Just For Laughs!!! (Part 4) by : 5:45 pm On November 9, 2020
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    1. Stella e shock you say your real boyfriend get e real girlfriend*

    2. Disobedience: is when your phone Writes listening to music at high volume will damage your hearing.
    And you still tap on OK and increase the volume and you think you’re normal

    3. You don’t even have a boyfriend and you’re looking for a husband… How?
    My sister, do you want to skip the terms and conditions?

    4. I prayed & Fasted for 3days . I cannot speak in tongue but when i drank 4 trophies & Heineken. My mouth started talking itself. . Is our God not good?

    5. You may think police are useless until they start looking for you.

    6. Welcome to Nigeria where we start porn with. “All Thanks to God.” And ends it with. “To God be the glory”

    7. After 3 hot slaps, an African mum will be like “I will not touch you until your father comes back”
    mummy okiki na

    8. the pain of waiting for your girlfriend to leave so that you can eat…

    9. someone said the shortest verse in champions league is Bayern Munich chapter 8:2 “messi cry”

    10. It’s only in Africa where we don’t change remote control batteries, we slap the remote till it receive sense .

    11. When you propose to a beautiful girl she doesn’t accept, my brother don’t insult or blame her, she is saving you from drinking garri .
    #weird fact.

    12. Ladies:* *If your house maid has never asked for* *a day off*
    *just know her boyfriend* *is in the same* *house.*
    *stop laughing it could be your husband*

    13. I stood up to my mum yesterday, she wanted to change the channel, I said No, I was there first. Told her to sit down and be quiet, I’m grown. It felt good.
    Anyway, If you want to visit me, I’m at Lautech Teaching Hospital, Ogbomosho. Ward 5.
    Approach from the left cause my right eye is closed. I’m indeed grown.

    14. You can hold urine for good 8hrs. But immediately your eyes see a toilet. Ur bladder will start counting like “u av 4 secs left.’ 3 left….

    Oya laugh, show some love and appreciate your loyal boy….

Re: Just For Laughs!!! (Part 4) by Ada: 6:11 pm On November 9, 2020

    Sooo funny


Re: Just For Laughs!!! (Part 4) by kate: 9:25 am On August 27, 2021
    [Music] DJ ATM – Da Street (feat. Raybryn & Retired Madman)


    [Music Video] Ladipoe ft. Buju – Feeling


    [Story] “My First And Last Sex With My Sugar Mummy” (Ongoing)

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