How She Surprised Me On Christmas Day by : 5:33 pm On December 27, 2020
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    So on Christmas day, when y’all were busy celebrating Jesus birthday, the devil was busy celebrating my own doomsday.

    It wasn’t like I love food like that but I didn’t know what got over me and pushed me to go to their Naomi’s house.

    Naomi was my crush in the street but I was afraid of asking her out because I didn’t want to ruin the little thing we had in case she didn’t accept my proposal.

    Naomi issa fine gal wif plenty bwess, her bwess been looking like balloon everytime that I sometime imagine if I shook it with nail, it is air that will come out.

    Naomi had threatened me that I must come to their house to celebrate xmas with them even tho she knew that I’m also a christian & we’ll also be celebrating the festive season at my house with my family.

    But she was keen on me coming over to her place, she even threatened not to hangout with me again if I failed to do so and she told me that she has a surprise for me when I get there.

    I decided to honor her with my visit because of the surprise she mentioned.

    I thought maybe she’s tired of waiting for me to say I love her and wanted to tell me herself.

    Because of her, I bought new clothes, shoes, even boxers, in case something light want to happen.

    My mom and some of our family members that came to celebrate xmas at our place were still busy preparing meal when I dressed up, looking kinky in my new cloths and left home for Naomi’s place.

    I met Lekan who’s my best friend on the way to her place, he asked me where I was going and I told him.

    The idiot said he would like to tag along with me but I declined his offer. Lekan had caused me many troubles in life and I didn’t want him to spoil the special moment I was going to have with Naomi.

    He was keen on following me but I stood my ground until he agreed not to follow me .

    It was Naomi younger brother that first saw me when I got to her place and the boy surprised me when he jumped up happily, screaming ” he has come oo, he has come oo”.

    I was surprised to know that I was a special visitor they’re expecting.

    Naomi came outside, she was wearing a black bum short, with a red top without wearing a bra beneath it. I could vividly see the shape of her big bwess and nipple pushing the top forward at the chest point.

    Bad thought started creeping into my mind but I swiftly cast them aside in case God decided to surprise his son with trumpet lai that and angel Gabriel goan overblow it.

    She walked over to where I was and hugged me deeply.

    Holy blood of Zachariah, I fell into cloud nine at once, my brain shut down as I felt like the most happiest man on earth.

    The feeling of her soft bwess all resting on my chest almost made me cum.

    “you’re looking good” she said smiling after she freed me from her embrace.

    “thank you” I replied smiling like a mumu peisin.

    She took me inside, into their large sitting room and I helped myself to one of the chairs inside.

    The aroma of jollof rice filled the atmosphere and I was loving it.

    Her mom suddenly entered the sitting room looking at me like I was her long lost treasure

    “is this the boy we’ve been expecting” she asked Naomi.

    Waiting for bawo, ayam not here for introduction na, in fact me and your daughter yaf noh started dating officially.

    “yes mom” Naomi replied her.

    “So ya planning to introduce me to your mom” I said in my mind smiling.

    “shebi you said his name is Pelumi” she asked Naomi.

    “Yes mom” Naomi replied.

    “oya Pelumi, comman go & help us to kill the turkey” Naomi’s mom suddenly uttered and I felt like I need hearing aid because my ear was no longer functioning. My name was sounding bitter to me

    Turkey ke!

    “ma” I said as my smile gently metamorphose into a frown.

    “the turkey, we’ve been expecting you so that you can kill it for us, Naomi’s dad has travelled and she said she will tell you to help us do it” Naomi’s mom explicated.

    “ahh” I exclaimed as I felt myself sweating under the cool atmosphere.

    Me that cannot kill ordinary fowl, ya na asking me to kill the cultist version. Naomi, it is my God that will judge you oo.

    So the surprise she meant was turkey, she really surprised me beyond expectation, because as I heard turkey , even my surprise was surprised.

    “Pelumi na, shebi I already told you” she said winking at me so that I’ll play along so that her mom won’t know that she hadn’t informed me earlier.

