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    “Long time no see, Ene my dear” I heard the voice and a cold shiver ran through my body. I turned and looked at the FIRS man from my past. It has been months I saw him, and I had thought I would never see him again, but the media attention on me has obviously brought him to me.

    “Hi sir, you look well” I said nonchalantly. I was smiling at him, but the look in my eyes was anything but cordial.

    “No, I am not well. You left me just like that. What happened?” he asked.

    “I am running late for a meeting; can I call you later or something?” I asked, trying to dismiss him.

    “What meeting, you are a professional harlot and nothing more” he said cruelly. I looked to the driver and he ducked his head, avoiding my eyes. He had heard what the FIRS man said.

    “Oga, you will respect yourself, or you will not like what comes to you. Remember my supervisor, I don’t like men who think they can back me into a corner” I sneered through clenched teeth, while holding him in an embrace. To any passer-by, we looked like father and daughter embracing themselves, but they didn’t see the horror on the FIRS man’s face. He pushed me away and walked away.

    “Good riddance” I said under my breath. But wait oh, why was he acting like I owed him something, the same man that pushed me into this lifestyle, and he has the guts to act like I owed him my life, tueh!

    I spent the night in Haliru’s mansion, and while I massaged him, I told him I would love to spend my birthday in an exotic location.

    “Name any place you want, and I will make the arrangements” he said, moaning softly.

    “I want the Maldives” I said and that was how we took a vacation to the Maldives, a tropical country in South Asia, with blue lagoons and beautiful beaches. The idea was if we took a break from the country, the media would forget about us.

    Haliru made all the arrangements and on the eve of my birthday, we flew to the Maldives. There, we rented a beach house for our one month duration, complete with housekeepers and tour guides. On my birthday, I gave Haliru the best sex in his entire life. Fifty shades of Grey, didn’t come close to what we had. We did a lot of role playing, where Haliru was my slave and I was his mistress. I chained him to the bed, and gave him the sweetest blowjob. He came repeatedly in my mouth, yet I did not stop. Haliru was a strong man, no matter how much he came, he came back strong for me, so strong that I rode him like a queen would ride her favourite horse. He called all the sweet names in the universe and I knew that Haliru was hooked. This one was not going anywhere, but was that what I wanted?

    Haliru told me that he had two gifts waiting for me in Nigeria, so after our one month long vacation in the Maldives, we flew back home. When we arrived in Nigeria, there were a throng of people waiting for us at the airport, reporters and other people whom I did not even know.

    “Haliru, what is going on?” I asked, with a panic look on my face.

    “There, is your first gift” he said pointing towards somewhere. I looked and saw a sleek, black G-wagon, decorated with pink ribbon.

    “Haliru, you got me a car” I rushed to the car and grabbed the key from the man standing by it. I had learned how to drive because I had been saving up to get a car.

    I drove the power car a short distance and drove back to where Haliru was standing. Oblivious of the press, I jumped out of the car and hugged Haliru.

    “I love you” I didn’t know when it burst out of my mouth, but, immediately it did I regretted it. I pushed away from Haliru.

    “I know, that is why I am giving you the second gift” he said and brought out a small velvet box. He opened it and I saw the most beautiful Assccher cut diamond ring I had ever seen in my life.

    “Please, marry me” he said.

    Wow, someone wants to marry me oh, but do you think I will accept? A dark shadow is looming over my life and you have got to find out what it is in Part 6.

    You guys are amazing, even thou you were not able to give me 50 comments last time, now I want you all to make me proud, are you guys up to the task?

    All Ene lovers, where are you? I got to be sure you are still with me. I am itching to tell you what happened next, but convince me with your comments that you are still with me and I will tell it all. I am Ene and this is my story.




    Kizz Daniel – “Buga” (Lo Lo Lo) ft. Tekno


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