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    I was all over Bose my new wife who gave me a baby boy, I bought so many expensive wrappers and clothes for her, I bought her a Motorola phone, I stopped going to meet Kemisola in her room.

    My sisters were all happy, my mother was happy, Bose was happy, but Kemisola was a shadow of herself, my daughters suffered the most, my attention was now turned to my son, I always carried him and said he was going to inherit all my property. Bose was happy that she was center of all attention.

    Two years later Kemi and Bose got pregnant the same time, I took care of Bose more than I did Kemi, I began to doubt if I ever loved Kemi, she became strange and irritating to me, my both wives gave birth within days of each other. Bose gave birth to another bouncing baby boy.

    “Aremu now you’re happy and proud, I thought you said we wanted to scatter your family? See in three years you now have two sons “.

    I was short of words, and then three days later Kemi gave birth to triplets all identical boys.

    My friends started hailing me calling me a machine gun, some called me a fertilizer, I was a proud and lucky man.

    I began to return to my senses. I no longer gave my full attention to Bose, I divided it into two, whatever I bought for Bose I bought for Kemi, if I spent a day with Kemi I spent with Bose.

    But it seems Bose hated sharing my affection, my house became a war zone, malice, quarrel, Bose was always making trouble with Kemi, insulting my daughters calling them names.

    Mum was always trying to make peace between My wives.

    “Mama never, I can never allow this Ijebu woman to come into my father’s land to come and control me! She’s a stranger, she must behave like one, Kemi is too proud’

    “Bose I was the one who came to your father’s compound to marry you. You mean I can’t talk to? Kemi has been in this house ten years before you came in, Aremu was never going to accept you until Kemi here knelt down and pleaded and convinced him. You have to respect Kemi as your senior wife.”

    She hissed at My mum tied her wrapper well and left my mum, quarreling and cursing as she went .

    I was no longer enjoying the sweetness of marrying two wives, Bose was constantly giving me sleepless nights.

    Today Bose was fighting with my sister, dragging a farm land that my sister has been farming for fifteen years or tomorrow dragging the drying line and throwing away every cloth Kemi dried on it.

    Kemi never replied, sometimes she reported to me, sometimes she just ignored her.

    My daughters were doing well, Adisa and Biola my daughters were all in the university, studying medicine and pharmacy, Adesua was making me proud, she had becoming first position in Amukeke grammar school, she dominated her class, she was bringing laurels home everyday, from debate, from quiz and public speech, her school mates nicknamed her the tigress, because she was merciless in any competition.

    On the other hand my sons from Kemi were thorns in my flesh, today they’re in a fight with teachers in the school, tomorrow they’ve been expelled, then I get another school they’re caught smoking marijuana in the bush, or arrested during a cult initiation in the forest.

    This boys at fourteen and twelve years had done all kinds of atrocities, and their mum would never condemn them, she would pick a fight with anyone who tried to, even me their father couldn’t correct my son’s she would tell me leave her sons for her.

    “Bose this evil seed you’re planting today, it’s your head you’ll carry it .”

    “Leave my children for me, you didn’t help me to carry them for nine months, you didn’t push them for three days in the labour room don’t kill them for me.

    To be continued after your comments

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