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    The time was 4:00pm, exactly five hours before the time Dele was to pick Williams for the party. He thought of his mother’s plea for him to leave vengeance to God and how in his anger he had walked out on her and gone ahead to perfect his plans of hurting Chief and his family.

    At the last minute, he changed his mind, fear had nothing to do with the change but as much as he wanted vengeance he didn’t want to be like his father causing his beloved mother excruciating pains. He heaved, brought out his phone, went straight to his received calls and dialed Dele’s number which he had saved as “Dee-man”, it refused to connect, he tried it again and instead of his friend’s voice it was that of a female, robotic, talking in quite an awkward way, “ the number you’re trying isn’t reachable at the moment, please, try again la…” he rudely interrupted her speech and tried again, “ the number you’re trying is switched off…,” irked, he ended the call,

    Williams: “ah, when are things in this country going to get better,” he fumed.

    Williams remembered the story a friend, James, had told him back on campus; his friend’s paternal grandmother had on one occasion dialed her son’s number on her Nokia torch –light phone and a hilarious drama ensued; when the number connected, she expected to hear her grandson’s voice but a woman spoke instead,

    Grandma: “eh? Could Dare be sheating on his wife? Ah!” she said in her thick Oyo accent then ended the call immediately, “Oyinbo, ah! Aye Dare ti baje o!” She said to herself, sighed, shook her head and dialed the number again…it was the same response,

    Grandma: “See o, whatefa they call you Oyinbo girl gif the phone to my son lemme talk to him. I want to talk to my son! ,” but the lady continued talking…Angry and crestfallen, Grandma ended the call,

    Grandma: “But Dare why? Why would you cheat on your beautiful and good wife of many years? And the Oyinbo girl friend was very rude to me! Ah, she didn’t even want to give Dare the phone so we could talk,” she said in Yoruba and broke down in tears, crying bitterly.

    After hours of detailed explanations, she was told that the voice she had heard wasn’t her son’s girlfriend but a programmed voice.

    Grandma: “Ah!” she cupped her fallen breasts, “ Oyinbo can make somebody disgrace one’s generation o!” it evoked laughter in the house James said.

    Williams laughed really hard when James narrated the story.

    Dele’s number finally went through.

    Williams: “Hello, Dele, I have changed my mind against attending the party. You can go with your other friends without bothering to stop by and pick me.”

    Dele: “Ah, the Doc, why the sudden change of mind? Are you okay at all? If you were a psychiatrist doctor, I would have said one of your patients has infected you with some elements of madness.”

    Williams: “Na Chinese thunder go fire you!” they chuckle then he continued, “uhm, my mother has reservations about me attending the party. So, I’ll just chill, respect her opinion and stay back. “

    Dele: “I pity you. At this age you are still tied to your mother’s apron. Why don’t you go ahead and allow her breastfeed you. Abeg, make I hear word jare, mother ko, mother ni.”

    Williams: “If you have a mother who has gone through half of what my mother went through for me, you won’t mind being her puppet for life. Why am I even having this conversation with you? I will not attend the party but if you aren’t okay with my decision, uhm, just,ehm, you know that t-junction right?”

    Dele : “I no dey hear you.”

    Williams: “the one close to Mr.Biggs,” he smiled.

    Dele: “I literarily can’t hear you oo.”

    Williams: “Just go over there and hug a transformer!”

    Dele: “Your real, real dad!” They chuckled.

    Williams: “Gerare hia, mehn!!”

    Dele: “But, sha, you get masters degree for falling hand sha. Me wey don arrange say me and my correct doctor guy go stomp the yard. You cramp my style oo! You owe me one bottle bi dat oo!”

    Williams: “I say gerare…” the call ended as he cackled.

