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    When the FIRS man called, I had my discussion with Lizzy at the back of my mind. I had not come to a decision, but I was seriously considering it. He wanted us to meet and I insisted we meet outside his house. So, he took me to a local bar where we had barbecued fish and beer, he was not even dressed nicely. That should have been a flag that this man was all for the pu*sy, but I pushed the thoughts out of my mind. It is safe to say, though I had not come to a decision, subconsciously, I had decided to do what Lizzy had advised me to do.

    Things came to a head when I needed to do something with money, and when I asked my parents, they told me that it was high time I got a job because a girl on my street had gotten a job, and had already moved her parents into a duplex. They even told me it was the same Abuja where I was, that she was working, why was I still asking from them. At this point I must say this; parents, some of our girls have lost their way because of the undue pressure you heap on them. A baby does not walk and run in one day, it takes a process. Allow your children to go through their own process to success, all you owe them is to aid them on their journey, not compare them to their peers, or pressure them into moving faster.

    I went to my friend Lizzy and told her of my financial challenge, she promised to do something about it. I went home happy that my problem would be solved. I had barely entered my dingy corner in the corpers’ lodge when my phone rang. It was the FIRS man.

    “Hello my dear” he greeted

    “Hello sir” I drawled, wondering it was time for another date at a bar, or he was going to take it a step further this time.

    “Lizzy told me of your predicament. You say you need 50k for a course registration, come and see me by 6pm. I will get you the money” he said and hung up immediately. I looked at the phone stunned, I could not believe that Lizzy had gone ahead to tell him about my money issue. Then, there was the little voice whispering to me that he was ready to give me 50k, but I also knew that it would not come free. I was not exactly a virgin, and if I have been having sex without gaining anything, I might as well solve my problem while having sex.

    “Is it not the normal sex I have been having with my chewing gum boyfriend, there is no difference” I rationalized.

    That evening I dressed as decently as I could, thinking that perhaps he would not be attracted and would just give me the money because of my angel face. I wore a midi skirt with a long- sleeved sweater. But no matter how I dress, my curves cannot be hidden, then, I wondered if it was a blessing or a curse. When I got to the man’s house, he received me with a bottle of Andre brute.Then he began to tell me that this is Abuja, I need someone to take care of me, that if I behave well, I was going to make it because I was a beautiful girl. Then he told me he would take care of me, that I would not lack anything, but it was only if I was good to him. As he talked, he edged closer and soon his hands were around my neck, with his fingers grazing my br**st. I bolted up in repulsion by reflex because on a normal day, I was repulsed by old men sleeping around with young girls. The man looked at me in surprise, and then I remembered that I had rationalized everything into normal sex.

    “Sorry, I am not used to this” I apologized immediately, afraid the man would get upset and send me away.

    “It is alright, I understand you, that is why I like you” he said and pulled me back to the bed. He quickly removed the shorts he was wearing, exposing his bent rod. With one hand, he took my hand to his crotch, while the other fondled my breast. Before long he was moaning like an old goat and then he came on my hands. It was the most repulsive thing that I had ever gone through. I almost threw up. I rushed into his bathroom to wash off his semen from my hand, thinking that was all. I told myself, ‘easy peasy’. But when I came back into the bedroom, the man was stark naked, and his eyes was glazed because he had been giving himself a hand job while I was in the bathroom.

    “Get down” he quaked

    “What?” I asked in surprise, not knowing what he wanted.

    “Get down and s*ck me” he said and pulled me down with his hand. I was kneeling face to face with his bent rod.

    Before that day, I had never given a blowjob to any man, whenever my chewing gum boyfriend asked of it, I always objected. My bed skills were abysmal, I mean I had sex once in months, so what did I need the skills for. But here I was, being told to give an old man a blowjob.

    “What are you waiting for?” he asked, his voice was not that friendly anymore, there was a note of irritation in it.

    I came closer, and took him in my mouth, while his hand pushed my head closer. He immediately knew I was not good at it, and he began to direct me on how to do it.

    “I want to come in your mouth, open your mouth” he said

    “What” I moved away abruptly. He eyed me, and then beckoned me to the bed as he searched in his drawer for a condom. I must confess, for a bent rod, the s*x was better than my boyfriend had ever given me. But the feeling afterwards, was shit!

    I felt less of myself, like I was the scum of the earth, like I did not matter and like I was a slave to this man. I held my tears in, as I washed off.

    When I came out of the bathroom, he had a bunch of money in his hand, and he gave it to me.

    “Here, this is 100k, register for the course and take care of yourself also. You are not that good, but after I am done with you, you will be a vixen in bed. You have got what it takes” he said licking his mouth and eying my taut nipples poking out of the towel I had around my chest.

    When I got home, I cried like I had never cried before. I took another bath, scrubbing myself hard like I could scrub away my sins, or removing the feeling of filthiness I had. As I scrubbed, I cried, with my tears mixing with the soap foams. When I was done, I towelled off and sat on my bed. I told myself that the country was not favourable to the less privileged, that it was not my fault that I had to sleep with an old man to earn 100k. Even if I was employed and making a graduate level salary, I wouldn’t make 100k in a day. I consoled myself and told myself that there was no need to cry, that perhaps this was God’s way of giving me success. I was making excuses for my wrongdoing.

    I called my mother and told her I had gotten a job, she was so happy she did not ask me where I got the job. She was just happy that her daughter was now on her path to success. If only she knew…..

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    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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