    “Told me wetin, is like thunder want to help me to give you slap ba” that was what I wanted to say but couldn’t as she suddenly shook her chest and her bwess was shaking inside her top.

    I remembered how tender it felt on my chest when she hugged me earlier and was thinking of what I could do with them if I become her hero by helping them to murder the cultist.

    I started regretting that I didn’t allow Lekan to follow me, his special talent is killing things like ram and turkey.

    “yes she told me” I uttered looking pitiful.

    “oya let’s go, it’s outside at the back of the house” Naomi’s mom said to me.

    “ahh” I exclaimed staring at the woman.

    “oya Pelumi” Naomi said shaking her bwess again.

    “ohh” I uttered staring at the bwess.

    “oya let’s go” I said as I found strength in the bwess.

    We head to their backyard and I saw the turkey there being tied on its leg.

    The turkey was looking like a terrorist, it was looking at me like I’m a soldier which it wanted to devour.

    I left out a fake smile as I swiftly offered my last prayer in my mind.

    “here” Naomi said as she handed me a knife.

    I felt like slapping her but her bwess is her savior.

    “hope you tied it well” I asked as I started moving closer to it.

    “pururururu” the turkey suddenly made a violent noise and I found myself do three backflip before falling to the ground.

    “what happened” the two heartless female swiftly move closer to help me up.

    “it’s a special skill” I lied as I didn’t want to be put to shame in front of my crush.

    “I knowingly fell down so that it will think I’m scared of it, so like that it will die less violently because it will think I’m a coward” I added more grease to my lie.

    “wow” Naomi’s mom exclaimed.

    “this your friend really know about turkey oo” she said to her daughter.

    “yes na” Naomi replied.

    “it’s because your dad always refuse to fall down, that’s why they always give him marks whenever he’s killing them” Naomi’s mom said and I felt hot liquid release from my pen*s.

    Mark ke. Ayam not here to get bruisetalise na.

    The turkey was now staring at me with hidden msg in its eye.

    Message like, “na me go kill you today”.

    “oya go & kill it” Naomi said rubbing my head.

    I held the knife tightly as I took two steps forward and stopped to turn to look at the two wicked people.

    “I’ll go & kill it OK” I said to them.

    “killit” they replied in unison.

    I took another two steps forward and turned again.

    “I’ll go and kill it oo” I repeated again praying that they at least change their mind.

    “go and kill it” they both replied in unison again.

    That was when I started hating the idea of xmas.

    Is it even by force to celebrate bros J birthday. I started wishing I was a JW member.

    I moved closer to the turkey and held it by its head

    “I’ll kill this thing oo” I said as I place the knife on its neck.

    “kill it” they both chanted like spartans.

    I offered my last prayer again in case God dinnoh hear the first one.

    I shut my eye as I added force to my wrist so that I can slay it at a go but the turkey suddenly shook it body vigorously and I didn’t know how the knife escaped the neck and cut the rope used to tie its leg.

    It suddenly stood up like Goliath.

    “Jesus” I exclaimed as I shifted back a bit.

    My david didn’t find any stone nearby to slay the Goliath .

    “pururururu” the turkey made the violent noise as it was staring at me like I was the one that initiated its death.

    “it’s not me oo, they’re the one oo” I said pointing back and I got one of the greatest shock of my life as Naomi and her mother had disappeared.

    “ahhh” I screamed as the knife fell off from my hand.

    The turkey hit its legs on the ground two time before it started chasing after me.

    I didn’t know how, but the almighty spirit of flash suddenly descended on me as I took to my heel.

    I didn’t know how I jumped over their fence which was many feets tall and also laced with broken bottle.

    I didn’t stop running until I got home.

    It was when I got home that I saw that I was with only one leg, the second leg must have been cut off by the glass on the fence.

    Now, ayam looking more turkish than human.

    It is only my God that will judge Naomi and her mom.

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    Lolzz…I can’t stop laughing oo

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    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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