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    Mr. Ejiofor: but what is wrong with Ryan sending us some money?

    Mrs. Ejiofor: nothing is wrong with him sending us money but if it is because of Evelyn, there is everything wrong with it. Turning to Evelyn she said ‘So because my son is working, you now want to use him anyhow you like abi? It will not work for you this time. I have kept quiet enough and on no account will he send money for house keep and you give all to Evelyn, Papa Addison’.

    Evelyn: isn’t that his responsibility to take care of the house? Or is he not next after his father?

    Mrs. Ejiofor: No it is not. It is our husband’s responsibility to take care of his own home and not frustrating his first child with what he is supposed to do. i agree that he hasn’t been paid his pension money that was why I never objected when he made it Ryan’s duty to take care of us but since he married you, you have also become my first son’s duty and you even have the mouth to ask him to request for money from him. Papa Addison, I was there when you were warned ooo. If Ryan sends money to this house, don’t give it to your so called darling wife. It is for us all.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Will you shut up woman. Am I not his father? Whatever money he gives me is my money. After all I single handedly trained him to school.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: and so? So because you single handedly trained him in school gives you the reason for you and your wife to frustrate him abi? When has Evelyn become his responsibility? Was he the one that married her? Instead of you to ask him when he will be bringing his wife-to be home, you are busy taking a second wife. Now that you have finally brought her home you want to add more burden to my son. It will not work you hear. Whose responsibility is it to take care of your child, is it not yours? Because you single handedly trained him in school we will not hear word again in this house.

    Mr.Ejiofor: I have every right over him because he is my son.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: every right over him abi? Okay na. We shall see. Because you want to please Evelyn you want to suck your son dry at all cost abi? What if he was not there? Won’t you think of working too to satisfy your wife? Or you think because you are old you cannot work again?

    Mr. Ejiofor: work at this my old age? You must be very stupid to think that.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: Nooo. Don’t call me stupid please. You know you are old yet you went ahead to marry a second wife at the expense of your son. ‘You people, Evelyn and Papa Addison. You people should leave my son alone ooo. He will not die because of you people’. She stood and left them there.
    Every Saturday, Ryan makes sure he goes to Onitsha main Market to do any meager job to add to the one he already has so that he will be able to meet his family expectations. He hardly have time for himself let alone have time for Aria except on Sundays where he sleeps all through and most times he skips going to church.

    He was home one Sunday doing his Laundry when Cameron came back from church and told him, he will be leaving for school the following day for he was able to secure admission into Nnamdi Azikwe University in Anambra State while Dylan didn’t make his Jamb and will be sitting for the next Jamb again.

    Cameron: Brother, I will be going to school on Monday to pay for my school fees and acceptance fees.

    Ryan: ‘Okay, no wahala since I already gave you money for them’ he said and continued washing. The only thing left now is money for accommodation and pocket money abi?

    Cameron: Yes Brother.

    Ryan: Good. Since you will be going back, you will have to think of something to be doing after classes. When you get your feet on the ground in school, confirm how their part time class will be so that you switch in your second year. You are no more a child and it is time you start earning your own money. Not every time you will be looking up to me.

    Cameron: Okay brother and thank you for everything.

    Ryan: Do not thank me yet, finish school and finish well before you think of thanking me.

    Cameron: Okay brother.
    Aria went to pay a visit to Jayce in his house. Sometimes she wishes Jayce was Ryan. Jayce is living comfortably in his one room well furnished Apartment unlike Ryan who does not have anything tangible in his house except a fan and a small single mattress meant for only one person, while Jayce is his own man and cater for himself alone.

    Jayce: This one wey you just siddon for my house like say you be guest come dey frown your face hope say no wahala.

    Aria: You no happy as I come your place instead of my boyfriend place?

    Jayce: Of course I am happy having you around me na. What is the problem?

    Aria: Is it everytime I come to you that I have a problem?

    Jayce: C’mon Aria, I know you too well. Remember we work in the same place and I always have your interest at heart. I know when you are happy and when you are sad.

    Aria: Hmmm…easy ooo Jayce. One would think that you and I are having something.

    Jayce: Let them think joor. We both know we are not into what they are thinking so why stress yourself? What is the problem Aria? He asked because he knew she was having one and she came to him to confide in him.

    Aria: Jayce, I am tired of Ryan and his never ending problems.

    Jayce: What do you mean, is it money issue again? By the way, you didn’t tell me the reason you returned the money I gave you the other time you asked for it.

    Aria: Well, I wanted to give it to Ryan because his house rent was about to expire and he didn’t have any cash on him that time.

    Jayce: So it was Ryan afterall? Anyway, what is the problem this time, is it money issue again?

    Aria: No it is not. I just wanted to ask you a few questions on what I should do about Ryan.

    Jayce: Go ahead, I am all ears.

    Aria: What or how should I approach the topic concerning Ryan and I settling down? He doesn’t want to take the bold step because he has a lot of issues with fulfilling his responsibilities as the first son. He hardly takes care of himself or buys anything good for himself. I am starting to think he may never want us to settle down.

    Jayce: Have you spoken to him about it?

    Aria: I have and he gave me an assurance. He said I should give him one year and its more than one year already yet nothing has been said.

    Jayce: Then talk to him again and listen to what he has to say.

    Aria: What else will he say if not, he has a lot of things on his mind.

    Jayce: Talk to him first before you jump into conclusion. Communication is the key to any relationship and it only when you both have talked and communicated will you know your next line of action.

    Aria: will do that when next I visit him and if nothing positive is said, I might as well just walk away ooo………

    Next pls


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