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    Gbenro, Tall, broad-shouldered with a chocolate complexion was the luckiest man brought in by company as the new Boss to take over our branch since the former retired the previous month.

    Gbenro was married with 2 kids. I was his Personal Assistant and my name is Anita.

    I have been with the boss going on six and a half months now and I could tell that he’s got a thing for the ladies. He certainly enjoys flirting with them and sometimes I’ve noticed how often he tends to keep late hours during lunch break. It wasn’t until our first two months of working together that I finally realized what he was up to during his lunch hour period, of the women I’d see him with in his car when he drove off and neither of them bore any resemblance to his wife.

    And I also got to find out about the late hours he often kept at work. Once when I stayed over late, I placed my ear to his locked door and thought I could hear what sounded like grunts and moans coming from inside, much like someone was getting herself well banged. I tried to wonder who it could be, but then I recalled the young lady who’d arrive sometime after lunch to see him, realising the lady hadn’t left all that time. In my mind’s eye I pictured him hammering her from behind, and even then as I felt a hand over my panties I realised that I was growing wet with excitement. I returned to my desk when I heard both of them about to leave and pretended to be doing some filing in my computer. The following morning, my boss summoned me into his office.

    Gbenro: “Please take a seat,” he said.

    I did as was told, seating with my hands pressed between my legs while his gaze appraised my brown skin like searchlights. Somehow I could tell what he wanted to see me about, but was totally unprepared for his approach.

    Gbenro: “Anita, I’m not going to beat about the bush with you — you’re a very attractive woman, and I can’t help feeding my eyes over you.”

    My mouth fell open with surprise. I, too, over the past months couldn’t help but sense some form of attraction towards him too. In my sleep I often fantasized about him making love to me, ripping off my clothes and banging me over his desk with his big JT till I begged for mercy. That I’d listened in on him banging that lady in his office had justifiably added more fuel to the fire of my burning desire for him. my boss could never been a one-woman’s man; I’m still surprised that he’s even married and wonder if his wife even knows about this other side of him.

    My brain searched for a reply.

    Me: “Thanks for the compliment, sir.”

    Gbenro: “I’m expecting a lady over within the next half hour. Her name is Kemi. She’ll be coming over for a job interview, and I’d like you to accord as you usually do, can you. Think you can handle that?”

    Me: “Yes sir.”

    Gbenro: “Good. Now, on to other matters.” He rose from his chair. “You did listen in on my door yesterday evening, didn’t you?”

    I couldn’t help but turn into a school girl and blush.

    Me: “I’m … I’m very sorry, sir. Really, I didn’t mean –”

    Gbenro: “It’s not about whether you meant to or not, Anita.” He came from his side of the desk and stood beside me. “As I said, you are a very attractive woman. And I hope you won’t find me too brash if I say that my eyes have been on you for quite some time now.”

    I looked up at him. “No sir, I wouldn’t say you’re brash. I’d even like to ask whatever took you so long in admitting it to me.”

    The cat was now out of the bag.

    I found my hand reach over to the crotch of his pants, feeling for what was inside. He drew himself closer to me and told me to go ahead and unzip him. I did so and reached inside to pull out his JT. It wasn’t even erect and yet the sight of it just got me so instantly wet I could barely control myself from wanting it. He told me to go over and lock the door, which I did. By the time I returned to my chair, I’d unbuttoned my blouse and was rubbing my tits from behind my bra…

    To be continued.



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