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    Judith woke up as early as 4:30am to clean the house, mopped the floor and made breakfast for Ben who was still sleeping in his room. She also made sure she made warm water ready in the bathroom in case he wakes up and want to have his bath for it was Monday and they will both go to work. She made breakfast ready for him and quickly went to get herself prepared for work as soon as she was done. she was dressing up while Ben got ready for work.

    Judith: ‘Good morning’ she said as soon as he came downstairs to have his breakfast.

    Benicio: ‘Good Morning Judith’ he replied, how was your night?

    Judith: it was fine. Hope you are ready for work? I have your lunch packed for you, it’s in your car already.

    Benicio: ‘Thanks Judith’ he said as he ate his breakfast.

    Judith: I have been wanting to ask you this question Ben, when you coming to see my people?

    Benicio: when did I say I want to get married to you?

    Judith: but you said you want to get married to me as soon as we get to know each other

    Benicio: ‘Oh I did!’ He said nonchalantly.

    Judith: What do you mean Oh did you? Don’t you want to get married to me again?

    Benicio: Dropped his spoon on his plate with anger ‘don’t you want me to eat this food in peace?

    Judith: Don’t you want us to get married?

    Benicio: Oh Judith! Please stop already; I do not want to talk about this please, let me eat my food in peace and go to work.

    Judith: but when you asked me out you said you were coming for marriage and nothing else, how come you do not want to talk about marriage again?

    Benicio: Fine, since you want to know the truth, here it is. Judith, you are a nice and domesticated lady but I cannot marry you.

    Judith: You what?

    Benicio: I said I cannot marry you.

    Judith: We have been together for five months now, you have been promising me marriage and now you say you cannot marry me? Why if I may ask?

    Benicio: Ermmm because you lack some of the qualities I need in a woman

    Judith: What qualities do you need in a woman that you desire so much I don’t have?

    Benicio: You have every other quality except one which I desire in my wife to be.

    Judith: Which is?

    Benicio: You are not a graduate, you haven’t passed through the four walls of higher institution and I can’t marry a woman who isn’t a graduate.

    Judith: What! Five months ago, I was the woman you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, didn’t you know I was not a graduate when you came chasing me?

    Benicio: I didn’t.

    Judith: And why didn’t you tell me you can’t marry me instead of wasting my time when you found out?

    Benicio: Because I thought I could accept you like that but it just dawned on me that I can’t accept you the way you are.

    Judith: Seriously Ben, you used me, wasted my time and now you have the guts to say you cannot marry me?

    Benicio: I am so sorry.

    Judith: ‘May God forgive you. Let me get my stuff in your room and be gone away from your life’ she stood up, walked to the room she shared with him, packed all her belongings and left his house leaving him to continue with his meal.
    Benicio is a graduate working with Zenith Bank as a Manager; he is thirty five years of age, in search of a wife but choosing a wife has been a difficult problem to him. He decided to try any available single lady who desires a husband.

    Jemila: Ophelia, where have you been through-out the night?

    Ophelia: Where else if not with Ejike.

    Jemila: And you didn’t call to tell me you were not coming home last night, I was sick and worried about you girlfriend.

    Ophelia: ‘I am sorry jare’ she said as she dropped her hand bag on the bed. I got carried away, forgot to give you a call.

    Jemila: You and this Ejike sef, seems you are now getting serious with him.

    Ophelia: ‘Serious with who’? She asked frowning ‘Ejike that can’t even stand on his own feet? Every minute with him, he will look for a way to suck you dry before you leave his apartment. See eh! As I am talking to you now, Ejike has succeeded in collecting twenty thousand naira from me in the space of twelve hours.

    Jemila: How and what do you mean?

    Ophelia: How else if not, Errmm babe, I sort of don’t have enough money with me at the moment and I cannot go to the ATM right now, give me six thousand naira let me go out and get something for us to eat or Babe, I sort of don’t have enough money in this my GTbank ATM card, transfer ten thousand naira to me let me go and withdraw it. I will give you back when I get my new Heritage ATM card.

    Jemila: And you willingly give it to him?

    Ophelia: what will I do? I just do it for peace to reign else it will be, is it because I am even begging you for stipend that you want to lord over me?

    Jemila: Why do you still go out with him?

    Ophelia: My dear, no mind me. He knows how to ginger my honeypot that is why I am still with him till this moment.

    Jemila: you sef, na wa.

    Ophelia: ‘I agree’ she smiled and laid on the bed she and her roommate shared.

    Jemila: THIS one wey you dey lie down, you no go go work?

    Ophelia: which work? I wan rest jare.

    Jemila: Wont your boss be mad at you for not coming to work today?

    Ophelia: I go settle that matter when we see.

    Jemila: Hope you are not planning on sleeping with him?

    Stay tuned for Episode 2 – You don’t wanna miss it!


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