Hi Guys,

On Father’s Day almost everybody took to social media to celebrate the man that cum inside their mother.

No doubt, most fathers all over the world are worth celebrating, especially in Africa where we consider our fathers as the mirror through which we see the world.

They are the ones that go all out to hustle for food, clothing, shelter, and on top of everything they also try their best to make sure we get educated or acquire skills that will also make us a responsible father too.

For those of us that still have fathers, our prayer is that our father will live long to eat the fruit of his labour in good health.

For those who for one reason or the other have lost their dad, May God Almighty make heaven a place of eternal rest for him.

Today, we will be appreciating our fathers by talking about that one thing we appreciate most about him.

So Guys,

What Do You Appreciate Most About Your Dad?

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