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    A month after Lizzy’s interview, I crawled out of my hiding, it was time to show the world I was still here.

    Lizzy’s interview was good for business though. Many girls wanted to know how I could snag a man like Haliru. He was known to abhor women since his divorce.

    Because people were sending so many questions to my Facebook, I decided to run a blog called Mistress 101. Within a month it had millions of fans, and soon I was getting fat cheques to run campaigns on my blog.

    One would have thought, having found a way of making money without sleeping with a man, I would change my lifestyle, but no I didn’t.

    I was itching to have a man be under my control again. I went fishing, and this time I was not ready to date anyone like I did with Haliru, I just service them and get my benefits.

    Again, Lizzy’s interview was good for business as I was termed ‘Popular Abuja big babe’. My clientele included politicians, oil magnates and even the elite northern men.

    I learnt the Hausa language immediately as I saw knowing how to speak the language opened doors into these men’s hearts.

    Sometimes, I would just greet a man sitting alone in Hausa, having seen that he is from the north, and he would let down his guard, and before long, he would be sucked into my web of seduction.

    I also stopped dressing provocatively, and began to dress like a northern princess to enter the inner circle of these northern men.

    These Hausa men are the best lovers because they have no time for long sexual sessions, but they shower you with gifts and anything you want.

    Many times, I had vacations in exotic places, got customized bags and shoes from fashion houses in the United States.

    Girls began to flock to me, they wanted to be friends with me, so I could show them the ropes. Hmmn, I thought I was living the life, until reality slapped me hard on the face.

    There was one of my clients, Nafiu, he always insisted on skin to skin, as he claimed his religion was against the use of condoms.

    He was my highest paying client and had even sponsored my trip to London, among other things. He had so many wives and concubine, but after a week with me, he was hooked, and sometimes we would stay cooped up in a hotel for weeks. His d*ck though, was long and thick, the type that could destroy a woman’s womb, I could never ride him for long like I did my Haliru (oops, he is no longer mine, sad).

    One day I had developed fever and I was having these reddish rashes on my face.

    I covered it up with my Mac powder, but it was getting worse and I was disturbed. I went to the doctor and complained of it. I was told to run a series of test, including HIV test.

    I scoffed at this, as HIV seemed like something that happened to people that were not me. However, after a few minutes of waiting in the lobby, the doctor called me into his office.

    His face was sombre and still I did not get disturbed. I put the rashes down to a skin infection that would clear off with a topical cream. But, no, I was given the most explosive news of my life.

    The doctor started by educating me about HIV and how people can still lead a normal life even though they have the disease. He told me having HIV is not the end of the world, and I can still live to an old age because of the injections and drugs that stop the virus from multiplying.

    “Doctor, this information is not for me, can you go straight to the reason I have these rashes?”

    “The test we conducted confirmed you as HIV positive” he said, and it was like the whole world fell away and I was thrown into a void.

    See where my lifestyle landed me.

    Remember what I told you in the beginning, all that glitter is not gold.

    I know some of you envy my lifestyle, but is this disease I have got, worth it?

    Chai! Do you think there is any hope for me? Is there any chance for redemption or is this where my life ends?

    Should I commit suicide and end my life?



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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