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    It’s been three months since Evelyn came into the house as the new wife. Over the past months, she has not been a happy woman. She can barely afford a good meal or clothes for herself and she wasn’t happy that the man she married is not even capable of taking care of her like he promised.

    She looked at the man snoring loudly beside her, decided to let him know that she is not happy with the situation of things.

    Evelyn: My husband, please wake up. She tapped him roughly on his shoulder.

    Mr. Ejiofor: hmmm….hmmm.

    Evelyn: wake up! ‘There is something important I will like us to discuss please’ she said getting irritated at his drool by the side of his mouth.

    Mr. Ejoifor: Okay! He sat up with sleepy eyes ‘what is it that you want to talk to me about that cannot wait?’.

    Evelyn: My husband, It is very important else I wouldn’t have woken you up.

    Mr. Ejoifor: Okay, what is it?

    Evelyn: My husband, you should have told me you were marrying me to suffer me. My marriage with you is barely three months yet it seems like i am in the worst kind of situation here. You told me even before we got married that you were capable of taking care of me but opposite has been the case.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Why are you saying all this, my wife?

    Evelyn: Since we got married, tell me and please be sincere with me. Have I ever one day eaten three square meal a day? When was the last time I bought good clothes for myself? Was it not before we got married?

    Mr Ejoifor: ‘I am sorry things have not been the way you expect it to be but not to worry, I will make it up to you’ he said smiling and drawing her close to him.

    Evelyn: ‘Don’t start with this your, I will make it up to you joor’ she struggled out of his embrace. Tell me how you will make it up to me first.

    Mr. Ejoifor: I will ask Ryan, my first son for some money when he comes during the weekend. When he gives me the money, it will all be yours.

    Evelyn: ‘if he gives you the money, give me all of it ooo. Don’t give it to your first wife’ she said holding her left ear. She has enjoyed you enough, it is time I enjoy you myself.

    Mr. Ejiofor: But what about all the money he gave me the other day that I handed over to you?

    Evelyn: Which Money? The forty thousand naira? I used it all na, it was not even enough.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Omalicha bekem… Oyoyo nwuyem… Don’t worry yourself. As soon as Ryan comes, any money he gives me will be all yours. My first wife is doing her Okrika business, so the little money she makes there is all hers. I will spoil you when Ryan gives me money you hear.

    Evelyn: ‘Yes my husband, that is why you are my husband na. if not, this room will not contain us if you do otherwise’ she said. Oya, lie down lets have some action. You know that tomorrow is your first wife’s turn, let me have my share before tomorrow comes.
    Cameron, the immediate junior brother to Ryan finished Secondary School four years ago but due to the fact that his father is financially unstable to see him through higher Institution has stayed at home doing nothing with the promise that when Ryan gets a good job, he will be the one to take up his responsibility.

    It’s been three months since Ryan got a job and nothing has been said concerning him furthering his Education. He packed his clothes inside his bag the morning Ryan was to be leaving for Onitsha and went to where Ryan and his father were.

    Mr. Ejiofor: Cameron, where are you going to with your bag this morning?

    Cameron: Papa, I am not going to listen to you always telling me to be patient anymore. Most of my mates in school are graduates and here I am, still trying to enter school. I am leaving with Brother Ryan to Onitsha. Remember you promised me that when he gets a job, I will move in with him and from there he will train me in school.

    Ryan: I have said you will move in with me and I will take responsibility but now is not the time for that. Just stay here and when next I come, we will talk about your school and by his grace, start up from there.

    Mr. Ejiofor: But what is wrong with him going with you over there now?

    Ryan: Papa, I don’t know how to make you people understand that my place is not conducive enough for anybody to come and stay with me.

    Mr. Ejiofor: He is your brother, he will manage.

    Ryan: Papa, you don’t get it. When I have enough money to rent an apartment, I will invite him over. My apartment is not too good for anyone to come and be staying with me for now.

    Camreon: I do not mind, I will manage. If you are staying there, so will i.

    Ryan: Okay fine, I am tired of arguing with you. You can go and wait for me outside. Papa and I have something we were talking about before you came in with your own wahala.

    Mr. Ejiofor: As soon as Cameron stepped out, he continued ‘You see my son, when I sent you to school; I had to borrow money from people so that you will try as much as possible to finish schooling. I am glad that my hard work is paying off. You are a graduate and working in a reputable company.

    Ryan: Papa, you have told me this story of how you suffered to borrow money to send me to school several times. Just hit the nail on the head already. What is it?

    Mr. Ejiofor: I want you to give me some money to use to cater for the family. I do not have any penny on me.

    Ryan: How much are we talking about here? I sent you forty thousand naira for upkeep two weeks ago.

    Mr. Ejiofor: I did use it and the money is finished.

    Ryan: What did you use forty thousand naira for?

    Mr. Ejiofor: So because I am asking for money you now want to know what I use the money for Ryan?

    Ryan: Haba Papa, it is not so. Just that I sent you forty thousand naira and I gave my mother twenty thousand naira for the house. You telling me the money has finished baffles me.

    Mr.Ejiofor: Ryan, the money is finished simple.

    Ryan: ‘hmm’ he sighs. How much do you want now?

    Mr. Ejiofor: I need Eighty thousand naira.

    Ryan: What! What for?

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