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    Dencia is currently dragging Burna Boy and his British rapper girlfriend, Stefflon Don on Twitter… and it may seem messy!

    The Enterpreneur who prides herself as a singer called Burna his Boy ‘one of the biggest haters in the industry’ and accused the singer and girlfriend Stefflon Don of bullying ‘everyone.’

    Here’s her series of tweets;

    “Burna Boy is one of the biggest haters in the industry. Like I get it, ugly people are ugly inside out but his own is disturbing, he tries to hate & bully everyone,him and his Fat Ass GF, match made in hate heaven. Like imagine their conversations being hateful & about people.”

    “What’s the point of hating on ur colleagues?Burna hates and attacks everyone but people still support him,we can’t keep encouraging tertorists and bullies.His ugly ass needs a shower,drop the dose on the Damn drugs.Moisturize, get laser on that bumpy face of his.”

    “That’s how his GF stefflon and her ugly Ass friends went to nigeria and was insulting Nigerian girls, I was like wow, this hoe that has been ran thru by the entire London, the audacity to insult Nigerian women. Man Burna and his GF need a bath in the river of Jordan.Two clowns”

    “I have never in life hated that Chim, Burna openly & viciously attacked chyna & I and said Area boys should harass us, commit suicide & he was disrespectful & asked people to hurt us, any man who can say that is an animal.keep in mind his GF uses bleaching creams Face with tears of joyRolling on the floor laughing.”

    “If I call U out, it ain’t hate. Issa fact, I can’t hate on people if I am doing better than them in the most important aspects of life aka financial mentally, spiritually, physically & emotionally. God is love !!! Fame is an illusion,millions of people have been here & done. Face with tears of joyRolling on the floor laughing”

    “Before u guys come & say I am a hater lol!! I live & have lived better than EVERY AFRICAN CELEBRITY in & OUTSIDE OF AFRICA for the last 7yrs & I don’t even have 2 leave my home 2 make money or struggle. I cancel bookings just cuz I can. NOW GO ARGUE WITH YOURSELVES.”

    “Let’s Forget the lies FORBES is telling about who has what, FORBES doesn’t verify people’s net worth b4 writing,infact I turned down Forbes 30 under 30 4 times cuz I didn’t wanna be on a list with people who ain’t got shit cuz they’ll look at me like I am on their level.”

    “If u are an AFRICAN celebrity & wanna argue with My previous fact OYA Let’s drop BANK STATEMENTS for the Last year & TAX RETURNS so we know it’s real, until then bitches is my sons “NICKI VOICE” this ain’t a Brag, just a TAG.We don’t hate, we create”



    Chris Brown – “Nobody Has To Know” ft. Davido


    Gyakie – “Something”


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