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    Mama Samantha who was irritated by his presence, softened when she saw him in tears at her feet. “It’s okay my son. As you can see, my daughter is very angry right now and it’s not her fault, she has gone through a lot recently. I will advise that you leave now and come back another day”. She told him.

    Dozie: “I will be outside until she calms down. I can’t bear to see her in this condition”. He went out and sat at the corridor weeping for he felt his heart broken by what Samantha was going through.

    After staying out for more than two hours, Samantha’s mother came out and pleaded with him to go home and rest and return another day since Samantha was already asleep. He accepted and drove home in silence, his heart heavy and his brain occupied with the thoughts of the plight of his beloved.

    He got home some minutes past ten.

    Gate man: “Welcome, sahhh”. He saluted as he opened the gate.

    Dozie: “Have you seen Eno today?”

    Gate man: “Eno…Eno? Who be Eno?” he asked scratching his head.

    Dozie: “The woman I live with!” he thundered.

    Gate man: “Oh, you wife, that na my madam. She never come back since wey she commot this morning”.

    Dozie: “What! You know what, just lock the gate”.

    The gateman shook his head after Dozie left his post.

    Gateman: “This my oga seff, why him go dey call him wife name? I think say people of nowadays na sweet sweet names like honey, sugar, sweet dem dey call their wives. Na we wey be old school suppose dey call our wives by their names. Anyway, e no concern me, sha. Na husband and wife matter, dem go settle for bed”, he went back into his small room by the gate. Dozie went into his sitting room and dialed his mother in law’s number. “I hope she has not been kidnapped, before her mother will come and accuse me of harming her daughter. I don’t want that woman’s trouble, I need all the concentration I can get to get back Samantha”. Mama Eno who was preparing to go to bed saw his call and quickly picked it.

    Mama Eno: “My in law, this one that you are calling me by this time of the night, I am sure that my daughter has cooked your favourite food for you this night. Tell her to take very good care of you o, remember that you people are still in honeymoon and the doctor said you should get your wife pregnant as soon as possible for medical reasons. And…”

    Dozie was angry at the other end but he tried to keep his calm. “Can you just listen to me, ma? I didn’t call because of any honeymoon. Is Eno, erm…I mean my wife there?” he asked, eager to hear her reply that her daughter was spending the night with her so that he could go back to sleep in peace.

    Mama Eno’s mind skipped a beat, she remembered that she had tried to call her daughter during the day but her number was not available.

    Mama Eno: “I did not get what you said, the network is fluctuating, say that again”.

    Dozie: “I said is your daughter with you there? She left the house this morning and she is yet to return. I tried to call her but it keeps saying ‘number out of network coverage’”.

    Mama Eno: “Erm…I…Eno…She…”
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Dozie: “I can hear you, speak up ma”.

    Mama Eno quickly ended the call and dialed her daughter’s number so she will know what she would tell him about her whereabouts but the number was switched off. Suddenly, she remembered that it was the seventh day and that Eno ought to have gone to see the spiritualist. “But she should be back from the baba’s place by now, I hope she is safe o”. She was still thinking when Dozie called her back.

    Mama Eno: “I am sorry, my inlaw. It’s like network ended the call. Your wife is asleep here, she came into the house while I was away. I would have given her the phone so that you can talk to her but she is fast asleep”. She lied to him.

    Dozie: “Okay, there’s no need for me to talk with her. I only wanted to be sure that she is safe”. He ended the call and went to sleep.
    ==Playloaded Stories==
    Eno stayed in a secluded part of the shrine while the spiritualist attended to other clients all day. At sunset, the man brought a white wrapper to the room where she was sitting on the floor. “Take this wrapper, remove your clothes and wrap your body with this. We are going to the supreme Ilele River to bath you there. The gods cannot touch you if you have not had this sacred bath”.

    Eno obeyed like one who was under a spell. The spiritualist returned with a razor and dirty water in a bowl and commanded Eno to unclad herself and sit on a stool he brought along with him. “Remove the white wrapper and sit naked on this stool or on my laps”, he said.

    She obeyed and sat on the stool instead and the man began to wet her hair with the water.

    Eno: “What are you doing, baba”, she asked.

    Spiritualist: “Shhhh! The cleansing process has started. You are not supposed to talk while it is going on. We have to shave your hair both up and down before the gods begin the real ACTION tonight”.

    Eno: “What! I didn’t bargain for this. Shave my what?”





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