HELP!! “I Am About To Get Married To A Single Mother – Please Advice Me

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    One of the most important decision for any man is selecting the right woman to spend his eternity with, this is because if you miss it, you may never get it right again.

    A man is asking for advice on a very important decisoin he is about to make on his future partner.

    Being a platform who always listens to his people, we decided to engage you guys in seeking for your opinions.

    Below is the message:-

    I have been dating girls since when i was in university till I graduated, which is why I believed when it is time for me to settle down it will be easy.

    But my observation was that most of the girls I met use to play on me, eat my money and run away, though I am a kind person who do tell the truth to any lady i meet , I cannnot hide anything or call myself what am not.

    what i observed now is that now that am ready to settle down, I met a lady who is also a graduate and I sensed that she loves me and I love her too.

    But the problem now is that this lady is a single mother, though she has never been to any mans house, and she told me everything that led to her being a single mother was a mistake when she was in the school.

    My questions is it good for young guy like me, who had never impregnated a lady not to talk of abortion marry such a lady?
    Will there no be any problems in future as regard to the son she had for another man?

    Pls help me post without my name, i wll be reading people coments in the comment box, Thanks.

    So guys over to you now. Bearing In mind he can be your brother or you one day too.

    What Advice Can You Give This Guy On This Matter?

    Lets hear from you.

    Drop comments.



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