A Nigerian lady who married just recently has cried out for help as her husband continually sleeps with her through her anal canal.

According to the lady whose identity was not disclosed, her man started this uncomfortable thing from the very first day after their marriage and has confronted him about the pains she goes through but it seems, that part is where he finds all his pleasure.

She added that her husband has also threatened to go out for it if she doesn’t allow him to sleep with her through her anus.

She has cried out for help on how to make his man understand that this kind of intercourse is affecting her health.



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  1. Leave the man to go outside. He obviously doesn’t love you if he doesn’t care about your health. Marriage isn’t a do or die affair.


  2. Allow him to go outside.why risk ur life for a man who obviously doesn’t love or care abt u. He is jst interested in his pleasure dan u his wife


  3. nothing bcus if i was i will do desame


  4. He is doing it for money rituals. Your husband is a homosexual, there is a reason for that, perhaps he started before getting married to you.


  5. Leave that fool. Will you conceive through the anus. Wasted sperms


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