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    Eno got down on her knees and held on to the spiritualist’s legs. “Please, baba. Just tell me any amount, I will pay. I am a married woman, I can’t sleep with you, please have mercy on me”.

    Spiritualist: “Of course I know that you are married, but this is the wish of the gods and not mine so I have nothing to do about this. You can choose to stay here as the gods commanded or you go and face the consequences of your disobedience. Remember your promise”.

    The sight of how bad Samantha’s eyes have gone made such a huge imprint on her that she was willing to do anything to escape the wrath of the gods. She called her mother’s phone to inform her that she would be spending the night at the shrine and that she cover up for her should her husband call to ask for her. Unfortunately, her mother’s number was switched off.

    Eno: “Baba, my mother’s number is switched off, can I go home and come back tomorrow? I didn’t inform my husband that I would spend the night out”. She pleaded.

    Spiritualist: “If you step out of this shrine, you will be struck with the same ailment that befell your friend”.

    Eno: “Oh God! What sort of problem have I gotten myself into right? Who even said I should come to this shrine for help? It’s not like the Dozie has started showing me love seff”. She reluctantly went inside the shrine after trying her mother’s number one more time.
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    Dozie returned home and went into his room. He noticed that he didn’t see Eno in the sitting room when he entered. After freshening up, he returned to the sitting room to watch TV and when it was evening, he expected her to come out of her room and move to the kitchen to make her favorite noodles but she didn’t come. He thought of going to her room to see her but when he got to the door, he felt reluctant to go in and he returned back to his chair.

    Dozie: “I don’t care if she remains in her room forever, after all her presence profits me nothing. In fact, she can go ahead and commit suicide for all I care, I would rather be a widower than remain married to that seductress”, he thought aloud.

    At exactly 7:00pm having finished watching AFCON match, he took his car keys and drove to Samantha’s house. Since the last time he went there, he had made efforts to get across to her but she had refused to pick his calls or return his messages. On his way, he stopped at a fruit vendor and bought fruits for her exactly the way she wanted it. When he got to her compound, he paused in his car and said a little prayer before walking in. “Jesus Christ!” he screamed and almost ran back when he saw Samantha’s condition in the sitting room. “My God, what happened to you baby?” he drew near to her.

    Samantha: “Who is this, who are you and what are you doing here?” she asked for she could no longer see.

    Dozie: “It is me Dozie your true love. Can’t you see me?”

    Samantha: “So your wife has sent you here to remind me of my woes? What more do you want from me? After you dumped me for my best friend, things went from bad to worst. I had an accident that almost took my life and now I am blind for no justifiable reason”, she began to cry.

    Dozie: “Do not cry my love. What happened to your eyes? How can you just go blind like that? You were so full of life the last time I saw you”.

    Samantha: “Get out of my house and go back and tell your wife that I am still alive, even though I am blind, I am alive and that is my consolation”.

    Dozie: “No, I can never leave you at this time when you need me. I left you before, I am not gonna leave you again”.

    Samantha: “I said get out of my house. Where were you all these days that I needed you by my side? Of what use is your presence and your attention now that I am blind? Go back to your wife and leave me alone, I will be fine with my mother”.

    Dozie: “Please, my Sama. Let’s keep the past behind us. I still love…”

    Samantha: “Get out!” she interrupted him and grabbed her stick which was aiding her to walk about and began to wave it at the direction from which he was talking.

    Dozie: “Please, baby. I am on my knees…”

    Samantha: “I hate you!”, she got up and began to walk but she hit her leg on the center table and fell down with a crash. Dozie ran and grabbed her in his arms. “I am sorry, my love. I know I have hurt you but I am willing to make amends.” He pleaded with tears flowing from his eyes.

    Samantha: “Just go. Leave me to go through this alone”. She began to scratch and kick and scream. “Mum, where are you? Come and take me from here to my room”. Her mother who was in the bathroom grabbed her towel and ran out when she heard her daughter’s voice. “What has happened again this time around? God help my daughter o”, she soliloquized.

    Mama Samantha: “So it is you who is causing my daughter so much pain? Have you not caused enough pains already?”

    Dozie ran to kneel at her feet. “I am sorry, mum. Please help me talk to her. I am willing to make amends”………

    To be continued.


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