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    Keep following me on this journey as I pour my heart to you.

    After determining Haliru was worth my time, I began to prep my prey like the predator I am. I pretended to want something from my bag which was resting on the pool chair, and came out of the water in all my Nubian glory. My creamy skin glistened under the sun, and my round ‘heavy duty’ butt was out for the world to see in the one- piece swimsuit I had on. The plunging neckline exposed my round and full babies. Haliru would literally be a god, not to have fallen for me.

    I bent down to pick an imaginary object from the ground, and took my time coming back up. After this seduction, which was subtle, I dove into the water like a feline. I swam so beautifully that two white men who had joined Haliru at the bar were taking pictures. When I had given them a good show, I came out of water again, and towelled off. I was creaming myself when I felt a presence beside me. I turned and stared into the grey depths of Haliru’s eyes. He was even more handsome up close, it took a lot of resolve not to get mushy like a vulnerable girl looking for love.

    “Oh hi” I said, truly surprised to see him. I twitched my lips sideways in between a smile and a frown. I am really cute when I do that, and It sort of endears people to me.

    “Hi, sorry to disturb you. I was watching you from the bar, you swim so well, and you look amazing” he said, roaming his eyes all over my body.

    “Thanks for the compliment” I said and went back to creaming my body ignoring him, but he didn’t walk back to the bar, instead he invited me to have a drink with him.

    “Have a drink with me, I am having Chardonnay, my ex-wife hated me for it, she said it was a feminine drink, and I liked it because my mistress liked it” he said.

    “Did you have a mistress?” I asked light-heartedly.

    “Honestly, I did not, but she insisted I did and felt I spent all my time with this mystery mistress” he replied, barking out a throaty laughter. He even laughed in a classy way.

    “I will have a drink with you, only because you are interesting” I said, and told him to give me a few minutes to shower and freshen up.

    I went up to my suite which I had rented for two nights (yes, sometimes, I leave my apartment and coop up in a hotel room) and had a quick shower, then I don a simple black dress which was halter necked and secured to the neck by a gold hoop. The dress clung to my every curve and accentuated all the curvy lusciousness of my body. I did not want to overdo it, so I don on a simple pair of flip flops.

    Haliru lighted up like a Christmas tree when he saw me coming. He stood up and pulled out a chair for me, even as he was the envy of the men seated at the bar. Though all eyes were on me, my eyes were only for Haliru. I had learned that when you make a man feel special among his peers, he would cherish you more than any other woman. Also, from our short conversation at the pool side, I had realized that his ex-wife didn’t make him feel that special, she was probably an important woman in the society and had lost respect for her husband, as she felt equal to him. At this junction, I have advice for the ladies in the house; see eh, do not allow those Facebook feminists to destroy your marriage or relationship, with their warped idea of gender equality. Because, we are fighting for equal rights for women, does not mean that you start dragging the helms of your marriage with your husband. Also, because you are a King woman, or a woman who has made it without the help of anyone does not mean you would not give your husband his rightful place in the home. Boss ladies, when you are in your career space or wherever you are the boss, be the boss. But at home, be the woman he married. Many women don’t know this, and mistresses like me capitalize on this ignorance to snatch the heart of their husbands. You know me na, I am Ene and as that badt Akwa Ibom girl, I no dey carry last. Do not get me wrong, this is not bedmatics, this is knowing how to be soft like a cocoon, to draw your man in. Be his resting place, and titillate him with romance abeg.

    So, my Haliru and I fast became friends, we met up for lunch, he even took me as his plus 1 to his corporate events, and soon I was on the news. People were beginning to wonder if I was the wife number 2, and with that kind of exposure, my old friends knew where to find me. One day, Haliru had just given me his Mastercard and told me to shop to my heart’s content. My birthday was upcoming and this was pre-birthday spoiling. Note that, I have never had sexual intercourse with Haliru, I have kissed him severally because, I love to kiss him, I have even done hand jobs and blow jobs on him until he came, but penetration, was going to be a gift from me to him, and I had chosen my birthday as the day I would give him that gift.

    I had gone from the top to the bottom floor of Next mall, and I had so many shopping bags that a valet had to help me with the bags. As I approached the car that Haliru had given me for the day, his driver was in his seat and stepped out to open the boot of the car when a man walked up to us.



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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