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    Ophelia: Nope! At least, not yet.

    Jemila: what do you mean?

    Ophelia: He is asking me to be his side chick, told him to give me time to think about it.

    Jemila: I thought you said he is married?

    Ophelia: he is, I still love my job and I paid heavily to get it. Don’t want to start having issues with anyone that was why I told him to give me some time to think about it.

    Jemila: what do you plan doing about him?

    Ophelia: I do not know yet but I will have to use wisdom in dealing with him. I want to get married ooo. I am tired of jumping from one man to another.

    Jemila: What about Donald?

    Ophelia: He is not saying anything about it, each time I bring up the topic; all he says is that I should give him time.

    Jemila: Henry Nko?

    Ophelia: That one is a no go area, he uses me to attend all his functions. He likes showing me off to all his friends; he is not ready to settle down.

    Jemila: What about John?

    Ophelia: He doesn’t have a good job, he cannot take care of me. Though he is asking me to take our relationship to the next level but I told him to get a good job first.

    Jemila: Hmm. What about Errmmm… what is that his name again?

    Ophelia: Wetin na Jemila, this one wey you dey count all of them for me, wetin happen?

    Jemila: no vex, I just been dey ask. No vex abeg, i think say you wan marry.

    Ophelia: Na im make you go dey count all of them for me?

    Jemila: Sorry na, no vex.

    Ophelia: No Wahala. You cook today so?

    Jemila: I never cook, I just dey wait make you give me small money make I add to the one wey I get go market, buy foodstuff take cook food.

    Ophelia: Check my bag, you go see ten thousand naira inside, take whatever you need there.

    Jemila: Alright and thanks.

    Ophelia is a young beautiful and intelligent woman of Twenty Seven years old. She is light skinned, of average height and has an oval face smirk with dimples on each side of her cheek. She has the hour glass shape that made men drool all over her and with this; she is able to have anything and any man she desires at her disposal. She met Jemila her room-mate when she went to visit a friend of hers and while her friend was asking her to pack her things and leave her house for not paying up her rent, Ophelia took pity on her and told her to come live with her for free.

    Jemila on her own part was grateful to Ophelia and decided to do the house chores and cook their meal for the both of them as a show of gratitude.
    When Benicio closed from work, he went straight to his friend’s apartment.

    Benicio: ‘how far my brother’ he shook hands with him when he opened the door.

    Stanley: ‘Hey! My man, how you dey’? He ushered him into his apartment.

    Benicio: I dey ooo

    Stanley: how far, this one wey you come my house? Wetin happen to Judith?

    Benicio: Judith don commot for my house ooo, she say she no do again.

    Stanley: ‘Why’ he asked as benicio sat on the cushion with him.

    Benicio: Because I told her the truth.

    Stanley: what is the truth?

    Benicio: that I cannot marry her.

    Stanley: How many women have you dated and all of them is not good for you as a wife?

    Benicio: No Stanley, I didn’t say they are not good.

    Stanley: Then what is the problem?

    Benicio: The problem is that they do not have what I want; It is either one has what the other doesn’t and the other has what the other doesn’t. I cannot settle for less abeg.

    Stanley: ‘your problem is that you need a perfectionist and you cannot have what you are looking for’ he said bluntly.

    Benicio: I am not looking for a perfect woman Stanley; I do not just want to fall short of the kind of wife I envisioned for myself, that’s all.

    Stanley: Oya na, dey there. You go old. By the way, what was Judith Short coming again?

    Benicio: She is not a graduate.

    Stanley: Didn’t you know that before you asked her to date you?

    Benicio: Not immediately but I found out later.

    Stanley: Why didn’t you call the relationship off when you found out?

    Benicio: Because I thought I could manage the fact that she isn’t.

    Stanley: And now, you found out you can’t.

    Benicio: Yes.

    Stanley: Hmmm, May God forgive you for what you do to good women you rubbish away.

    Benicio: it is not my fault na. I want to marry but I have not seen the kind of woman I am looking for.

    Stanley: for how long will you keep looking for the kind of woman that doesn’t exist? Remember that there is no perfect person in this world.

    Benicio: I know that but I believe she is somewhere. When I see her I will know.

    Stanley: You dated Judith, she isn’t a graduate. Edith! She is not religious. Ronke! She is not domesticated. What do you want? Oh I get it, you want all of them in one package abi? You can’t have all of them in one package oooo. Marry any of these ladies you have at your beck and call and settle down else you will put yourself in trouble.

    Benicio: I don hear you Abeg, make I crash for your apartment today, I no wan sleep alone.

    Stanley: This is your house too. Feel free and make yourself comfortable.

    Benicio: Thanks bro.

    Stay tuned for Episode 3 – You don’t wanna miss it!


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