Ijebu Ode, to come and drive me away from my father’s land? I’m married to Aremu here, I’ll die before anyone takes me out of this house.”

    Kemi was just crying.

    “Abosede Kemi is your senior wife, you put your hand on her? My mother said to her.

    “Mama you better shut up your mouth. If I slap you, you’ll be on your way to join your long dead husband”.

    Everyone was shocked Bose could talk to mama that way.

    “Abose are you made? Is it my mother your husband’s mother you’re insulting like that? Pelumi pounced on her and fought her, they broke everything in the compound, Abosede smashed my SUV and broke the windscreens .

    The next day Pelumi moved back with her children to her husband’s house. Mama couldn’t stay anymore in my place she moved to my immediate elder sisters place in town, they left me with the problem they gave me.

    “Papa Segun my son has been in the police station for three weeks now, the IPO said if you don’t come and bail him, that he would be taken to court and sent to prison”.

    I ignored her.

    “Papa Segun! Is it not you am talking to? If I start now people would say Abosede has started”.

    “Woman let me have my peace! I never sent your son to join a cult confraternity, I never asked him to go and fight a rival cult group, I never asked him to be involved in the murder of any body, it’s you who carried him for ten months in your stomach and pushed him for three days in labour, and refused for any one to correct him that spoilt it, your seed has germinated, please you should go and harvest it, leave me alone, get out of my side”.

    Segun was sentenced and sent to prison, to serve a ten years murder charge, for the complication in the murder of a rival gang member.

    Abosede was mad at me, and everyone in the house. But she went along with her life .

    “Mama! Mama!! Come come!!”

    Odunayo ran into the siting room where I and his mother Kemi was sitting, Kemi ran out I went with her, There was two of our triplets lay convulsing on the ground, we rushed them to the hospital, they said the boys had epilepsy, I was confused how can two young boys get a epilepsy on the same day, they were in the hospital for a week.

    Abosede came to visit them, Kemi won’t allow her, she was creating a scene, I asked Bose to go back home.

    That evening Toyo died, the next evening Korode died.

    “God ! God what have I done to you? Haa in two years I lost four children? How many do I have left?

    Aaaaah God you have rubbed fowl dungs on my head?

    I wept bitterly, at this point everyone including my sisters, Bose and mama were suspects.

    Kemi was always fighting mama and Pelumi my sister .

    Kemi moved away with the last of the triplets to Ijebu Ode. Only Adesua my daughter who was writing WEAC was with me, and Abose.

    To be continued after your comments.

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