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    Ryan: Alright, I am all ears.

    Aria: When are you going to take our relationship to the next level? You have a good job, An Apartment and you can now stand on your own feet properly. Don’t you think it is time we start talking about settling down?

    Ryan: He straightened up from the bed he was lying and sat next to Aria on the rug. Aria, I know it is time I start talking about we starting a family but now is not the right time. I still have a lot of things on my mind that I need to sort out before that.

    Aria: ‘what other things are you talking about’ she asked frowning.

    Ryan: You know that Cameron and Dylan have to go to school. Aside from them I still have other junior ones that need me right now.

    Aria: I know you have responsibilities but for how long will you keep taking care of them and putting yourself aside? Why don’t you work on yourself first and accept the responsibilities you can carry. You cannot carry every body’s burden.

    Ryan: I am the first son and the first child. It is only right that I do what I have to do for them.

    Aria: So because of them, your life is on hold?

    Ryan: For now, yes!

    Aria: What about us?

    Ryan: We will get married soonest but not now.

    Aria: When will it be? I need to know because I won’t wait much longer. My people are beginning to be on my neck.

    Ryan: He looked at her and saw how serious she is. If you were in my shoes, what will you do?

    Aria: I will simply carry the load I can carry and drop others. With time, everything will fall in place. I will also not put my life on hold for them. This is not me being selfish oooo, this is me looking after myself. I just want to know when you will be ready so that I will set my mind to it but do know that I won’t wait for long. I am a woman and time is of essence to us.

    Ryan: Give me one year to sort out my family issues. Let Cameron and Dylan enter school first then we will talk about getting married.

    Aria: One year is too much to wait but I will try. If after one year nothing positive comes out, I will walk away.

    Ryan: Aria Aria! To dey vex no suit you abeg. Oya smile for me.

    Aria: I have spoken my mind ooo. Why should I smile for you when you do not want to take us serious?

    Ryan: ‘I have heard na. Oya smile for me’ he said as he drew her closer and gave a kiss on her lips.
    While Mr. and Mrs. Ejiofor were busy receiving the evening fresh air at the verandah of their house, Evelyn walked up to Mr. Ejiofor requesting that she needs to have a one-on-one discussion with him.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Evelyn, is it every time you want to discuss something with me? What is it this time?

    Evelyn: I must talk to you in private our husband.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Say whatever you need to say. The weather is hot, i cannot go inside right now. You can say whatever it is in the presence of my first wife.

    Evelyn: looking at Mrs. Ejiofor and eyeing her head to toe. She took the empty chair beside her and sat down.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: What is it Evelyn, you can say whatever it is you want to say, feel free.

    Evelyn: Turned to her husband and said ‘our husband, I will need some money’.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Money for what again? What do you use all the money I give you for?

    Evelyn: what do you mean what do I use the money for? Is money not meant for spending? I love spending ooo! I used it to buy myself things that are paramount to me na.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Getting frustrated at how his second wife demands for money as if he works in Central Bank of Nigeria said with annoyance ‘Evelyn, I do not have any money to give to you at the moment. You know that I do not work and it is the money Ryan gives me that I always give to you. You are not the only person in this house remember’.

    Evelyn: When you were busy chasing me, you promised me heaven on earth didn’t you? You told me that once we get married I won’t lack. But look at my life now; I can barely eat well not to talk of buying the things that I want. I need money to buy some stuff for myself ooo. She said using her left hand to drag her ear.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: hmmm..Errmmm my husband, why don’t you look for money and start up a small business for her?

    Evelyn: which business? I am not interested in starting any business except he takes me to a fashion school and after that, he will open up a big fashion store for me where I will employ people who I will be paying monthly.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: That is too much na. Where will he get the money our wife?

    Evelyn: Was it not you that suggested it just now. How is it my business where he will get the money from?

    Mr. Ejiofor: I have already told you that I do not have the money. I can’t go and rob a bank simply because I married a second wife who is too demanding.

    Evelyn: ‘I need money oooo’ I just need money to spend right now! I’m a classy girl, I love to spend. If i don’t spend in a day, my body go dey do me somehow. Am i under bondage here? Free me oo and let me spend it the way i dream of” she grumbled.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: if you want, you can be following me to sell Okrika clothes. Maybe I can be giving you some change after the days’ work if that is okay with you.

    Evelyn: ‘Our First wife enough abeg’ she said annoyingly. I didn’t ask for your opinion in this matter. As a matter of fact; I am talking to our husband and not you. Why don’t you learn to mind your own business. What is it sef, is it because you are the first wife that I won’t hear word in this house? Are you the only first – wife in town?

    Mrs. Ejiofor: Knew the moment Evelyn entered the house that she was going to be a big problem to her but has said to herself that whatever the new wife does, she will just ignore her for peace to reign. Even though Evelyn is the same age with her first son, she resigned within herself not to batter words with a child. I am sorry ooo our wife. I didn’t mean to upset you.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Evelyn, talk to her with respect please. She was only suggesting and you flared up. She is the first wife and your senior, never forget that.

    Evelyn: who brought her into our discussion? ‘When am I having the money our husband, i need to spend something’ Yes, spend something like money. This is not what you promised me when you wanted to marry me biko” she asked non chalantly.

    Mr. Ejiofor: I do not have any money to give you at the moment and even if I do have, I have other family matters to attend to with the money. You are not the only one here.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: Gbam! Ehen my husband. Now you have spoken. Not other times that if she asks for money you will start pacing round the house as if somebody died.

    Evelyn: so I will not have any money abi?

    Mr. Ejiofor: I said I do not have.

    Evelyn: Do you use to have before? When you know say you no get money, why not hide your face and let another man pikin run the race? Ask Ryan your son for Money like you usually do abeg.

    Mrs. Ejiofor: What? So my son Ryan is now CBN abi?

    Ehnn now they’re talking jawe
    Dat new wife get wahala


There is just one comment, you too can drop your comment on “If You No Get Money … Hide Your Face” – Interesting Story! (Episode 7)

    “The Girl I Met On Facebook” – Interesting Story! (Completed)

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