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    My daughter Adisa brought home a handsome young man, a medical doctor, he was a fine gentleman, a son of a commissioner in the state, he was all dressed in suit and had a driver.

    “Papa this is June”

    “Ok who is he to you ?

    My mum had brought a pack of juice and glass cups for my guest.

    “Sir my name is Kunle, I’m a resident doctor at the teaching hospital, Adisa is my colleague and friend…”

    I nodded.

    “What kind of friend Kunle?”

    “Sir I love your daughter Adisa, I want to marry her.”

    I smiled.

    “Young man you’re welcome to my family, come with your father next time you come”.

    The two love birds walked away together hands in hand.

    A pride of every father is to see the day a responsible young man comes for the hands of his daughter in marriage.

    True to his words Kunle and his wealthy family came to my humble aboard, we went through the bridal list with Kemi, my mother and my sisters. It was a one in town wedding, the attendance was massive, the governor of Oyo state was there with his entourage.

    The reception held at the Intercontinental hotel, with different Fuji and gospel musicians in attendance. Everyone was in attendance except for my second wife Bose. She didn’t attend because she said we didn’t carry her along.

    I invited her to join us for the discussion and planning, she said she wants nothing to do with Kemi’s children.

    My daughter Adisa was married, while her sister was done with the university, the triplets were already in JSS three, those kids were giving me joy, they were champions in sports, winning laurels all over the state, I was even interviewed by sport newspaper because of my sons and they were not bad in school work.

    But the children I got from Abosede were trouble. I shuttle between police station and court like a police officer going to work.

    “My husband you are sitting here comfortably and eating while my son is in the police station for over a week now.”

    “Did I ever tell your son to go and steal somebody’s goat? Bose leave me alone you will not kill me”.

    She would pester me until I obliged and go bail them.

    “Mama Tobi! Mama Tobi ! There’s fire on the mountain, they’re beating Tobi at the bus stop”.

    Bose jumped and started running to the Bus stop.

    Before she got there my son Tobi was on fire, the Agbero boys have lynched him and poured petrol on him and set him on fire.

    He was caught robbing a woman with a knife when she refused to let go of her bag he stabbed her and she died immediately the mob ran after him lynched him and set him on fire.

    Kemi was the only one who tried to console Bose.

    “Don’t pretend you care I know you are happy my son was killed, but God will punish you all that are happy with my misery and pain!

    Kemi was still trying to console her when I called her.

    “Kemisola!!! Leave that woman alone!!!
    I warned her when all this started! She wouldn’t let me correct those boys and now my son has been killed, like a dog in the street!

    I went and was quarreling with my mother,

    “Mama you were the one who wanted a second wife? You wanted to keep father’s name and legacy alive. Now you have succeeded in bringing a bad woman who brought shame to my name and my father’s name.”

    My mum was speechless.

    My daughter Modupe got married and moved to Abuja, her wedding was bigger than her elder sister’s. I felt so Lucky.

    My in-laws gave me so much money. He even bought me a land cruiser Prado Jeep. And my daughter Adisa was heavily pregnant.

    “Hello sir we’re at the hospital! Adisa has been having issues delivering, they said it has to be a C section. Please be praying for her”.

    I informed Kemi and she pack up some clothes and went to the hospital, the surgery took the whole day, I kept calling Kunle to know how the process was going. It was later in the evening that Kunle called me.

    “Hello sir?

    “Kunle is everything OK?

    “Sir we have a baby girl”

    I was hearing Kemi’s voice from the background, she was crying and wailing.

    “Kunle is my daughter Ok?

    “Sir … Sir… We…. We … I lost my wife”.

    He bursted into tears, my head was like exploring, how my daughter was ok yesterday, the doctors check her last week and said she was ok and should give birth without any issue.

    I wept like a woman, in a single year I lost two children. My house was filled with grief my tears was endless . Adisa my daughter.

    To be continued after your comments.

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