Aria: why is this house so dark? She raised the curtains of the self-contained apartment of her boyfriend. Ryan! Ryan! She went and tapped him gently.

Ryan: Hello Babe! Sorry, didn’t know when you entered.

Aria: Is everything alright with you? This one that you didn’t even know when I stepped in. what have you been thinking about again? She asked as she laid next to him, sharing the only bed which serves as a cushion and bed for anybody that comes into the apartment.

Ryan: Mehn! I am just so tired and frustrated. I have been searching for a job for the past one year yet nothing. I have you and my family members to take care of yet I cannot boast of sending them monthly stipends every month. Take a look at you as my girlfriend, I can’t even say take this money, go and make your hair. Common hair! The situation is bad ooo.

Aria: Is that why you want to kill yourself before time? Don’t you know that overthinking is not good for your health? Now that you have been thinking and getting yourself worked up, what have you achieved?

Ryan: Why won’t I think when my people at home are busy disturbing me with calls? Cameron my brother keeps calling almost every minute of the day. I am just tired seriously.

Aria: It is okay joor. Listen, she said to him. God have seen you put your best effort in looking for a job, just be patient, fate will soon smile on you.

Ryan: My problem now is this house rent; it will be expiring in the next three month. I really do not know where I will get money to pay up. Remember, it was my saved Alawi money while I was serving that I used in renting this place.

Aria: Don’t worry, something good will happen soonest. I will try and see if I can be able to raise something before that time. Your landlord is a good person, I am sure he will be able to collect half Payment pending when we pay the remaining balance. Meanwhile, look what I bought for you she said smiling as she unpacked the food stuff she brought from her place.

Ryan: Hmm.. He said picking the food items one after the other and smiling. ‘God will bless you. I wonder what I would have done without you’ he said looking at her. ‘You know that you have been a blessing. Thank God that while we were serving, I quickly asked you out if not all this good things would have been for another man, imagine another man pikin running my race ooo’ he said smiling.

Aria: Stop joor. You and your sweet mouth. Let me take them to the kitchen before you finish me with your words. She stood up, went to the kitchen.

Ryan, a graduate happens to have a girlfriend named Aria. They both met while they were serving in Anambra state and from there, their relationship blossomed. The past year has been challenging to him. He searched all the hook and crannies of Onitsha in search for job all to no avail. Sometimes he helps people who are looking for wheelbarrow pushers to help carry their goods. He has done conductor business but had a fall out with the driver who refused paying him for services rendered as a conductor, the house he rented in Nkpor is a self-contain apartment and even though the place looks like a ghetto to him, he still manages it till something better comes up.

He was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Ejiofor. He is the first child of the family from the family of seven, Mother and father inclusive. His father is a retired staff from Nigerian Telecommunications Ltd. also known as Nitel. while his mother is a full time housewife but helps in selling Okrika clothes to keep the family going since Nitel has refused to pay their retired staff for more than 10 years.

Mr. Ejoifor is of the opinion that, if he sends his first son to school since he is a retired pensioner without pay, he would have done most part of his duty as a father. He also insists that when his first son graduates from school the responsibility of his siblings falls solely on him.
Mr. Ejiofor: Mama Addison! Mama Addison! He called out after taking his early morning snuff. sitting in front of the small house shared by him and his family, he wondered when fate will smile on his son so that he will start taking full responsibility as a man of the house

Mrs. Ejiofor: ‘Aah aah! Papa Addison, this one you are calling my name like this hope no problem’ she asked holding a broom with her right hand and trying to tie her wrapper with the other.

Mr. Ejiofor: Urrmm. I want to talk to you about something very important woman. Where is Addison, isn’t she awake by now to come and carry on with what you were doing?

Mrs. Ejiofor: I sent her on an errand to go and buy Akamu we will use for breakfast. What do you want to discuss with me that is so very important, she said as she sat down on the bench her husband was sitting on. I am all ears.

Mr. Ejiofor: I want to take a second wife.

Mrs. Ejiofor: Did I hear you well? You want to what? Hey! Hey! Papa Addison, so you mean that I am not good enough for you anymore after thirty one years of marriage?

Mr. Ejiofor: I never said so. All I need right now is a young woman with a fresh blood that will make me feel alive again. I want to take a second wife

Mrs. Ejiofor: It will not happen oooo. Mbanu! Not while I am still in this house. Oh! So you want to take a second wife into this house eh! Look at you sef. We can barely afford three square meals a day and now you want to add another mouth to the ones we cannot afford to feed. Who is going to take care of the responsibility if she starts giving birth Papa Addison?

Mr. Ejiofor: You should not worry yourself about that. Don’t worry, when Ryan gets a good job, he will take full responsibility.

Mrs. Ejiofor: Ehen! So after frolicking with other small girls, you want to marry a young woman abi? No wahala but where there is a problem is you wanting to marry a wife for my son to come and take responsibility for. Isn’t it going to be too much for him, he also have his own life to live oooo.

Mr. Ejiofor: woman, you can go and continue what you were doing. I have told you what I needed to, he ordered.

Mrs. Ejiofor: I have said my own oooo. She stood, tied her wrapper again and walked away.

Later in the day, Mr. Ejiofor called Ryan, asking him to come to the house for there is something he would like to discuss with him which is very urgent.

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