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    My father took me to Pastor Aro. I remembered him. He was the man living next door at my Parent’s house during my teenage years. Pastor Aro later bought a land, built his own church. But lost his own wife after few years.

    I could remember vividly at the time how the sounds of Pastor Aro and wife going at like wild animals every night and again in the morning before he went to work never failed to turn me on. They obviously had a very healthy sex life. You know, the sounds of their bed creaking, its headboard banging against the adjoining wall, along with his late wife’s moaning and Aro’s cries of ecstasy in his hot accent drifting from their bedroom while they made love were difficult to miss.

    Hearing him and his late wife f*ck wasn’t the only time I dreamed about s*x with him. It seemed like I had a super turn-on every time he was around, especially when he’s laid by the pool in one of his skimpy boxers, I will see his huge ‘eggplant’ under the silk boxers he loved to wear – at least before he and his wife engaged in another night of intense banging.

    One of my favorite fantasies was coming home for lunch and finding Pastor Aro’s beautiful body (Six packs) stretched in his favourite chaise lounge, his boxers leaving little to the imagination. He would spot me gazing at him from the doorway leading to the pool and beckon me to come closer. He was more a godly-father to my family. But I was so attached and dieing inside to have him inside me.
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    Pastor Aro: Sis Ekaette, the Lord is your strength. I’m sorry you were passing through this. All these will pass away if you accept Jesus as your Personal Saviour.

    I was at Pastor Aro’s church pleading to help me out for forgiveness of sins. When I got in, He had a special location inside the church where the holy water was placed, I dipped my hand into it, made a sign of the cross before I started my confession.

    Me: Forgive me Lord! I’m a big sinner. I commit adultery with married men and fornicate a lot, committed anals, having multiple partners and threesomes. Please forgive me.

    As the priest listened to my confession, he was becoming more aroused by the seconds. My confession was provocative.

    Pastor Aro: “My child, forgiveness is earned not given. Come by Friday to my house, 12 midnight for your cleansing.

    Me: Your house? Why?

    Pastor Ayo: You need total cleansing. I have a special vigil I’m conducting that same day at midnight. It’s your lucky day. You should come. I will bathe you with Anointing oil and water. The Priest commanded.

    Me: “Yes, Pastor.” I replied meekly.

    On Friday, exactly 11:40pm, I was at Pastor’s house. He has a small alter where he prays in the house. When I reached the alter, I genuflected and made a sign of the cross.

    Pastor Aro: Remove your clothes. You need total cleansing. You have to remain same way God created you.

    I stood for few minutes, I was so desperate to get myself out of this nymph life. I had no choice but to obey. I began to remove my dress. As the dress fell to the floor, I removed my bra, then finally my panties. Reluctantly, I bent over the alter as instructed knowing full well what was about to happen.

    Pastor Aro: “Oh Sister Ekaette, I do not think this suits you. Your body is a gift that should not be left untouched but worshiped,” he said.

    Me: Say what? Is my Pastor flirting with me? That statement turned me on though. I wasn’t expecting that. Maybe my prayers just got its long awaiting answer. I was like … “Lord! Just spare me this time, I won’t do it again” Please LORD!

    I laid on the cold marble of the alter. It wasn’t too long before his clothes started hitting the floor. The next sound I heard was that of the Pastor’s belt whistling through the air, he used hand striking my bare bum. He spanked me too. He was splashing me with his so-called “holy water” and Oil. I let out a yelp, but it was late that night, the only people to hear were me and Pastor Aro.

    I loved the way he touched me. Yes, you understand that kind of touch that can arouse you easily. He sprayed more water on me. I cried out louder. He first mounted on top me. I hand-gripped his well defined ass as he thrust in and out of me at a hard, steady pace. He stood me up, pushed me against the door, held me up, and then threw me on a sofa seat near the alter. While doing it, he held my hands up so I couldn’t move and that was amazing.

    Pastor Aro: I’ve been eyeing you since many years Sister Ekaette. I love you. I do not think this suits you. Your body is a gift that should not be left untouched but worshiped,” he said. “You will earn your forgivness this night my dear child, that I promise you. After which you will be offered the love of the Lord.” The Pastor preached.

    He tied me down and blindfolded me. Not knowing what he was going to do me next really kept me on my toes.

    Pastor Aro: “Lay face up on the alter my child as I continue to cleanse you of your sins.” He said rather calmly. I did as she was told.

    Slowly, he dribbled a small amount of hot wax on my nipples. The coldness of the marble and the coolness of the air in the church combined made my nipples as hard and erect as he had ever seen them.

    He started kissing my back, moving toward my neck at the same time as he swirled his fingers around my nipples. I get the best tingles in the world from that. I drew in a long deep breath as each nipple was assaulted with the hot wax. The priest returned the candle to its holder and came back.

    He was inside me again after removing the blindfolds. He held my legs up while having s*x, created a great angle when he was on top. Dammn, I couldn’t forget that feeling. He strolled over to one of the lit candles and removed it from its holder.

    I told him to do whatever he wanted to me! That was probably one of the best sex I’ve ever had because he was spontaneous and aggressive (in a good way). It was so hot.

    Me: Ohh gawwrd! Please do me whatever you want pleeeaasse! I was super horny. Needed him badly … Bang me! Bang me harder please! I grunted, I was going to cum.

    He withdrew his JT from my c**kie in one swift motion and violently jerked it. Soon, spurts of his seed landed on my face and breasts before he changed his position.

    Choi… some Pastors can fire joor!
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    A knock was so loud at the door. It was my father, came to check how i was fairing with the deliverance. knock! knock!!

    Pastor Aro: Who’s there at the door?

    Dad: Pastor Aro. It’s me Sir, Ekaette’s father. I was told you were not at the Church but home for the deliverance

    Me: Yee.. i’m dead!

    Mmmm.. Gbese nla ree ooo!





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