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    Doctor: “Ah, I remember you. My patient’s hot tempered husband, I remember how you angrily left my office that day even though I wanted to tell you something very important about your wife’s health status at that time. Well, about your question, I don’t know why your wife had a miscarriage because there was actually no miscarriage”.

    Dozie: “I don’t understand what you mean, doctor. Are you saying my wife is still carrying that pregnancy?”

    Doctor: “There was never any pregnancy. I guess she was under pressure and that is why she put up that act. Wait a minute, didn’t her mother explain all these to you? She promised to tell you everything when you calm down that day”. While he was talking, Dozie who was holding his iphone in his hand was recording his conversation with the doctor without his knowledge.

    Dozie: “Thank you very much, doctor but I have to leave now”, he got up abruptly and left the office. From there, he drove straight to his parents house and after they listened to the doctor’s revelation on his phone, he left them and drove to his house. Eno was on her bed taking a nap when he kicked the door on her.

    Eno: “Gosh, you scared me Dozie. I thought it was an armed robber that entered the house. Why did you bang the door like that?”

    Dozie: “So, you still have mouth to talk? Not only are you a cheap prostitute and seductress, you are also a wicked and pathetic little liar. A pretender per excellence, that is what you are. God, I don’t even know what to think about your mother, to think that a woman in her right senses can mislead her own biological daughter this way is appalling”.

    Eno: “Why are you calling me and my mother names? Are you drunk or something?”

    Dozie: “Before I open my eyes and close them, you have packed your things and returned back to your evil mother where you belong. You think you can trap me with any fake pregnancy? Well, my instincts told me that you were lying but for the sake of my mother’s political ambition, I decided to play along. As you know, the elections have come and gone and my mother won the position she contested for. Now is time for you to leave, this so called arrangee marriage is over”.

    Eno: “What! You mean because your mother is now a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria you can now throw me out?”

    Dozie: “No, I am throwing you out because I have confirmed that you were never pregnant for me. It was all a sham, a stunt you and your mother pulled to drag me into your miserable lives. My parents and I know and that was why we never did any ceremony with you. If you remember, we didn’t even pay your bride price, we said we would pay and do the wine carrying and marriage proper when you give birth. So, wake up, there was no marriage whatsoever between us. The doctor at the hospital I took you to when you said you had a miscarriage has confirmed that you lied about the whole thing”.

    Ashamed that her deeds had been found out, Eno packed her clothes into the only box she had and made for the door.

    Eno: “I am glad I am even leaving you for good. You are such a senseless and insensitive man. The two months that I have been here are the worst months of my life. I know you are chasing me away so that you can marry Samantha but I promise you that I will deal with her. She will never have you. If I can’t have you, then no one will”.

    Dozie: “Get the hell out of my house. you are just bluffing, there is nothing you can do”.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    The next day, Samantha, her mother with Dozie as the driver drove to Church for the concluding session of their prayers and fasting session. When they got to the Church premises, her mother and Dozie led her by the hand into the Church where the pastor and other prayer warriors were waiting for them. The pastor instructed Samantha to kneel down in their middle and they began to sing and pray.
    ==Playloaded Stories===
    Eno was in her mother’s house, locked up in her room all day and despite her mother’s plea, she had refused to open the door or come out to eat. She felt bitter, having been abandoned by Dozie. Her mother’s knock on her door caught her by surprise for she was deeply buried in thoughts. “Mum, just leave me alone, I feel like a failure and I don’t want to see you or eat anything. Just go away, please”.

    Mama Eno: “Are you still sulking in there? Instead of you to get up and fight for what is yours, you are in there wasting your time. Well, I got information from a reliable source that Samantha and Dozie are in Fountain of Life Church. Who knows if there are there to tie their nuptial cord”.

    “What! No! This is not possible, I will not take this”. She grabbed her bag containing the idol the baba gave her and ran out to her mother’s surprise.

    “Where are you running to?” her mother called our after her.

    Eno: “To settle this score once and for all”. She grabbed her mother’s car keys from her dressing table and sped away………..

    To be continued.





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