    “I literarily can’t hear you,” were their lines whenever any of them was about to sound sarcastic, something they learned from “Dictator”, a Hollywood movie, the lead character Aladeen, funny but mischievous always used the lines. The thought of his mother’s wish for him to get married crept up, and a smile smeared on his lips; he felt better, having heeded to his mother’s plea. I think it’s time to put a ring on Angela’s fingers and take her home to Mama, he thought to himself.
    ===Playloaded StOries===
    He met Angela about a year ago after his compulsory National Youth Service Corps. He was on duty when she came for malaria treatment. He had attended to her and she took an interest in him. After a while, they fell so much in love and he didn’t mind that she was some years older than him. To him, age is just a number where love is involved.

    He picked up his phone again to dial her number so that he can invite her to a dinner date tonight where he would propose to her and take her home to meet his mother. That way, he would pacify his mother for walking out on her.
    ==Playloaded StOries==
    Angela was at the pedicure and manicure section of her favorite salon in town when she ran into her friend whom she lost contact with after secondary school. On seeing each other, they hugged and exchange contacts.

    Angela: “Look at you, Linda. Where have you been hiding all these years? You look so good.”

    Linda: “My dear, I have been around o, I heard you relocated out of the country after our graduation from secondary school. I went to the University and graduated about two years ago.”

    Angela: “Oh yes. I went to study in UK but I am back for good now. So, tell me, what’s up with you? Are you married? Almost everyone that I knew back then in secondary school is married.”

    Linda: “hmmn, my sister, where I see husband? I was crushing on a guy all the years I spent in the University but the guy never looked my way. I was hoping something could work out between us so that I can marry him. I have always had the dream of marrying a doctor and my crush is an intelligent one for that matter.”

    Angela: “Oh, I am so sorry about that. Talking about doctors, my boyfriend is a medical doctor and he has invited me for a dinner tonight. Will you come along? That way, you will meet him and have him introduce you to his doctor friends. Who knows? You may be lucky to get married to one of his doctor friends.”

    Linda: “Oh my God, that will be great. I will surely come along with you. I will be so excited to meet your man. What’s his name?”

    Angela: “Doctor Williams, Williams Adaji. studied Medicine in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka . We are so much in love and I am waiting for him to propose?”

    Linda: “Doctor what? Oh, don’t mind me, I think I have heard that name on radio before and to think he graduated from the same University as I. “

    Angela: “Do you know him? He’s the only child of his mother, he’s tall, light skinned with an opening in his teeth that has never failed to melt my heart. A lot of people know him” she described.

    Linda: “No, I don’t my dear”

    Angela: “Are you sure there is no problem? I mean why did you react like that when you heard his name? Anyway, get set, I will pick you up by 7:30pm. Make sure you are properly dressed, doctors go to chill at the dinner venue, make sure you hook one.”

    Linda: “I will thank you so much.”

    Angela: “It’s nothing, what are friends for?”

    Linda excused herself from the salon on the pretext that she needed to go home and rest before evening. She couldn’t believe that her crush of four years was dating her secondary school friend. She felt jealousy overwhelming her and she knew she would have done something terrible to hurt Angela or made a statement that reflected her true feelings, feelings of jealousy, had she not rushed out of the salon.

    Linda: “So, Angela thinks I will fold my arms and watch her take my crush away from me? She must be a spoilt brat for inviting me to join her on her date. She has given me the perfect opportunity to meet my man after such a long time. So, Williams has been in this town all these years and I didn’t know. Well, thank God for the date tonight, I am going there with her to get Williams.”
    ==Playloaded StOries==
    It was almost 7:00pm; Julia was worried because her son had not returned. She couldn’t imagine what will happen to her if her son was killed on his insane quest for vengeance. The thought of losing her only child was too much for her to bear and aback, she shivered like one cursed with epilepsy.

    Julia: “No, I will not wait for them to bring me the news of my child’s death. I will rather kill myself and go and prepare a good place for him in the after world. I am no good alive without Williams.”

    She went into her kitchen and picked up a rope and headed for the bedroom where she intended to commit suicide.
    ==Playloaded StOries==
    Will Williams fall for Linda’s seduction, what will happen to Angela when she finds out about her friend? Will Williams ever make it home before his mother commits suicide? All this and more, let’s find out in the next episode, You will not want to miss the unfolding drama.

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